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A group in Canada called Ottawa Skeptics ( recently posted a podcast about Tommy Chong, claiming that there is no proof that Cannabis cures cancers.
Here is the response from a man who, you know, cured his cancer with Cannabis ... he sounds a bit ticked off.

Tom Adshead: I just sent this message to them, and to the northern skeptics website which is saying the same bullshit;

"You aren't a skeptic, you are an idiot.

Of course that is me giving you the benefit of doubt. Perhaps you aren't an idiot, perhaps you are just a paid shill.

Scientific studies have been published going back 40 years regarding the medical uses of marijuana.

Every pharmacuetical company in the world is trying to recreate what marijuana does naturally, with a synthetic compound they can patent.

And you claim to look at evidence?

You want to try to challenge me bitch?

I had cancer, stage 3 malignant melanoma, resistant to 'conventional' treatments. This type forms very small very hard tumors and it spreads rapidly.

Specific words from my Oncologist was that there was nothing doctors could do besides cut lumps off as they appeared.

I started using hemp oil, made as per Ricks method and I have not had a SINGLE recurrance of tumours anywhere.

So, shove your sanctimonious idiocy up your ass and learn something before your life depends on it.

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