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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Anasayam, free from impressions, not only free from impressions, free from the possibility of creating impressions. Just like how a fried seed can not grow, when unclutching happens, all the karma gets fried. Anasaya, the possibility of impressions don’t exist.

All your desire is disrespecting the cosmic presence. If you stand on this base, you will be showered with wealth. You desire because you don’t feel that the cosmos is supporting you. You don’t feel that you are being showered.

I'm not teaching you fantasy. Politicians and media mafia are teaching you fantasy. Move from contentment to fulfillment. Fulfillment is totally different from contentment. If you start with the idea of not having something, you will only think of grabbing. So many things are working, Im still feeling I'm alive, millions of possibilities open. The moment you feel you are alive, millions of possibilities are opening. The door for the millions of possibilities open up when you feel you are alive

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Your whole system is like a pipeline connected to one part. If that part is filled with nectar all pipe lines will receive nectar, if its filled with poison, all will be filled with poison. The main part is your central consciousness, if its awakened, all your parts will be awakened and you will be successful.

In your body you always carry an idea that your limit is only so much. Break that idea. If your mind says I can work only for 8 hrs a day, break that idea and work for 12 hrs a day. Break your mind, only then you will have gratitude to the central core of your body, the God

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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From egoism, various minds are created. When you deal with your son, you deal as a father, when you deal with your worker, you deal as a boss.
If you are without awareness, they can be a bondage for you. If you are with awareness, these can become multidimensional in you. If your various minds are expressed and if you are unclutched from them multidimentionally, you can be a conscious, enlightenened being. If there is a shaft and the different minds are getting clutched to it, you are a foolish being.
A yogis mind is a multi dimensional ornament for him. An atheists mind has only dirt on it.
The sacred secret in this sutra is learn to unclutch from the different dimensions of your mind. Don’t try to destroy the different dimensions of you mind. If you do that, you will not be able to live your life. A yogi is a person who can handle different dimensions of his life without getting stressed. Become a yogi, that is life.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Lets enter into the sutra. Patanjali is very clear that your actions good or bad are in no way related to enlightenment. It only breaks the barrier for good things in your life. The whole universe is like 2 huger rivers, both are waiting to flow on you, huge good river and huge bad river. Your good actions themselves don’t bring the good things you enjoy. If you give 1 rupee to a sadhu, don’t think you will get 1 rupee back. You can get a huge quantity back.

An old lady gives a sweet to little Krishna, and her house is filled with gems. When you do a small good thing to the master, flood of good things open, when you do a small bad thing, a flood of bad things opens.

Understand, the actions cannot be equated by results because they open floodgates, they don’t come back in the same quality. That’s why you need to be tremendously aware of the actions you are doing. A small bad act can open a floodgate of bad things to you. Even a small good action can open a floodgate of good things to you. So be aware of every action. Infuse tremendous awareness in every action.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Lets enter into the sutra. Patanjali is very clear that your actions good or bad are in no way related to enlightenment. It only breaks the barrier for good things in your life. The whole universe is like 2 huger rivers, both are waiting to flow on you, huge good river and huge bad river. Your good actions themselves don’t bring the good things you enjoy. If you give 1 rupee to a sadhu, don’t think you will get 1 rupee back. You can get a huge quantity back.


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(Sunday Discourse)

I want to share some of the revelations I had about pain and then I’ll give you some of my understandings of the cleansing process. In India, we have two great systems of medicine, Ayurveda, from the Ganges civilization and Siddha from the Cauvery civilization.

There is no such thing as unbearable pain. Your personality is like a two colored cloth, Consciousness and Body. I’ll give maroon color for Consciousness and white for the body. Maroon and White are stitched. Thats your body. Pain is nothing but one stitch thread breaking.

The maximum pain you can go through in your body is a stitch breaking. When consciousness and body get stitched, that is the maximum pain. When you connect 2 objects that cant be connected, there will be pain. When in one place if the stitch is broken, how can it cause more pain than all the stitching.

Any pain which can cause pain in the body is one stitch breaking. That can not cause more pain than a million stitches. So there is no such thing as unbearable pain.

In my body, the docs were surprised how quickly the healing was happening. They said that all the stitches can be removed within a week. When they were removing the bandage, I was looking deeply to know what exactly is going on. The one stitch that got broken during the fracture is getting rebuilt. Thats all, but we dont have patience to look in. You forgot that you are nothing but a million stitches. between consciousness and matter. Thats why when one stitch breaks, it matters to you so much.

