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Q. Where does the soul reside in the body?

Swamiji: The soul does not reside in your body. It only reflects on your body. The place you chose for your soul to reflect decides the level of awareness in which you are going to be living.

If you choose Muladhara as the place for the soul to reflect, you will be centered only on body and the lust and reproduction. You will not find anything else as bigger experience. Human beings choose usually Muladhara and Swadishtana as regular place of reflection.

Very few peace lovers make Manipuraka as the reflection spot. When you choose Anahatha as a reflection spot you become a devotee. When you feel and decide Vishuddhi as a reflection spot of the cosmic soul into your individual body you become Shaktha and high achiever.

With the shakthi when you choose your Ajna as a reflective place, the place of reflection for your soul, you live with extraordinary powers as a Siddha Purusha, the embodiment of Shiva.

When you reflect your cosmic soul into your individual body on Sahasrara you live as incarnation, embodiment of the cosmic soul, Mahadeva Himself. Mahadeva resides and expresses unique pure spiritual dimension in your body. So the body is not possessing the soul, Soul only reflects on the body. When it decides not to reflect anymore the body is considered as dead.

When Sahasrara becomes the place of reflection suddenly a new centre develops in your system which is responsible for the Sahasrara to relate, cooperate, coordinate with the lower level of existence also, that new centre is Anandha Gandha. So when you experience the reflection on Anandha Gandha, you directly receive the incarnation’s energy, radiate the incarnation’s energy, you become part of the incarnation.

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The useful guilt

There is a certain guilt that is useful for you, a guilt which if pursued intelligently can cause you to move forward in life.

It is like this: when you see that you have the potential to do something, when you feel that you have so much potential which you are not using at all, then if you are intelligent, guilt will happen in you. This guilt can spur you to start doing things that will actualize your entire potential.

Sometimes we see the state of things around us and we know in one corner of our mind that we can very well help turn the situation around. But either due to laziness or due to the fear of confrontation, or due to the fear of taking responsibility, we just keep quiet and watch.

This type of situation can cause deep guilt in us. This guilt is significant.

If we take steps to correct the situation by doing what we really feel we should do, then the guilt will disappear and we will also move forward.

This type of guilt has the ability to drive you to do what needs to be done. Because of its very nature, you cannot harbor this guilt for long. You have to get over it. And the way to get over it is by doing what needs to be done. Once it is done, the guilt also disappears.

How long you wish to harbor this guilt without
taking steps, for that long you suffer from it.

This is the simple logic of this guilt.

Another manifestation of this guilt happens
when you can feel your ego surfacing in
certain situations and you are unable to help
it. When you can smell your ego but you are
unable to control it, this guilt arises in you.
This guilt is also good since it is a sign of the
deep awareness of your own ego.

It facilitates you to sincerely work towards eliminating that ego.

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The first step to bliss is to become a watcher. Simply watch life as if it were a drama. When you watch, your mind will become still. When it becomes still, you have caught the thread. When you experience that stillness at least once, you have caught the thread. That thread will guide you into periods of longer stillness. The stillness is your inner master. When you have found the stillness, you will understand that all emotions are a mere play of the mind.

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The boundaries between these three (Self, world, God) exist only as long as the not accepting or the fighting ego exists. The moment non-acceptance disappears, acceptance happens and ego disappears. Suddenly only celebration remains.
Some people ask Me, ‘How do we express our deep gratitude to You?’ I tell them that the only way to express their gratitude is to live enlightenment the way I have just described it to you. That is the best you can do for me and that I can do for you.

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If I equate your body to a mango I will equate the kundalini to the seed inside. A mango fruit does not achieve its ultimate, if you just eat the fruit and destroy the seed. The fruit realizes itself only when the seed is able to give more fruits. In the same way, your body has two components, the kundalini and your body. Just living with a little money, comfort and ending your life is like eating the mango fruit. But, that will not to lead to realization. The fruit itself realizes its purpose of existence only when the seeds start giving more fruits.

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' Living Enlightenment pg 559 '

When you say, ‘I bow in reverence to
enlightened beings,’ it means you are paying
your respect to enlightenment. Here you
are not bowing down to someone who will
help you when you are in fear. No. You are
not bowing down to a king. You are not bowing down to a rich person who will give
you money. No. You are not bowing down
to a person who will give you logic or
philosophy, mere words. No. You are not
following any person here. You are merely
bowing down to a person who inspires,
who drops the seed of enlightenment in
you, who helps you achieve enlightenment!

