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The Dharma is complete when one combines hearing, contemplation, and meditation in one's practice.

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1.It is unmistaken to leave behind the life of a householder to become a homeless renunciant without any attachment whatsoever.

2.It is unmistaken to respect a sublime master and spiritual teacher [ as if he were ] as high as the top of your own head.

3.It is unmistaken to train yourself in the threefold combination of learning, reflection, and meditation.

4.It is unmistaken to keep a high view while maintaining a low profile of conduct.

5.It is unmistaken to be carefree while at the same time keeping a strict resolve.

6.It is unmistaken to be sharp minded while remaining humble.

7.It is unmistaken to be rich in oral instructions while exerting yourself in practise.

8.It is unmistaken to have excellent experience and realization while being free from conceit and pretense.

9.It is unmistaken to be able to live in solitude while also being able to be with others.

10.It is unmistaken to be unbound by selfishness while being skillful in helping others.

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Remaining free from clinging to everything that arises in the mind, represents the highest path, leaving nothing higher to aspire to. When the mind does not cling to every emerging appearance, the stream of this mind becomes free from any stain of deluded discrimination.

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