I want to make fun of people who are in suffering and create suffering. There are millions of stitches all over the body. Then can there be more pain than in assuming and living in the body? Living in the body is the most excruciating pain!

It is not that I am insensitive to what is happening. I am not naming it wrongly.The whole night I am not sleeping, not due to any pain but I am sitting in Samadhi and seeing whats happening. Intense energy is flowing to heal this hand. Naturally that will heal any no. of people. Any other man will name it intense excruciating pain. Come on, its our body, lets be friendly. Friendliness with the body will teach you thousands of things.

I could see very clearly where the fracture is getting healed, the healing is happening. I thought Oh God, thats all, nothing else.

Your body has an intelligence of an automatic anaesthetic quality. It automatically makes all of these parts unaware. It has its inbuilt system of anaesthesia. It is very clear life is compassionate to you and your personal experience.

Meditate on how your whole body is stitched with consciousness. Thousands of pains and unnecessary suffering you go through can be drastically reduced and cleared. Meditating on all the parts where your body is stitched with consciousness and awakening all the points is Kundalini Awakening.

Meditate on how many parts of your body are stitched with consciousness, internally and externally, layer by layer, contemplate and meditate on that.

eN Kriya is a powerful technique to awaken the Kundalini Energy and make you understand the millions of places where your consciousness is stitched with the body.



(Discourse Day 4)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-174Sutra, 4Chapter, 12Verse

Atita anagatam svarupato 'sti adhvabhedad dharmanam

Synopsis of Discourse

Today we will see the sacred secrets on Psychological Time.

Psychological Time is the connecting gear for the two times Chronological Tme and Cosmic Time. If you dont understand Psychological time, you can get caught in Chronological Time and suffer with it. If you can understand Psychological Time, it can lead you to experience the Cosmic Time-Eternal, where the Past, Present and Future exist eternally, simultaneously.

It is the expansion of the awareness spectrum that decides whether you experience Past, Present of Future.

Whether it is the dimension of the mind or body, creation is nothing but the ability to hit regular time and cosmic time without getting hit by both, in your psychological time.

If your Psychological time is strong, clear about pain, pleasure etc, you can hit. I am just sitting and going on digging time. Whole day I am having face to face with Kala Bairava.

If your experiences are shallow, you wont know from where your pain etc come from, no sensitivity. In this insensitive attitude, life will look too long, bored. In this attitude, you feel only wild lust, not sensually pleasing romance based lust, only wild self destroying lust or wild adrenalin releasing in the body, like bungee jumping-they tie themselves and jump 500 ft, or raping someone.

When you live insensitively, superficially, this kind of wild sex or wild fear can happen. If a pot can hold 2 liters milk, it can hold what you pour. If you pour 200,000 liters of milk, it will be destroyed. Same way your muladhara is designed for a nice relaxed feeling connection not to be destroyed.

Human beings do this because they live superficially, being insensitive. When you are insensitive to your surroundings, then your life will be boring, long and you will be after wild things.

If you are sensitive, get into the depth of things.

When you are intense, sincere, looking constantly into the depth of every experience, if you have pain, go to the depth, if you have vengeance, ask why, what am I going to do, what is the source, what is the exact reason, what can I do. Look into the depth of your experience. Then the Psychological time will become intense, you wont feel your years are long. You will feel your years are rolling and rolling.

Paddling into old age and dragging the body is the biggest sin or punishment. Life till the end should be alive and intensely practiced. The number of creative decisions you make, makes your life crisp and solid, makes time very short and your life very juicy.

If you make 100 creative decisions and see 80 become reality, you dont have death. You will just relax and do the things in another plane. Life should be lived like that till the end, go on making decisions, right decisions and right working. Becoming intense in all your experiences is the way to live in perfect Psychological Time. Perfect Psychological Time happens in you when you are intense in every experience.

If you are in love, be intense, if it doesnt work, drop it, hanging hanging and going after it wont work. Hanging is because of hang over. Make decisions and see your decisions become reality. Make your life into a perfect Psychological Time. This is the best way to age gracefully-lessons for retirement.

I want to make a hospital where people are taught painless delivery and painless death, painless entry and painless death.

Do this samyama, what ever you are feeling, do it intensely, let us see what happens, with that intensity.