Somewhere you feel that just being with
that person is enough. Enlightenment will
happen. Such is the nature of the arihanta!
There is a beautiful commentary that says
when you sit in front of an arihanta, the
ultimate conscious being, without your
knowledge, without even your conscious
understanding, your whole being integrates
towards that one goal, towards

As of now you are not one being as you think. Your head is pulling, calling you in one direction. Your eyes are pulling you in the other direction. Your ears are pulling you in a different direction. A conscious decision to integrate these different fragments and direct the being towards enlightenment is sannyas! Sannyas is the determination to transform. Then the enlightened being can help you.

When you attain sannyas, you cannot
explain it to anyone! You can experience
it. You can radiate it, and they will catch it
in the way you walk, in the way you talk
and move around. You will become a
spontaneous crowd puller. You will radiate
an incomprehensible charm and energy.
Grace happens naturally with sannyas,
because sannyas is nothing but revealing
your inner beauty. The very fragrance of
sannyas is grace and bliss.

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The other day I was reading an article in a magazine.

The title was, ‘Live Forever’.

I was amazed to read it. It gave eleven techniques to extend your life by at least twenty years and it was supported by statistics and survey reports. All the eleven techniques were related to love. It said that even caring for a pet animal releases a hormone in us that allows us to live at ease with our body. If caring for our pet animals does so much, surely caring for the husband or for the wife will do a lot more!

The article also spoke of how people die early if they are single or widowers and how life is extended with love. It also spoke of how chances of getting cancer or depression are less when you have love in your life. Even what we call ordinary love, simple infatuation, can do miracles for our body and mind. It can give us a deep feeling of healing and wellbeing.

According to Tantra*, five types of restlessness happen in a person and all of these can be healed by ordinary love, by the simple caring for one another. Once again, I am not speaking of spiritual love or devotion or selfless love.

That comes later.

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Be a light unto yourself

‘When Buddha was leaving his body, he revealed to his disciples, Be a light unto yourself! Be a light unto yourself.

Buddha is one of the greatest enlightened Masters who happened on planet Earth.
If you ask me, when leaving the body, Buddha shared the most powerful important secret with which he lived. I tell you, I will not be able to use a better word than - be a light unto yourself. This is the secret with which even I am living. This is the secret with which all Masters are living. Raise yourself by yourself; do not defeat yourself by yourself.

I can see so many thousands of people who are just not able to raise themselves by themselves. It does not mean they don’t have the ability or capability. They don’t want to. They think this is enough. They even come to the conclusion - what is wrong with normal life? It’s okay!

The last life solution I used on me before falling into the abyss of bliss and enlightenment were these words. I was in the worst depression, but did not torture anybody else. I just felt hopeless; I felt that all doors were shut.

It became almost like my heart was being squeezed out. Literally I could feel that squeezing. I lost respect on everything – spirituality, enlightenment, Masters, Ramakrishna, Ramana, who were like part of my life, blood, my very self. Lost everything. It was like a complete darkness.

But somehow, this one verse was strongly inside me. It just raised itself - like if a man tries to stand up and walk after being beaten, how it will feel - exactly like that. This one verse, even after being beaten by my distrust, doubt, everything, just stood as one last ray of hope in me. You need to raise yourself by yourself. If anybody else raises you, they can always put you down. It is you who needs to raise yourself into enlightenment. This was the last meal handed over to me by my Master before I started cooking for myself. This was the last strength with which the Cosmos pushed me into my higher self.

I can tell you - the moment I realized, Yes, I have to raise myself, immediately that one ray of hope became a decision to become enlightened. When that decision opened up, there were no patterns stopping that decision in my inner space. That decision expanded, expanded, and no pattern – doubt or greed or attachment or fear or guilt - was there to stop it. Suddenly, I could see my whole inner space was filled with that one decision.

When that decision exploded, I saw I am sitting as a Buddha. Suddenly that explosion landed in some other plane.

I thought, Oh, God! That’s it! That’s all!

