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Namaste♥ ॐ♥Pranam♥ ॐ♥Namaskar"The PURE KNOWLEDGE of VEDANTA"



"In SILENCE,speech is kept under control.This control is generally limited only to VAIKHARI ( audible speech)."

"If the mind becomes engrossed in JAPA or MEDITATION,then,in that silence,by focusing the mind on the desired object one can reach up to MADHYAMA (mental speech,ideas and thoughts),or even reach PASHYANTI (the finest impulse of sound, a level where sound vibrations rise from the MOOLADHAR (Chakra) and reach up to the heart,the first manifested consciousness,the seat of all knowledge.)"

"But in divine silence,,all four sounds ---PARA (transcendent sound,pure consciousness),PASCHYANTI,MADHYAMA and VAIKHARI--are silenced."
"Internally or externally,there is no object in front of one."

"All objects of perception, that is the ENTIRE UNIVERSE,are dissolved."

"The soul becomes established in its own self."

"This state is higher than the natural state of SILENCE of the Chitta ( Mind stuff,psyche), and it cannot be attained through any external means of instruction."

"Inner DIVINE INSTRUCTIONS ans SILENCE alone are necessary for this,which only DHAKSHINA is capable of doing."

"Although the TREASURE of INFINITE Knowledge is within,a human beings has every limited INTELLECT."

"Just as solitude is necessary for "SPIRITUAL PRACTICES",so purification of CONDUCT is possible only through "SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT."

"Every step we take has a relationship to SOCIAL and EXTERNAL Codes of CONDUCT(Charity, Purity, Unity and Divinity), Religiosity & Spirituality."

"To Tolerate,Respect and Unconditional love differences in opinion,as well as opposition is the Duty of a Social,Religious & Spiritual Gentleman,aspirant."

"Therein lies the welfare of the human beings,Gentleman,aspirant and of Social Conduct,Religious & Spiritual Practices (Within,Self Realization)."

"The world is incapable of understanding the FEELINGS and THOUGHTS of an true- individual,aspirant or devotee ."

"The Social Conductivity,Religiosity & Spirituality (Evolution of SELF) begins with "SELF EFFORTS (effort of an Individual being at individual Level,within)."

"Self- Introspection " must also be embraced as indispensable part of SOCIAL CONDUCTIVITY, RELIGIOSITY,SPIRITUALITY."

"Elimination of ILLUSION & Misconception is the GOAL of Social Conductivity,Religiosity & Spirituality i.e. Guru Tattwa,Prarabdha."

"THINK GLOBALLY, ACT HOMELY , SOCIALLY RELIGIOUSLY,SPIRITUALLY."{All are ONE & ONE is All. Dvaita (Duality,Diversity) v\s Advaita ( Non-Duality)}."

Guru Tattwa,,Poetyca,Prarbdha
" Consciousness of universal Frds. for Love & Peace within{Self Realized} with non-duality(Advaita),i.e. "Only One God" i.e. *{"Holy Human"}*
Guru Tattwa,,Poetyca,Prarbdha

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