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(Discourse Day 3)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-174Sutra, 4Chapter, 12Verse

Atita anagatam svarupato 'sti adhvabhedad dharmanam

Today we will see some sacred secrets related to Cosmic time. Bhagvan Osho gives the best translation - Past and future exist in the present but they are not experienced in the present because they are in different planes.

The original sin, original delusion, original problem you have is reducing your spectrum of understanding to one plane because of the excess interest in it. Past, Present and Future all three exist in the Present. When all three exist in the present, it should be called Nithya, Eternal.

When you have too much excess interest, unbalanced interest (Im using unbalanced and not inbalanced) in any one, past, present or future, then it is the original sin.

You need to understand when the past imposes itself on the Future, it shares its deadliness with the Future. When the Future imposes itself on the Past, it shares its insecurity on the past. Insecurity of the past is what I call Guilt. Still one part of you thinks that one part of you can be altered. That part of you cant come to the understanding that the past cant be altered.

Insecurity about the past, deadliness in the future. Most of you dont have a living future because your past has already reproduced itself on the future. Many times, even when you know you are going to destroy yourself, you get into the action and suffer. Because already too much of the past has imposed itself, your future is like a dead record playing. You dont even have the intelligence to write your own future. That is disrespect to life.

Pastdome not dumped on futuredome or futuredome not dumped on pastdome, is Freedom. When you have freedom, Kala Bhairava is life for you. When you are caught by pastdome or futuredome, not only are you dumb, you are also dumped by the very life.

Extra ordinary life starts happening in you. When you understand about time, you will experience nectar in the intestines. If you experience devotion, you will experience nectar below the throat. If you understand the cosmos, you will experience the nectar between the agna and the throat.

Past, present and future, all exist in you at this moment. You are Nithya. Dont get excited to catch the future, thinking about the past. Just relax and see, you will experience all 3 past, present and future. I simply know I am going to be available for my disciples in aksharadam. I know there is no past, present or future, it is eternal.

Now just sit with this one thought. Just be, dont create thoughts of past, present or future, you will see your Kundalini energy is intensely awakened and you will go beyond Kala.

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(Discourse Day 2)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-174Sutra, 4Chapter, 12Verse

Atita anagatam svarupato 'sti adhvabhedad dharmanam

Let us look little deeply about the three different aspects of time.

The chronological time used by all the countries, all over the world and humans as standards shown by clocks. Understand clocks are not run by time; they are run by springs and electricity. It is clocks which are running the time. Catch the truth. Time is not running the clock.

Liberation from the time is the ultimate and greatest liberation. One thing I want to tell you – learn to be peaceful, to be silent.

Subramanya gave this to Arunagiri, saint from my town. Just be without word. Your old age is going to be hell if you don’t learn to keep quite. If you don’t know how to step out of time, time itself will kill you.

Time is not running the clock. Springs and gears are running it. I wanted to use a word – Immaterial active phenomena for time. You can’t perceive through five senses and you can’t extend any imagination about time into physical reality or physical reality into time. So time is neither physical reality experienced by senses nor the extension of physical reality.

The time is such an important truth, you need to understand. The chronological time you should understand, does not exist.

PSYCHOLOGICAL TIME - the Psychological time is nothing but your belief about your immaterial active phenomena. Only when your psychological belief on time happens, its a psychologically active phenomenon. When you understand the Cosmic time, it becomes the immaterial phenomena.

The clock inside you moves when inside you, you ask-What next, what next; when you jump from one experience to another. You see one girl and ask-what next! you eat one food and ask what next! In the what next, what next, the psychological clock moves. The ability to rest in an unclutched space, stops the psychological clock

COSMIC TIME:The third level is cosmic time. Understand it. It is very import. Bhavan Osho gives the best translation - Past and future exist in the present but they are not experienced in the present because they are in different planes.

Right here, 7 planes exist. Future imposed past, past imposed on Future, Future imposed on Present, Present imposed on Past, Present imposed on Present, Past imposed on Past, Future imposed on Future.

If you have heavy personality-personality collecting memories from the past, collecting enmity, like undigested particles in your intestines, it gets stuck in your inner state. Inner state enmity should be removed by the proper understanding.

The essence of today’s Satsang – Time does not exist as you understand. All ideas you carry about time and all possible extension made out of your ideas is a lie. If some body ask what is time – say ‘it is lie!’