I tell you, whenever you have a low mood, whenever you deviate, it is you who needs to raise yourself by yourself. Atma deepo bhava – Be a light unto yourself.’

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To be free from the fear of death, which is really the fear of losing our identity, we need to be aware that we are something more than this body and mind. We need intelligence to understand this. We then come to these questions:

What exactly is intelligence?

Are some of us more intelligent than others?

Can we increase the level of our intelligence?

Natural intelligence Intelligence is not something to attain; every single being is endowed with intelligence. Every one of us has intelligence. It is an inherent, inborn quality of life just as fire is hot and ice is cold.

I am reminded of a joke on ‘intelligent’ people:

Once there were four men traveling in a private airplane. Suddenly, there was an emergency as the tail of the aircraft caught fire. Unfortunately for the four passengers, there were only three parachutes available.

The first person in a panic took a parachute saying, ‘I just got married. My wife is waiting for me.’ And he jumped.

The second person declared, ‘I am the most intelligent person on earth. Planet earth needs my intelligence.’ He jumped as well.

One of the passengers was an old man; he told the other remaining person, ‘I am old already but you have your whole life ahead of you. You take this parachute and jump.’

The young man quipped, ‘You can also come, Sir. We can both go. The most intelligent person on planet earth just jumped off with my back-pack!’

Most of us have lost touch with our natural intelligence; that is why we are not able to live life to its fullest potential. We mistake our acquired knowledge for intelligence; we are like the man who jumped with the backpack as a parachute!

Every single being in nature has been endowed with inherent intelligence. Birds have a natural intelligence that enables them to fly. It is amazing to see the migratory birds travel thousands of miles in the sky - with no map or guide and retrace their paths back when the season changes!

Patanjali, an enlightened master from India and father of the ancient science of yoga, says that man has in him the intelligence of all the lower forms of consciousness such as the trees, birds and animals. Man has the capacity to produce food just like trees. He has the capacity to live by himself right from the time he is born - just like animals and birds. By nature we have all the intelligence in our human body. The difficulty is we strongly believe we are limited. We have been conditioned to think that we have only limited capabilities, that ‘we cannot…’ so we have forgotten how to use these capabilities. And because of this, we are not tuned to the technique to tap into all the dimensions of our being.

Children are born intelligent

A small story:

One boy came back from school and told his mother, ‘You said the school dentist would be painless but he was not!’ His mother became worried and asked him, ‘Did he hurt you?’ The boy replied,

‘No, but he screamed when I bit his finger!’

Children are born intelligent. They are so spontaneous and enthusiastic. But the family, society and conventional school destroy the natural intelligence within the child with the undue importance they pay to logic, memory and competition. The price the child pays for education is too heavy as he sacrifices his priceless creativity and uniqueness and he is not even aware of it.

The other day, I read a statement on a teenager’s T-shirt, ‘I was intelligent until education ruined me.’

Allow your complete being to simply express itself - and you will see your natural intelligence flowering beautifully. This is what I call being integrated and fulfilled.

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Possess nothing, enjoy everything

Possess nothing, enjoy everything DO YOU respect a beggar? Do you disrespect a rich man?

In today’s world, people are evaluated only on the basis of their possessions and status. A person’s worth in society is decided on the basis of how much he or she owns. Apart from his physical wealth, his power and influence become important. Success in life is related to ownership of assets and the extent of influence. In reality, nothing can be more damaging to a person’s real success in the world than possessions and status.

The desire to possess rises from comparison and jealousy.

If your neighbour buys a new refrigerator your house gets warmer. From early childhood we are conditioned to desire what others have. When we are not able to possess something, we are unhappy and consider it a failure. We become happy when we do acquire what we want. This happiness, however, lasts for a brief period. It lasts till we find one more thing to covet.

Happiness seems to be in the acquisition, in the chase rather than through enjoyment of what we have.

Ramana Maharishi says: Till you get something you want, it looks as big as a mountain. Once you get it, the same thing becomes the size of a mustard seed!

Greed drives us. Greed and envy are the root cause of all our sorrow.

Gautama Buddha said that all suffering is caused by human desire. But Buddha was not referring to genuine need-based desires when he said this; he was referring to the unending stream of wants that we develop based on comparison.

