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In 1930, Dr. Paul Kautchakoff showed that eating cooked food produces a condition in the body called leucocytosis. Leucocytosis is an elevation of the white blood cell (WBC) count. White blood cells defend the body when disease is present. Infection, intoxication, poisoning and eating cooked food all increase the white blood cell count. If we always eat food that the body reacts to just like disease, then in time we are going to exhaust the body's disease-fighting capability.Some foods are better/worse than others. There is a continuum from best (raw foods) to worst (cooked meat).1. Raw or frozen food does not increase WBC.2. Commonly cooked food causes mild increase in WBC.3. Pressure-cooking and canning foods causes moderate increase in WBC.4. Man-made foods devoid of enzymes cause severe leucocytosis (soft drinks, alcohol, white sugar, white flour, vinegar).5. The worst food is meat that has been cured, salted, canned or cooked. The body reacts to these substances to a degree otherwise only seen in poisoning. To avoid leucocytosis, meat must be eaten raw.When we eat foods that the body cannot properly digest, then leucocytosis indicates that the immune system must be activated in order to remove these substances from the body

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"Farmers use cooked potatoes to fatten pigs for market. They've found that pigs on cooked potatoes fatten faster and more economically than pigs on raw potatoes. This evidence shows the great difference between cooked calories and raw calories. Indeed, from my work in a sanitarium many years ago, I've found that it was impossible to get people fat on raw foods, regardless of the calorie intake-Dr. Edward Howell

"Another expert in this area was Dr. Francis Pottenger. His famous experiments with cats in the 1930s are just as relevant today as ever. He took two groups of cats and for years personally supervised their feeding. One group was given exclusively raw, uncooked food. The other was given only cooked food. Results were overwhelmingly clear: the raw food cats all lived a long, disease-free life. Cooked food cats became sick and died much younger. (Bieler, p 192

Also notable was that cats who became sick on a long term all cooked diet could not regain their health even when placed on a raw foods diet. Irreversible damage. Cooked food cats produced only two sickly generations, the second of which was invariably sterile. Natural selection." - Dr. Tim O'Shea

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