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras-174Sutra, 4Chapter, 12Verse

Atita anagatam svarupato 'sti adhvabhedad dharmanam

The other day I decided that I am going to write extensively on the Math of the Universe, the Chemistry of the Universe, the Biology of the Universe, the Neurology of the Universe, the History of the Universe, the History of the Universe, the Science of the Universe, the Constitution of the Universe, the Civil Engineering of the Universe etc.

I am going to exactly straight away blabber out the chemistry, physics, physiology, psychology etc of the Universe. I just know the law, how it functions, moves, psychology, physiology of the Universe. I just know and I will present it and let it be on record.

The real purpose of my incarnation is to reveal the mechanism, the greatest secrets by which the universe is authored. I decided that this is going to be a sincere voluminous, series about 1000 pages each. I’ll talk on the exact laws, exact chemistry etc.

An incarnation’s real job is to reveal this great job not just wasting time saying ‘dont fight with each other’ giving life solutions etc. They started using meditation just to cure stomach ache and knee pain.

An Enlightened being is a person who reveals the sacred secrets. Physical health and mental wellness are just byproducts. There are so many amazing cosmic truths you can learn. An Incarnation is a person who reveals the great original science. If the original science is understood, the applied science can be created, millions of machinery can be made. So I’ll give you some of the revelations on the original science of time.

Some of the important revelations I want to make about time are - your past is yet to happen, your future has already happened, you are rejoicing the past by destroying the future. There is no past and future. Time is not a math, its a myth! I’ll expand on all these words one by one.

There are 3 Times

1) Time based on the watch, clock etc. The sun, moon, planetary movements, internationally accepted calender, the monitoring of day to day happenings, AD and BC, ordinary human uses.

2) Psychological Time - how your mind feels time. Just like outside you have a needle ticking for every second. This decides the movement of the other two needles of the clock. If the seconds needle clicks 60 times, the minute needle moves by one. If that moves 60 times, the hour needle moves. The Psychological Time is independent of the cronological clock. It is always ‘what next’ click ‘what next.’ The restlessness of what next makes you age internally.

If you are able to rest without moving the second needle of your psychological clock, ageing stops. If you understand this, you can be relieved of 100s of problems and pains.

3) Cosmic time - Time of the Universe is different. In the time of the Universe, there is no past present and future. It is a huge canvas. You are just seeing from one end. All three exist at a time. What you see is the present, what you have seen is the past and what you get to see is the future.

Future is nothing but the restlessness sometimes called as excitement, sometimes as exciting, sometimes as insecurity, sometimes as expectation etc. Its called by various names because you attribute all the gunas, to rajas, excitement, curiosity, insecurity etc, when you attribute all this to time, it is called as future.

Past or future exists based on your quality or restlessness or dumbness, inertness. Based on the quality you attribute, you live in the past or future. If you are in restful awareness, you live in the present.

Time, in all 3 dimensions if its understood, your life will be extra ordinary.

There is no time. Even when you are not Enlightened, you are not bound by any of the 3 Times. Just sit with this great truth. You are beyond time, no time binds you.

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(Discourse Day 3)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-173Sutra, 4Chapter, 11Verse

Hetu phala ashraya alambanaih sangrihitatvat esham abhave tad abhavah

At San Jose, Kum Kum has appeared on the Meeru. At Atlanta, honey, kumkum, sandalwood powder has appeared in both paadukas.

I want to define you clearly the math of the Macrocosm and the math of the Microcosm. The Spectrum of understanding, means grasping the mind, Planning; the Spectrum of action - working; when the spectrum of planning does not look back to the spectrum of action, the excess heat produced by the spectrum of planning becomes akamya karma, unused.

I told a Bramachari, unclutch before you start talking, before you start eating and before you go to bed. He decided to unclutch the whole day. He didnt practice it for more than 3 days. The spectrum of planning did not take the spectrum of action into consideration. The spectrum of action should be raised to the spectrum of planning. Otherwise its just accumulation of desire, Akamya Karma.

Take the Spectrum of action into consideration. When your spectrum of visualization is functioning, the math of the microcosm is taking the spectrum of action into consideration when the spectrum of visualization is functioning.

After a certain level, when you bring the Spectrum of Visualization and the Spectrum of Action to the same level, what ever you think does not need to be done only by your body. 1000s of people will gather around you to fulfill it. That is the Avataric mission. So many personalities who love to be in my frequency gather and stay around me.

Now I need to express in the math of the macrocosm. Microcosm is the level in which the disciple needs to function, how the karma of you need to be expanded.