Joy is the natural state of a human being. Joy happens when there is no comparison. Joy happens when there is no attachment to an acquisition. It gives rise to sorrow when the desire for possessions imprisons us within the boundaries of time and space. When we recall a happy time, we keep trying to possess that time again.

A desire rooted in the past becomes the driver of our present state of mind. Stop wanting to acquire more and more.

Enjoy what you have.

I keep saying this: enjoy what you have; there is no need to renounce what you already possess. Renounce only what you do not have. You do not have to move into a forest as a monk or sanyasi to find happiness. You can find it in the middle of your worldly comforts. All you have to do is to renounce your fantasies.

That is the gateway to Bliss!

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Never decide on anything when you are in the low mood. The low mood will naturally itself distort the facts for you. It is not the right condition to take any big decision.

You have to wait to swing to a good mood when things will be clearer. Always take a big decision only when you are in a cheerful mood, when you are in a positive state of mind. Just like how you decide anything in the light of day when you are awake and not in the dead of the night when you are asleep, in the same way decide this too when you are in awareness and not when in turmoil.

Be very clear, the low also will pass just like the high mood passed. That is the very nature of the mind, it is like a wheel. What is down has to come up. Neither the ‘up’ nor the ‘down’ can be said to be more real than the other. They are both there, thats all.

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'I tell you, I’m so happy, again and again, I rededicate Myself to the Vedic tradition just because of this one truth they taught Me: you are not just this body, and you are not just this one life, that it enough, I dedicate My whole life to this tradition. Especially telling Me this truth in the young age where I started developing the fresh being to relate to the world. One good thing in India, even atheists accept reincarnation theory. Some of the worst atheists I see talk about reincarnation because it has gone into their system from the time they were born.'

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While we are here we can relax and trust that Existence will provide for us.

If the energy moving inside our body can convert bread into blood, can’t it bring bread to us?

Just to convert bread into blood mechanically, it has been experimented that we need an industry that measures three miles in length.

Yet, the whole process happens inside our body without our conscious effort. Our brain receives information, analyzes, understands and responds. This entire process that is happening inside our brain would need a computer atleast three stories high that would create a sound equal to at least ten generators!

When people tell me, ‘Swamiji, my mind is too noisy, I don’t feel the silence or peace,’ I tell them, ‘For the amount of work done by your mind, it is very silent! Never think it is noisy.’

The big problem is that we don’t trust our energy.

We don’t trust the cosmic energy.

When it can convert bread into blood, can’t it help us with our small things? Can’t it give us the intelligence to bring bread, sustenance into our lives? It can guide us. It can give us enough intelligence to bring bread for our life. When the energy can move planets and run the whole universe, can’t it take care of us?
Bhagavad Gita Demystified Vol 2

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The moment you come to the decision that your life is pain or your life is suffering, you create hell for yourself.

For example, until yesterday you were only walking, you were not able to fly.

You know in your past you never flew, you only walked. Can you believe you can start flying from tomorrow onwards?

You can’t.

You know tomorrow you will still only be walking. You rely solely on your remembered past experiences to predict your future, eliminating many new possibilities.

There is one more important thing about pain that I want to share with you. This may look mystical, but let me be honest, Patanjali says very clearly that any pain can be used as a door to enlightenment. The technique is to not label it as pain.

Just observe and see what is going on. See the way a small child experiences something new with all excitement and curiosity. Do this with situations that you currently label as pain and see how the whole experience transforms.

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How to take responsibility?

“Shareera maatram khalu dharma saadhanam’ means, it is the body which is the base for all achievements.

Own your body, feel it is yours. Carry this understanding, ‘Come on, I am not interested in keeping the body like this! I do not want to live inside a body which is not flexible or healthy.’ Spend energy, spend time, bend your body and make it yogic. It is your body. Whole day you are living with it. Why are you unaware of it? Whole day, let all your movements be such that it continuously becomes healthy and graceful, as you always wanted it. Design it as you want with yoga: make it a yogic body, so that any physical suffering or disease can never happen to it.

In the same way, own your mind; it is yours. Design it so that never any suffering can touch you; never any suffering can happen to you. Just carry this understanding always – ‘It is my mind! Come on! Now I am designing it so that nobody can give me any suffering, no suffering can touch me!’

