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When, through the aforesaid Self-attention, we are more and more firmly fixed in our existence-consciousness , the tendencies (vasanas) will be destroyed because there is no one to attend to them. Thus, the waking and dream states, which have been apparently created by these imaginary tendencies will also be destroyed.

What a book !

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Sadhana ( Spiritual practise ) is not doing , but BEING !

p.s. Taken from the link at this time, but seen expressed by All Enlightened Masters !

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Therefore, all that we are to practise is to be still ( summa iruppadu) with the remembrance of the feeling "I"

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Although in the beginning, on account of the tendencies towards sense-objects (vishaya-vasanas) which have been recurring down the ages , thoughts rise in countless numbers like the waves of the ocean, they will all perish aforesaid Self-attention becomes more and more intense. Since even the doubt "Is it possible to destroy all of them and to remain as Self alone ? " is only a thought ! Without giving room even to that thought, one should persistently cling fast to Self-attention. However great a sinner one may be , if , not lamenting " Oh, i am a sinner ! How can i attain salvation? " but completely giving up even the thought that one is a sinner, ONE IS STEADFAST IN SELF-ATTENTION , ONE WILL SURELY BE SAVED ! Therefore everyone , diving deep within himself with desirelessness (vairagya) , can attain the pearl of Self.


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