The math of the macrocosm. In my level, I should not consider the ability to work, the ability to create should be exploding. In the macrocosm, the spectrum of action simply rushes to the spectrum of Visualization. That is what is Sathya Sankalpha. Sanchitha Karma. This is also Karma. But just like a casual breeze, it happens, doesnt bind in any way. Leelas are recorded as Puranas. Puranas are not a myth. It is the math of the Macrocosm.

The sanchitha which does not bind a person is called Leela. Krishna was doing so many miracles. This does not become the sanchitha of Krishna. He has no will, no sankalpa, only playful Leela. Without sanchitha, when the action spectrum rushes to fulfill its Leela (play).

Just sit with this one idea, how to raise my level of action to the level of planning.

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(Discourse Day 2)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-173Sutra, 4Chapter, 11Verse

Hetu phala ashraya alambanaih sangrihitatvat esham abhave tad abhavah

Both the diamonds materializing in Oman have been confirmed to be as originals. Today we will have Pearls and rudraksh!

First you need to look at religion with a straight understanding and intelligence. Unfortunately all the western organized religion was in the hands of autocrats. As a result of this, the distance between religion and mainstream life started. In the East, when we started imitating the west, we started looking at life and religion separately.

There is a oneliner that says Maths is a religion, not a science. All equations are like miracles. Its true, you take 2 numbers, put an equation and the 3rd number appears. How can you believe? In real life, it has an utility value. When you understand 2+2=4, many things become easy with that belief and you can understand many more laws, logic. Your life becomes much more easy based on this. Thats the same thing we tell in religion but you dont believe. Based on the utility value, you can believe.

Religious understandings are there to make life more live-able. The constitution of the cosmos comes from compassion. It is for life, not against life. So the law of life needs to be looked at, the way you look at Maths. Based on the utility value, you need to believe it. Mathematicians have made many theories and presentations. Same way inner scientists make many theories and presentations and make yoga sutras.

An incarnation is a person who comes to the the planet and shows in his very life. If some one else’s hand is fractured and you say its good karma, its very easy to say. Incarnations land to reveal all the great truths and the glamourous way they do it, it creates intense jealousy in certain others and they try to torture but fail. They only torture themselves.

The essence of today’s sutra is

Karma Theory is the math of the cosmos.

The highest updated sophisticated evolved living math is the master’s life. All great education cant happen through text books. You need to get the current science journal. Incarnations are the current spiritual journal. Master’s journal is the math of life, to create more understanding to people. He is the math of the macrocosm and he is the cosmetic of the cosmos. The math of the macrocosm, when it is expressed, catch it. It raises your awareness. It raises your consciousness.

Sitting and unclutching in the presence of the master will just upgrade your software. Its like catching up, a new version. Sit and unclutch, you will catch the math of the macrocosm. When you catch the math of the macrocosm, you become the cosmetic of the cosmos.

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(Sunday Message)

The science of Teleportation - All objects are energy particles. It can be dismantled and assembled again by the same energy as the whole base remains as energy.

So what is the benefit to humanity. When some one receives teleported material in the hand or sits in the place where it happens, the whole place vibrates with the energy.

If A is the teleporter, B is the object being teleported, C is the person receiving the object, then B & C vibrate in the same place as A. Only then B disappears & appears in C. The whole body vibrates in the higher frequency, thats the big thing. The object being teleported is not important.

The object being teleported itself does not matter but the vibration of the Teleportation is something extra ordinary. Dismantling and assembling can happen only in Hiranya Garbha, the cosmic womb. So when I do teleportation, this whole area becomes the Hiranya Garbha, the intense presence of the Universal Mother, the Divine Feminine Consciousness, your mind and body also goes through an amazing transformation by sitting in the mother’s womb.

You dont have to put much effort, just start living. If somebody’s presence is melting diamonds, cant he melt the mud in your brain. What ever he utters is in your interest, only your mind is the impediment. What ever I am saying, your independent, intelligent, self-effulgent self will experience that.

All the positive things of the experience will start expressing in your life. All you need to do is to make a decision to vote for what I am saying. You will realize suddenly that this is your very muscle memory, you are fighting foolishly with it.

If you just sit in the presence of the master’s face, your brain will pick up several extra ordinary capabilities. To make them available to you, I have designed this Hi-Tech course. They will spend one month here and every morning, they will sit with me, their non-mechanical parts will be awakened, for worldly and social success.