Take ownership for your mind. See that every thought that you give life to brings only joy to you, bring only bliss to you, never any suffering, never any disturbance. Mend it and weave it as you want, train it as you want and tame it as you want. The mind which is based on knowledge is a Vedic mind. The mind that does not bring suffering to you is a Vedic mind.

In the same way, own your living. Carry this understanding, ‘It is my life! Come on, let me own it! Let me enjoy it! I will make money only the way I enjoy it. I will have only the pleasures that I enjoy. I will choose my way of life. I will be conscious in every step, and see that I achieve what I want!’

Infuse awareness into every action: walking, talking, sitting, moving and breathing. Infuse awareness into everything. Slow down in every action. Let it be more with awareness. Infusing awareness is what I call meditative living or Zen living.

It is time you take ownership, ‘Let me create it afresh, as I want! Maybe in the past I failed, but now it is time, let me weave it as I want, let me design it as I want!’
Own your body, own your mind, own your living and own your lifestyle. That is what I call yogic body, Vedic mind and Zen living.

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If you know you exist, if you remember you exist, and if you want to exist, understand, you are pure reflection of Maha Sadashiva. The conclusion you need to come about you is Maha Sadashiva! I tell you, the moment you come to the conclusion you are Maha Sadashiva, you will look at the life large! All suffering is when you look at the life very short! You want wealth, that is all not a problem. But, you want it in next twenty four hours, that’s where the problem. Why you want it in next twenty four hours? Because you strongly believe you have only few more years to live! Understand, time is your servant! You have enough time!

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Choosing right vs. choosing pleasant.

"If you have to choose between right and pleasant: let it always be right! Let it always be right! Especially the age till twenty five. If you choose good, that will be one fourth of your life. If you choose pleasant that will be the whole life. That’s all! ...What you conceive, what you perceive, what you consume, in everything: decide powerfulness, right, not pleasant. Whether it is relationship with parents, relationship with the food, relationship with your habits - even your habits is relationship with them! Neither Gods or Demons are produced overnight...So, set your day to day lifestyle right: in course of time you will be God.

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Essence of everything, understand, coming back to basics - integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing others’ reality is the way to cause your own reality. Having stomach pain, just pick up a phone and start causing few people's reality, the energy and space will shift in such a way, stomach pain will disappear. Having conflict with your boss, pick up a phone and cause few people’s reality, the energy will shift such a way that the conflict between you and the boss will disappear...Your causing effort to enrich yourself and others, that is the prayer Mahadeva listens to...Celebrate Mahadeva’s presence by enriching and causing the whole world... That is the way you will manifest your reality.

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If you practice, your future will be transformed - is yogic techniques.
If you practice, immediately your future will be transformed - is tantric techniques.
If you decide, your past-present-future all three will be transformed is a Shaivaite technique.
Mahadeva is Mahakala. He just lands. The moment He lands, past-present-future everything is He, He, He, He alone. My fundamental right is to build a bliss chemistry inside me independent of anything external. Declare this. Cherish this Kundalini current, cherish this decision. It will burn all other delusional bridges. You will not become poor you will be rich. You will have more pleasure, more beautiful things in your life. All that, independent of the slavery you experience with that. Listen, all that, independent of the slavery you experience with those external items.
I tell you, be blissful because you are Mahadeva; not because you got ‘yes’ for some your proposal in your relationship or business deal. Be blissful because you are Mahadeva. I am blissful because I am Mahadeva. Consciously the reason you chose, the reason you choose to be blissful, builds your bliss chemistry. You don’t need to worry about the unconscious reasons which makes you joyful; the moment money comes you will be joyful, the moment you get ‘yes’ from your proposal from boyfriend or girlfriend you will be joyful, the moment you get ‘yes’ from a business proposal you will be joyful. Those are all unconscious joys. You don’t need to have guilt about them, you don’t need to worry about them. Consciously you build the bliss chemistry – ‘I am joyful because I am Mahadeva. I am my intention to be’. This consciously deciding to be joyful because ‘you are your intention to be’ is building bliss chemistry in you independent of anything external.

