Arunagirinathar’s Perutta Vachanam: Tiru Vaguppu     2 posts

Arunagirinathar’s Perutta Vachanam: Tiru Vaguppu

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Lord Murugan appearing before his devotee Arunagirinathar

“I should give up the sense of doership. I desire to attain the mauna state where there is no feeling of insufficiency, the brahmic state of non-differentiation and the house of moksha by surrendering at the lotus feet of God Murugan.

I have had enough of the company of those persons belonging to one or the other of the six religious faiths, shouting, doubting, disputing, asserting and debating with each other about the superiority of the tenets of their respective faiths. Also I have had enough of those who have only taught themselves for the purpose of engaging in such controversies or for the sole purpose of performing ritualistic worship. Enough also of those who spend their times in mantras and calculations concerning yantras and chakras, their layouts with angles and junctions as found in Siva Tantras and Agamas. O Lord Murugan! Grant me moksha without my having to meander by fruitless and circuitous routes.

O yogis, by concentrating your two eyes on the tip of your nose and by controlling your breath from the muladhara to the head so that not even a single breath goes out of your body, you are trying to get moksha. You have forgotten to follow the easier and simpler way. If you concentrate your mind on Vallinayaka's [Murugan's] feet, it is easy to get moksha.

I do not want to be a foolish yogi by practicing the control of respiration and consuming large quantities of herbs and roots, hoping to preserve and protect this mortal body as long as one wishes. Bless me, O Muruga, to avoid the ordeals of such disciplines that produce a certain rigidity by mala maya [the contaminating power of maya] and instead lead me to a daily life disciplined by jnana and possessed of religious piety. Bless me further, O Lord, to become a great yogi established in the reality of Siva, a state without differentiation of the Self from the objects around.”

From Arunagirinathar's Tiruppugazh

Arunagirinathar’s Perutta Vachanam: Tiru Vaguppu

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Within and beyond the three worlds
Traversed by the Sun,
What fills everything,
As the happy essence is THAT.

The blissful silence controlling
The many mental modes, again making
Everything blossom forth is only THAT.

The foolish and vain votaries of the Six Faiths,
Debating fanatically and prattling aloud;
What lies beyond all such differing conceptions is THAT.

For them that wallow and sink,
The dark mire of the three impurities,
My and Mine, karma and maya;
What helps them to cross 'over the useless ways is THAT.

The Guru of Lord Shiva
Who wears the arka and cassia flowers on his head
Is our Lord Muruga, who manifests as THAT.

The amounts of good and bad deeds
Added up, makes this dirty body of ours.
Subtracting our identification with it,
What becomes the answer defying comparison is THAT.

Even if all the learning and arts,
Beginning from the Rig Veda,
Will fail to counter-balance
If weighed against THAT.

When messengers of the Lord of Death
Come before one at the time of death,
What endows one with a natural ability to cross over to safety, is THAT.

Where the thickly-set Upanishads end
At that edge, what exists alone as the crest is THAT.

Without form, what lies concealed
The core and essence
Of Fire, Earth, Ether, Wind and Water
Which fill things, nought left out, is THAT.

Thought, Object and Thinker vanish:
What evolves the state where
One abides forever and ever is THAT.

To the unwavering devotees, their hesitancy gone:
Released of all troubles,
The precious treasure they enjoy is THAT.

What makes thought, word and deed lie submerged
Making it possible to experience the joy
Of bathing in the divine grace is THAT.

As the light of lights, as space beyond space
And as the life of lives,
What manifests forever and ever is THAT.

Lord Shanmukha, the valorous One,
He rode on the strong peerless peacock
To fight the asuras who ran and hid themselves.
He married the hunter girl, wearing a dress
Fashioned of beautiful foliage. It was He,
The incomparable One who graciously taught me THAT

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