The Teleportation or Materialization is directly useful because of the highest frequency in which the happenings are happening, in which you are there. The energy field where all this happens,if you are sitting there, even if the material is not teleported to you, the information teleportation happens. You may not receive the kum kum etc but you you will receive the information i am sending.

Your body is like a computer, just the software, see how I programmed my own body, without pain. I heat up your body and utter the words and the program happens when the heat is felt. At Oman, already Rudraksh has materialized. You may not have received it, but the information. Sometimes, when I talk to people, I see that they dont even want to live. Its like selling the eyes to buy a painting or selling your legs to learn dancing. Its foolishness.

Live life. There are 101 great truths which I dont express verbally which get into your system. The Teleportation of Information happens, that is the benefit of Materialization and Teleportation for humanity.




Patanjali Yoga Sutras-173Sutra, 4Chapter, 11Verse

Hetu phala ashraya alambanaih sangrihitatvat esham abhave tad abhavah

Can Enlightenment dissolve all karmas? Yes, it dissolves all karmas. With a complicated fractured hand, sitting on the throne, I am telling you! You may ask, then what are you going through here?

Understand, Fan rotating by electricity is different from a leaf flying in the breeze. When a fan rotates by electricity, it goes through wear and tear. It has action, reaction etc. When the leaf flies, it looks like its moving, but the leaf has no karma.

There are only three kinds of people in the world

1) Those who dont experience the truth caught in Karma always, like some of our ex disciples. When they are caught in some suffering, they will think that they have the karma of abusing the master. At other times, they may think that it may not be the case.

2) Those who dont believe in Karma at all. Atheists.

3) Those who are experientially beyond the suffering of Karma

The first group sometimes believes in Karma but are caught in a cycle.

The second group doesnt believe in Karma but are still caught in the cycle and the suffering brought about by Karma.

The third group is beyond Karma or the suffering caused by Karma.

Enlightenment completely solves all Karma.

Being bound together as cause and effect, the effect disappears with the disappearance of causes.

Just yesterday, I was telling this to the Brahmacharis who were serving me. We were watching the surgery on my hand and the rough way they were moving the bone. I told them Shariram Rogamayam-The body is suffering. When we had the chance to get this body once, before it gets destroyed, get Enlightened. The cause that caused this body, let the cause disappear, the effect will disappear.

We know that the Human body you have has some cause, very clearly, consciously, unclutch from it. The cause should be unclutched. Unless you unclutch from the cause, the effect continues. Sometimes even if you take up a great cause, the ripple effect may be felt by others as a bad cause.

From my own experience, when I was given the anaesthesia, (which has the truth serum chemical in it), all the truth people cant logically think and build as words, come out. So, when my disciples stood and asked, how are you? I started saying I have no pain. I was not consciously aware (of what I was talking). Then, I said, Meenakshi’s body also, same place, same reason, I had the same fracture. Then I said, 3 times I came in the human body.

When you take up Meenakshi’s bio memory and take up the body and the intense energy, even the incidents repeat. Now Im sure that tremendous Meenakshi’s energy will express through this body.

I myself did not have a cause to create this body. The Jagath Janani, mother of the cosmos, Meenakshi melted and created this body. What ever happens will be auspicious but for the people around, it may look like Karma.

Patanjali talks about the reason, the cause. Till the cause exists, the effect will be there. Till you unclutch from all the causes of your body’s creation, it will be there. I feel this Meenakshi’s bio memory will be such an inevitable major expression of my life from now, auspicious expression of my life from now, this has put up with this small fracture, you put up with the delivery pain for the sake of the baby. The delivery of Meenakshi’s biomemory is happening now.

Really I tell you, promise on Meenakshi itself, I did not know Meenakshi had a fracture for the same reason, till the surgery itself. Only when others told me, I knew. it was not there in my knowledge spectrum. Truth comes out by itself at the proper time.

Very intensely Meenakshi’s spectrum is going to express everywhere. Let Meenakshi’s presence intensely radiate and give kumkum to all the satsang centers. If what I said is true, Meenakshi having a fracture, let Meenakshi’s presence express itself and kumkum appear. I can see the whole picture. So everything looks auspicious to me.

The essence, the sacred secrets in today sutra are

Unless cause is dismantled, effect can not be dismantled.

There are three kinds of people

1) Those who believe in cause & effect in an on, off, way.

2) Those who dont believe in cause & effect

3) Those who are above cause & effect.