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Cherish this kundalini current. Cherish, decide, entertain, enjoy, celebrate, this one kundalini current - ‘I am what I want to be, my intention; my fundamental right is building my bliss chemistry independent of anything external.’
Cherish, cherish, cherish, entertain, enjoy, celebrate this beautiful kundalini current, you will be ready, you will be ready for more mystical powers in Kumbh Mela, to receive in Kumbh Mela.
Be blissful because you are what your intention to be. Your physiological, psychological, neurological ups and downs are not you; neither down, nor up, both are not you. It is not that you will not enjoy if you know the ups are not you; not that you will not enjoy. You will enjoy independently, freely, without the side effect of down. The side effect of up is down. Without the side effect of down you will be celebrating; because whether up comes or goes you know you are not up.
When you know you are not ups and downs, don’t worry that ups will be taken away from you; only the downs disappear, ups become your natural flow of existence. When you don’t care, you go higher than ups and downs. Higher than ups and downs means up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up.
Any small thing, you will enjoy. There won’t be any requirement for something big for you to fall into your bliss chemistry.
You are a teddy bear soaked in honey; nothing much is required for you to make the honey as a experience for you and others. Just a small touch is enough, you will also be enjoying the sweet and you will share that with others.
Your senses does not need to be excited for your bliss. Your ideas does not need to be accredited, recognized for bliss.
You are blissful just because what you intend to be. You are what you intend to be. Be blissful because you are Mahadeva.

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The economy Sadashiva is teaching is neither capitalism, nor communism or socialism.

It is Responsibilysm.

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Understand some of the basic truths. Your attitude towards a person decides whether you are going to be part of his public life, private life, secret life. Same applies – your attitude towards the Cosmos is going to decide whether you are going to be part of the Cosmos – public life, private life or secret life.
If you are part of Cosmos’ public life, you will be a great devotee, whatever you want will be showered, nurtured, nourished.
If you are part of Cosmos’ private life, you will be an Enlightened Being, whenever you want, He will manifest through you and bless few people around you.
Becoming part of His secret life, if you are part of His Cosmos’ secret life, then you know the nuances – how the Brahmānda [lit. the egg of Cosmos] functions.
Neither the law nor the logic defines the method of Brahmānda’s functions. Neither there is a law nor there is a logic in Sadāshiva’s functioning. There is a tremendous love and integrity to His love – need to be understood. Once you catch His love and His integrity to His love, you will understand, that is the way He functions.
Till you become part of His secret life, you will continue to have questions, stupid questions – why somebody is rich? Why somebody is poor? Why somebody lives long? Why somebody dies within few days of birth? Why somebody falls sick? Why somebody is healthy? – all this questions will be there. Either they will be haunting you or you will push them under the carpet and sit on it, whatever, but it will be there. It will be there!
Only when you become part of His secret life, you are He, He is you – you are an Incarnation. Whoever becomes part of the secret life of Sadāshiva, Cosmos – you are an Incarnation.
Understand, if you have the attitude – Cosmos is great, you are low – its half-truth. Cosmos is great is Truth, you are low – is a foolish logic out of which you function.
I want to remind you once more – for God to be great, you don’t need to be bad. It’s only in human kingdom, if somebody has to be a king, you have to be slave. If somebody has to be a boss, you have to be a slave. If somebody has to be leader, you have to be a follower; not in the Divine Kingdom, because in the Divine Kingdom the Head is not ‘one’, it is Oneness. It is not led by one, it is led by ONENESS. It is not headed by ‘one’,
it is headed by ONENESS. Understand, some of these vital understandings.

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Don’t take your seeking for granted among the billions, less than million are given that call.
Among the millions only thousands pick up the call. You be that few thousands who pick up the call.
You already received the incoming call, that is why you are even watching this satsang, listening to this satsang.
Don’t think, “there were so many billboards so I am here.” No. Kashi has 15 lakh population.
Only few even take notice. Only few even decide. In that very few come and land here.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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As long as your secret crush can hide his or her secret crush from you only, he or she can continue to do all the drama, dillydally. The moment you discover or he or she has revealed, that person also has a secret crush on you, no more drama can be done. Same way, till you understand Sadāshiva has secret crush on you only, all these sufferings in the life, drama in the life –“Am I accepted or rejected? Am I right or wrong? Am I sinner or saint?” – all this stupidity, dillydallying.

The moment you understand, “Aye, now I know. He also has a secret crush on me,” the whole drama is over.

