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Remove the notion that you are bound. If this separation - this idea - is removed, you will find that you have always been that which you are now. These notions, ideas and intentions have to be instantaneously withdrawn, and you are here.

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Find the best ways to quiet the mind. The instant that the mind is stilled there is meditation. This meditation has to be perennial, permanent - not just sitting for an hour a day. It does not mean chanting the thought, “I have to be free.” It means being centered in the Self which alone is true, all else is false

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Sit down and decide what is good for you and follow that. Don't listen to anyone else - the whole world is deceiving you. The whole world may be against you so you have to make your own decisions. Don't listen to your parents, your society or your preachers.

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So do not start a thought, one single thought. Do not discriminate between this or that, and no mentation, and one second , half second, half of the half. How could it be difficult now? It is difficult for those who are yet attached to something more precious than their own Self - more precious , more beautiful, more worth acquiring than your own wisdom, than Self, than eternity, than bliss. Therefore how can they ask for freedom? So he who wants - whatever he wants - he is drawn by that particular object, you see. So whenever your attachment is, wherever the object of your attachment is, there you are. Doesn't matter where you are; you may be in satsang.

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