These are like 3 spectrums, 3 levels of people. Sometimes, people experience different levels.

Human body is suffering. When you have the human body, dont miss the chance to be unclutched from it. Find out the cause for the Human body and unclutch from it.



The lessons to be learnt from this whole thing. The lessons I lived and the lessons all can pick up.

The questions I am asked are - Why did Swamiji get into the horse? What is the need?!

Life is not supposed to be like you wake up in the same bed every day, walk into the same room and do the same things. So I also though why not pick up horse riding. It was going well, morning and evening. On that day, the horse got excited because of the music and the cheering.

The moment I fell, the first thing I told is I am OK, dont worry. Then, I told them there is a fracture and lets do what ever is necessary. At 7am I fell down and at 2:30pm they did the surgery. Its a compound fracture. I did not have any pain (there were no pain killers or anything taken till the surgery).

The fracture did not cause any problem in my body. It is these medicines, antibiotics and anesthesia that has caused the problem. (Now Swamiji has little cold).

The whole thing is video recorded. Doctors say it must be excruciating pain, with the bone coming out of the skin, the two bones are fractured and there are 2 or 3 pieces.

Why no pain? I didnt look back. What ever happening is a time shaft. Time shaft should not be looked back, no post-mortem. Either look at the time with complete acceptance or gratitude. I looked at Kala Bhairava (Time) only with gratitude.

Kala Bairava is Guru. Life is a Guru. Dont look at life with a ‘why.’ A ‘why’ towards life always brings suffering. ‘Why,’ ‘if,’ and ‘wife!!,’ all 3 bring suffering! ‘Why’ doesnt give answers. It gives only more and more suffering. So look at life with either complete acceptance or gratitude.

I requested the doctors to do the surgery without anaesthesia so that I can see what is happening but they were scared. One of the medicines given for the anesthesia during the surgery is like a truth serum. So I was talking that in Meenakshi’s body also I had the same fracture in the same place (on the hand) during the same horse riding! We have to dig up Meenakshi purana and check. Sometimes when incarnations go through these things, they dont record.

Doctors who did the surgery said that even in anesthesia, people moan and groan because they have to pull the hand to set it. After one year, I have to do one more surgery, to remove the plates, bolts and screw. There are 2 plates with 8 screws. But I will teleport the plates, bolts and screws!

When they drilled, the only thing I was telling is Namashivaya. Doctors have said that they have never seen a patient who had no moaning or groaning through the whole thing. Maybe tomorrow we will upload the whole thing.

Lessons from this - Its a great experience for me, so I will give you the Prasad!

Never go through life, Kala Bhairava, Guru (when life is intensely teaching you, its a Guru) with a ‘why,’ always go with total acceptance or gratitude. Learn this one lesson.

Yesterday, they removed one piece of bone from my body, that piece also I will teleport!

Sri Priyan, today I am teleporting a diamond for you. Wear it in a ring. Its a birthday gift!

No ‘WHY’ to life, only acceptance or deep gratitude.

No discourse on 14th, 15th and 16th June 2011



(Discourse Day 4)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-172Sutra, 4Chapter, 10Verse

tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatvat

Today is Venkateshwara's Narasimha avatar, the form of a lion to destroy all the demons.

I saw the video of Nithya Devi receiving rudraksha, very casually, its become a casual thing!

Today we will work on some more teleportation and materialization. For Ma Niranthara, kum kum is appearing from the ears.

172Sutra, 4Chapter, 10Verse

tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatva

I’ll try to give the understanding of karma in the different spectrums of your consciousness. In different spectrums karma means different things.

Gemstone has now appeared in Oman in the open palms. Its a diamond. Now the diamonds which were not there in Arunachala's forehead (at the temple in Thiruvannamalai) will be there, 14 diamonds were missing, all 14 will be fixed. Diamond travelling is one of the biggest things.

How in different spectrums different levels of understanding of karma exists and how in different levels it affects you. Let me give my own example.

Coincidentally today is the one year after I was released. 1st anniversary of the illegal imprisonment. Today morning, when I went to the temple I looked back, there is no suffering or wound or hurt in me. Because I exist in a different spectrum, there is no suffering but the fellows who created the conspiracy, who had so much of anger violence, strong 2G suffering is going on!

They are carrying the anger, violence, conspiring mentality,they will be suffering for it because the action based on violence can happen only in low spectrum and is natural in that spectrum, the tremendous suffering kick back comes back with kick back money.

