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Going beyond thinking by jnana, beyond feeling by bhakti, beyond self-willed action by karma marga means going beyond that ‘I’ which was from the very beginning, the birth of a genuine reflexive Identity, a ‘wrong I’; it means nothing more or less than returning to the Source of Pure Consciousness. Thereafter...

“Your efforts can extend only thus far. Then the Beyond will take care of Itself. You are helpless there. No effort can reach It.” (Talks, 197).

Here finally we meet the Great Experience of Ramana, the Maharshi, in Its second aspect, as the pure Power of the Beyond, Sakti. “Some force, call it atmic power or anything else rose within me and took possession of me. I became a new man.” (Day by Day, 22.11.45).

‘I’ and ‘God’ melted again into the One without a second that they always had been, beyond name and form, time and space... the divine mystery of Man.

To get this experience we have to transcend the biological status of the ‘thinking mammal’, which alone we are, according to the teachings of our natural sciences. And inadvertently they help to keep us bound by this status, because only by this deep ignorance about our true Nature are we blind towards those negative ways in which we are misused by our ‘worldly’ civilisation.

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