Now you are His secret life partner. You are no more a secret crush; you are His secret life partner. That is the symbolic truth expressed in Meenakshi’s marriage.
Understand, now you know the truth – He also has a secret crush on you. Nothing more can be hidden. No more drama. Become part of His secret life. Become Sadāshiva’s secret life partner. Celebrate life. Other than your will, other than your intention to be, other than your declaration, nothing else is a reality, all other psychological, physiological, neurological ups and downs are not real. They do not exist. They cannot touch you. Apply that truth, here, now for this sacred secret.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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I tell you, Ramana Maharishi says beautifully, “just like how human beings associate themselves with the body, even though they know they are not the body, they just use the body to relate and do what they want to do. Same way, Sadāshiva Himself associates Himself with Arunachala. He says, Sadāshiva feels Arunachala is His body even though He knows He is beyond body, He uses that body to do what He wants to do.” I tell you one more secret. What Ramana Maharishi revealed is one of the Mahadeva Rahasya. I am giving you one more Mahadeva Rahasya. Listen carefully. This Rahasya will be directly useful for you in your life. Every time you declare – SADĀSHIVOHAM – Mahadeva, Sadāshiva rushes towards you to manifest through you, because the Whole wants to manifest through every part, the Whole by Its nature wants to manifest and celebrate its existence through every part.
Understand, just like Ramana Maharishi revealed one Mahadeva Rahasya, I will share with you guys one more Mahadeva Rahasya. Anybody, if they address Me as Arunachala and ask anything, I will just give. That’s a secret password which I enjoy. That’s a secret passcode. I tell you, same way Sadāshiva has a secret passcode. Sadāshiva has a very secret passcode. It’s almost like a pattern for Him. I know Sadāshiva cannot have pattern. But I can tell you with all My confidence, its almost like a pattern for Him. The moment you even have the guts to declare Sadāshivoham, He just feels mesmerized by you and He just lands and manifests through you, whatever you want. Understand, if you call Me Arunachala and ask for something, I will never say ‘no’, because I have to prove I am Arunachala. I have to establish. Same way, if you just declare – “Sadāshivoham. I am Sadāshiva. This is the way I want my life to manifest” – simply He gets mesmerized by you and enters into you, and manifests through you the way you want.
Understand this secret code. Use it to all your benefit, max it. Over use it, not just use it, overuse it to your maximum benefit. He loves to be overused. He celebrates when you overuse Him. He is the limitless resource, does not feel afraid of get overused. He is waiting for you to overuse Him. Only limited resources are afraid of getting overused. He is limitless resource. He celebrates when you overuse Him. He celebrates when you overuse Him.
Learn this Mahadev Rahasya. Watch this satsang again and again because I have revealed so many Mahadeva Rahasyas in this. Your life to reach fulfillment and completion nothing else is required other than this one satsang. If you understand and internalize this one satsang, that is enough, you will achieve Completion and fulfillment both.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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The right words you utter about you, matters. Right words you utter about you is more powerful and deeper than any prayer you can utter. In prayer you ask and wait for it to become reality. The words you utter, you declare your reality. There is a big difference. In prayer you ask and wait for it to become reality. But in the right words in your Will, you declare your reality – means you ARE making it, that’s it.
I tell you, declaring is the most powerful tapas [austerity]. That is why if you read in the Indian Puranas, Vedic Puranas, Hindu Puranas, if a Rishi sits and declares something and sits with his declaration, even the Devaloka [abode of Gods] shakes, Indra has to come, Brahma has to come, Vishnu has to wake up from His sleep. Shiva has to stop His dance and appear. Read the Puranas [cosmic historities]. An ordinary old man sits in the forest with his declaration, Devaloka shakes, Indra cannot handle the fire anymore, he runs. Your declarations are too powerful. That is the way you are connected to the whole existence. That is the umbilical cord nobody can disconnect which you have with the whole existence. Your declaration nobody can deny, understand.
Somebody asked me a few days before, “Swamiji I want you as part of my whole life, what should I do?” Nothing. Your prayers won’t work. Just declare, even I cannot deny. When you declare, the power of your declaration, when you sit on it, no one can deny, it has to become reality because declaration is the way your will manifests. Your will is the way you are connected to the Universe. Your will is your umbilical cord which cannot be disconnected.

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