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Babaji 11 APRIL 1983

Now I have given the slogan 'JAI MAHAMAYA KI JAI' - 'Victory to the Supreme Mother, to the Divine Energy!'

There will be people now with shaven heads and Sikhs with turbans and beards on the world flag. Yogis and Yoginis will be there. They will all come on to the world map. The fact is that the problem is universal. I have repeated this many times. It was Shirdi Maulana (Sai Baba of Shirdi in his incarnation as a Muslim emperor 800 years ago) who said that yogis and yoginis will take part in this revolution. The great energies, both known and unknown, which may be activated at any moment will be utilized in this revolution.

The fact is, I have spoken before. I will have to speak again. The fact is, I have to awaken the world from its sleep. The fact is that I, too, will have to come forward for this revolution. The fact is, to do duty, to be dutiful, is what I call Mahayoga. The fact is that at this moment our duty is to help the helpless. The fact is the future kingdom will have no party - it will be a movement and this movement will be worldwide.

The fact is, the person before you with the bulging eyes like the back of a seashell is the one who will come before you time and again. The fact is that he is the head of this movement. The fact is he will go to Assam, Punjab, Iran, Iraq - wherever there is revolution, there he will go. It is difficult to find a more serious man. The fact is that I have said it is a fact.


The Mantra:

The Lord's Name is like diving nectar (amrita); repeat it all the time.


This is the Mahamantra, the great original mantra, given by the Lord to humanity. Everyone should repeat it. It can be given to everyone and everything can be achieved through it. The power of Om Namaḥ Śivāya is infinite. This mantra is more powerful than the atomic bomb.


In this dark age (Kali Yuga) the mind of man is weak and restless from the first day of birth.

Because of this, no one is able to do the real practice of meditation anymore, but everyone can pray and repeat and chant the name of the Lord, using whichever divine name his religion teaches.


Everything can be yoga. Yoga literally means "union," as does the word religion. Work, action, worship are all forms of yoga. Meditation is the highest path of yoga, but very few are able to achieve true meditation.


Every religion is equally good and leads to the same divine goal. It is wrong to speak of a Hindu Dharma (religion). The Dharma of India is the Sanātana Dharma (eternal, original religion).


Karma is an inevitable law of cause and effect, by which all living beings reap the fruits of their actions and thoughts. Jesus stated the law of karma in the words "As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

The law of karma is above all things. Karma starts when movement starts in the mind. To stop karma we must bring the mind to that state of silence and voidness beyond which God can be known. Only a yogi knows how to do this. Otherwise, as long as a man breathes, he is creating karma. No one can remain without action, even for a minute. Therefore, learn how to dedicate your every action to the Lord.


Nothing can be achieved without knowledge and yet everything can be achieved just through a pure heart.


The Lord is beyond mane and form. No one is able to pretend to have reached this stage of realization. Worship remains an essential part of preparation and purification of the heart.


Nothing can be achieved without discipline. You should have the strong discipline of a soldier. Be the soldier of God, and act with courage and discipline. In this ashram and in the ashrams abroad, discipline is the primary thing. Life abroad should be led the same as it is in Hairakhan.

To work and worship together is essential in life. One should follow a vegetarian diet, take no intoxicants, and have sex only between husband and wife.


Control and discipline in eating is essential. Food always influences the state of the mind. It is important to eat light, vegetarian food. Fasting is a great practice.

Marriage and Sex:

In this Kali Yuga almost no one has the strength to remain celibate. Although this is the best condition, marriage is better than undisciplined relations. Union between a man and woman with love can bring peace and help in spiritual practice.


Drugs are harmful and useless for any spiritual practice. Even tea and coffee are harmful.


Devotion (Bhakti) and faith are the basis of everything. Through devotion alone, one can achieve everything. Complete faith, surrender and obedience are required. "You can only know Me through love - Divine Love, love for God, without any selfish purpose."

About Himself:

I am Bhole Baba (the Simple Father). I am nobody and nothing. I am only like a mirror in which you can see yourself. I am like fire. Don't keep too far away or you will not get the warmth. But don't get too near or you may burn yourself. Learn the right distance. My name is Maha Prabhuji (the Great Lord).

Can I Ask A Question?

Every answer is in your own mind. Once here, questions are no longer needed. I will speak to you inside.


Everything comes from the mind and is created by mind. Control of the mind is the main practice.


Speak as little as possible. Don't waste your time. Be concentrated all of the time on the Lord's Name.

The Physical Body:

One day your body will be burnt and reduced to ash; don't be attached to it. However, without a body no knowledge is possible, so use your body for God realization.


Learn not to make projects and fantasies about your future. Forget your past and old habits.

Learn how to concentrate your mind on the Divine only, here and now.

Hairakhan Vishwa Mahadham:

At the present time, this is the holiest religious place in the world, holier even than Benares. The water of this river (the Gautam Ganga) purifies you from all sins.

His Teachings:

When the time comes, I will reveal them. Now is the time for action. When I come to this world, of a million people who approach Me, only one is able to become my disciple.


I am no one's Guru, but I am the Guru of gurus.

The Path:

The path of God realization is a most difficult one. Few are those who will walk it. It is as difficult as walking on the edge of a razor. The grace of the Guru is everything. No knowledge is possible without the Guru.

The Life Purpose:

Ask yourself what is your purpose in life and ask yourself why you have come here from so far.

Be aware of the purpose of your coming here and strive for spiritual achievements.


Live here with love for each other, like members of one family. Discard jealousy and envy.

Because you are all one, live here in peace. If you are in peace, I am in peace; if you have problems, I have problems.


To serve other people is the main duty of every human being. I Myself have come only to serve, to perform My duty. To be rally able to serve is the greatest thing.

Chant the name of the Lord always. By chanting the mantra, its vibrations spread all round you. You will then meditate for yourself and others. By holy chants alone, I will lead and win any war in this world. Whatever happens, all the devotees of God will be saved by Divine Will.

About The Coming Wars:
Terrible calamities and wars are approaching in the world. After a lot of destruction, a new age of goodness will come. I myself have come to prepare the world for a new kingdom.

On Non-Violence:
The theory of non-violence has spoiled the mind and courage of people today. I am for fighting; fighting against the evil and crime everywhere, which should no longer be tolerated.

Nothing is possible without patience on the spiritual path. See yourself as the child, who gradually learns to write in school.

I have come to give Liberation to all of you. I have come to give the Light.

In this age it is not possible to renounce the world. The only practice of renunciation now is to offer all work and actions to the Lord. If you want God, be ready to devote everything to God.

Where Is God:
God is everywhere, in everything; in the water in the sky . . . He is inside you.

What Is Truth?:
Truth is One.

Giving And Receiving:
I have come to give, only to give. Are you ready to receive? I give everything, but few ask for the Real Thing I have come to give...



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