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Waves rise in the ocean;
so waves of thought arise in the mind.
Yoga is to control thoughts as they arise.
Great ones say that Yoga means union.
If you want to take hold of something,
all the fingers must join together;
similarly, in order to reach God,
the mind must become one-pointed.
It is not a simple thing to control the mind.
It cannot be done in a day, or even in a year.
Through constant effort
thoughts can be controlled a little.
In this way the uncontrollable mind
can finally be brought under control.
This is the supreme victory.

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There are many ways. All religions give different ways. You must follow your own path. No one can tell you anything.

Do your own work. I am not master of anyone. I am only my own master. Each is his own master. He must discover the master in him from within. This is the secret.

All are my master. I am learning from everyone. I pick from everyone what I want and pass on, and they too. You must experience this and you will know the Truth.

You can't love others-you can only love yourself.

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You are God. God sees through your eyes, hears through your ears, speaks through your mouth.

Don't let in God, devas -anyone!

Don't listen to others, not to devas , not to God - only yourself.

What was I thinking? You can know that, but bad to try.
A man may come and praise, or a man may blame. Do no be affected. You are the witness.

Difficulties must come on a man's path. They are a blessing!
Don't have any friends. All are your friends, but have no friends!

See God in everything - in all people. You must do that!
'Thy will be done' - that is the same as Om.
There is only one man in the whole world - only God.
Nothing else, He is everywhere.

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Christ is deceiving you. Buddha is deceiving you.
I am deceiving you. If you speak, you lie. It is inexpressible.

Think well before you resolve on action. These are three constituents of action-production, destruction, and value.

Assess the quality and measure before you act.

If you want to know anything, just see people-they will tell you.

I see God everywhere. I worship everywhere. All are God.

I can say that, because I don't know.

All is Brahman. That is bhakti!

You don't want power. Power will come of itself.

He who is in devoted pursuit of Truth, endures hunger, thirst, fatigue, and the harm done by others.

Buddha had the desire to teach and so he came down and struggled and spoke and then returned up and went beyond, having satisfied his desire.

Christ also came and had the idea of suffering. So he suffered and went on. But people are just the same.

No use preaching. Just be!

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He who says he knows does not know. Nobody knows. Nobody has ever known.

Let your greater Self direct you.

Take no authority! Let It speak. Speak out what is in your heart to others.

I don't know. Why do you want to know? Just be as you are.

The earth is my mother. The sun is my father. I am the son.

There is only one God, but He has three aspects, Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra- creation, preservation, destruction. This is the whole world.

Take my message to the whole world-one God, one man, one caste!

There is nothing inside. God is nothing.

Don't believe anyone. People will talk, show 'siddhis' (supernatural powers). Don't believe. Stand on your own Self.

Take the 'I' by the 'I'.

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There is no special talent in anyone. Neither is there any particular disability in anyone. It is all the work of the Lord.

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There is always a reaction to every action. You must meet situations simply, as they arise.

This (Swami's illness) is a gift. Karma must be gone through. I have no connection whatever with this body.

This body brought with it the seeds of all else in life. Illness is part of it.

One need not inquire into the cause of this illness.
There is no action that can be claimed as ours.

All this was settled long, long ago. Don't be frightened of anything.

People who understand the cause of this will merely note this as the end of all suffering and remain undisturbed.

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Here (at the Sivathondan Nilayam) let there be no talk. People merely read what is in books and enjoy themselves lecturing other people. The others gain nothing by it.

God is with each one of us. Let each one obtain by himself what he needs.

I am Buddha and you are the Sangha. Buddha means the wise one.
The five senses are five brothers.

Today (a yajna day) is a day for exercise. I shall set fire to you and burn everyone of you!

Tell me who your friends are and I shall tell you who you are.

Only one free from desire has the right to grow a beard!
Don't do anything like that till you are free from desire.

I am a dog because I am grateful to the Creator.

Do not desire even the ecstasy of mukti. Besides, there is no ecstasy there!

You must live without being involved.

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No need to control breath; no need to do tapas, if you can see yourself everywhere. This is the secret of secret.

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The Truth is one.
The rest is illusion.
States of realization are also an illusion.
Truth is betrayed by the first attempt at articulation.

What else can one say. One may discuss the rains and the harvest and so on...
You must realize It yourself.
It is wrong even to put it that way.
How does one express something changeless and beyond the mind?
The whole is the Truth.

There is order in the universe.
The thief and the trouble-maker are part of this order.
God is with all of us. We are all God. Our normal life is a dream state.

You cannot put off meditation till all the noise ceases. In meditation the noise may be heard and yet not heard. Some people go deep into meditation and are unable to come out of it.

This is a beautiful world. Everything is so ordered to suit the needs of the past and the future of everyone.

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Be content within your own measure. If you over-reach yourself, you will have to suffer. You can hear the voice of God in everything and everyone.

Wisdom as such is an illusion. To be ourselves is the best that we can do.

Really a man can do all that he wants to do. He has merely to acquire the necessary ability. A knowledge of other people and other affairs is again as illusion. These must be given up.

The world is an ashram - a training ground for the achievement of freedom. Each one does his part according to his own measure. There is nothing that is evil.

A jack fruit is large in size, but it hangs by a slender stalk. Its power to hang lies in the strength of the stalk. In the same way, the whole world depends on an unknowable energy for all its activities. It is all the same whether this is called God, or given any other name.

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Don't mix with those who have no desire for spirituality.
Don't hesitate to speak out in public what is just and right.
Never act against your conscience out of fear of authority.
Knowledge gained from the company of great souls is superior to book-knowledge.
The ornaments of the soul are justice, integrity, courage, and truth.
Bad men obey out of fear. Good men obey out of love.
Justice is to give each man his proper share.
You cannot get rid of evil simply by exposing it. If you try to be good, loving and honest, evil will disappear.
He who has no patience cannot be a man of justice.
Not all can understand that I am in all.

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If you want liberation in this birth make your mind a cremation-ground and burn all your desires to ashes.
All that has form must disappear. The mind is also with form, so that too must go.
Repeat the five letters before your past karmas come and overpower you.
God is not the cause of sin and virtue.
One word of Grace can make all past karma fly away. Don't let your 'ego' spoil the intellect given you by God's Grace.
The whole is a picture.
Whether others treat you with kindness or with rudeness, don't be affected.
Your mother is divine and so is the dog.

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