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Another Thai master, Achaan Jumnien, whose view that one should not cling to any one method but should acknowledge the validity of all methods, be it samatha or direct vipassana, is most refreshing and a good reminder to us to be broad in our outlook. Achaan Jumnien should know as he himself has practised both samatha and vipassana techniques. He said: "I was fortunate. I mastered the practices of many teachers before starting to teach. There are many good practices. What is important is that you devote yourself to your own practice with faith and energy. Then you will know the results for yourself."

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To another question: "Would you elaborate on developing moment-to-moment concentration?" Achaan Dhammadaro replied: "There are two important points to make. First is that it is through the feelings arising from contact at each of the sense doors that we must develop insight. The aggregate of form is the basis for the development of moment-to-moment concentration and the resulting wisdom. Therefore we must be mindful of the sensation or feelings arising from contact at the eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mental sense bases.

"The second important point is that continuity is the secret of the success in meditation. The meditator must strive to be mindful night and day, every moment, and thus quickly develop proper concentration and wisdom. The Buddha himself stated that if a meditator is truly mindful moment to moment for seven days and nights he will reach full enlightenment. Therefore, the essence of insight meditation is continuous moment-to-moment mindfulness of the sensation arising from contact at all six bases.


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"The third kind of concentration is what is referred to in the eightfold path as right concentration or perfect concentration. This is concentration developed on a moment-to-moment basis in insight meditation. Only moment-to-moment concentration following the path of mindfulness leads to the destruction of defilements. This concentration is not developed by fixing the mind motionless to one object, but by being mindful of the changing bodily sensations, feelings, consciousness, and mind objects. When properly established in the inner body and mind, moment-to-moment concentration leads to the destruction of the rounds of rebirth. Through this concentration, we develop the ability to see clearly the five aggregatesform, feeling, volition and consciousness which make up what we conventionally call men and women

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