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Get this already and stop complaining :-):

You are not a victim of the universe, the universe is a direct victim of you (in a good way).

In other words, circumstances don't create your reality, your state of being does.

The more transparent your state of being, the higher your 'frequency', the more reality will mirror that and show up as malleable, empty, vibrant, playful, changeable, fun and as a loyal servant to whatever it is your heart truly resonates with beyond petty desires and wants based in fear.

The more you are confidently rested as your natural state of being - your enjoyable fearless frequency which is not of the world, but of your self/presence only - the more reality will mirror this to you.

When you assign causes outside of yourself, blame the world, someone else, judge the circumstances negatively, or any such act of 'pointing out there as the cause of what's in here', you are literally densifying yourself into a solid, seemingly separate individual in a solid, external reality.

The more you take ownership for your state of being, and stop projecting any causes for how you feel outside of yourself, the higher your frequency, the less you will give away your natural gift - the power to create through being.

So see that everything that happens is what you have attracted to yourself. Stop pointing fingers, and wake up to your greatest empowerment by taking ownership of your state of being and committing yourself to whatever practice works for you to anchor yourself in the 'inner joy', instead of seeing 'outer causes and circumstances mean something.'

Ignore the world, know only your own presence and the joy that lies within that. Let that joy be the response to whatever circumstances come to you, and have faith only in your own presence. That way you give reality a chance to mirror that for you.

There is no limit to what's possible. Discover this empowerment and be free from judgment. The secret to a happier, lighter, less solidified life circumstantially speaking, lies in owning your present response to this moment, your present state of being, your present frequency.

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