When your spectrum goes higher, when your conscious spectrum goes higher and higher, your actions and reactions become more and more sensitive, evolved spiritual consciousness. It does not kick you back, it does not bring you suffering.

When your spectrum is low, your actions also will be based on violence, your reactions will be suffering. When your spectrum is high, your actions will be based on highly evolved consciousness, your reactions will not be suffering. Because I did not have the violence, i did not have the suffering also.

I tell you if you are in the lower spectrum, even you cant fight with your own violence, so the only way to live is to raise your spectrum. From the low spectrum, if you are having violence, suffering, dont take any action, dont move your body with it. Whenever you move, your body with any mood, that mood becomes biomemory. If any memory moves your body, it becomes your biomemory. You strengthen it.

In 1G spectrum, all movements are made of simple ignorance, you dont even know why you move, that’s the 1st level consciousness, coolies rowdies who go and kill people for money. Why they are doing, even they dont have an idea. They will be in prison, they wont even enjoy the money.

2G spectrum-working out of anger, just no reason, even if I loose something I dont care, he should not have it. Just violence based mental setup. Even if there is no gain, I’ll see to it that he is destroyed, that is the 2G mentality.

3G works based on fear, just to protect me, I should do all this.

4G is based on greed, for my expansion i will do all this.

5G what is based on intuition, based on what is good for me and all around me

6G working for the Prarabhta, for which the body was taken, I brought them down to exhaust them

7g Actions without engrams, actions of an enlightened being which neither binds him or touches him, from the pure space.

Now look into yourself, every day how your actions are. Mark every action, from which spectrum many of your actions, reactions happen.

Unless you take accounts, you dont know whether you are running in loss or profit. Unless you take spiritual accounts, you wont know whether you are growing or not.

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(Discourse Day 3)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-172Sutra, 4Chapter, 10Verse

tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatvat

Malaysia honey is continously flowing from my moorthy, Venkateshwara is in mohini form, he took this form to give the nectar to the Devas by distracting the Asuras.

At Oman, kumkum and honey are appearing in nithyadevi's hands. Already Krishnananda has started getting viboothi

Just like a country functions with certain laws, cosmos functions with certain laws, not knowing the law of the country cant be an excuse for not following the laws. You are expected to know the laws and abide by it. Same way, not knowing the law of the cosmos can’t be an excuse. Every human being in the planet earth is expected to know the cosmic laws and align your life with it.

If you know the law of the land and align your life to it, the country's infrastructure will support you. If you are not aligned, then unexpected calamities can arise.

You are the ambition of the cosmos, your fulfilment is a joint venture between the universe and you.

The whole cosmos is waiting to fulfill itself through you. Your ambition is the ambition of the cosmos. The biggest problem is when you dont know the laws of the cosmos, the universe tries to align itself with you, its a signal sent by the universe to align yourself with it.

The law of the cosmos is what we call law of karma. The word karma should be understood from its multi dimensions, as a noun, verb, mystical system as a functioning method. In every dimension if karma is understood, life becomes much more alive, positive, experiential and centered.

Karma is not just the simple theory which you learn from the household-if you do good, good will happen etc. That is only an introduction. Unfortunately, we stopped with the introduction, we dont explore the deeper enlightening aspects of karma.

I want to describe exactly the idea of karma. Karma is the law with which cosmos functions.Cosmos is not a sadist, it does not expect you just to learn, it has already programmed you according to the law of the universe, all you need to know is understand and realign.

One of the important secrets of the Law of Karma is, being stable with the capacity, the ability and inability of your personality. When you know what you can do and cant do, the very spectrum of your consciousness raises to a different frequency. It is very difficult to show others something more than what you are.

If you have 10 capacities and you start to promote 25 capacities, after a while, you yourself wont know which are the 10 you have and the 15 you added. Personality confusion, by and by you forget what your original capabilities and what you added.

Be clear with what you can do and cant do, you will raise yourself. Align all your words, actions, planing with that, thats the basic understanding of Karma.

The 2nd sacred secret you need to know of karma is - the actions you perform does not come back to your life as a quantity but by a quality of the actions you picked up. eg. somebody is continuously stealing, as per cosmic law, the punishment will be based on the habit of stealing that gets built in your system. When the habit gets built, the unconscious mental setup you acquire, brings you deeper and deeper problems.

A man who catches the law of the universe, who attunes himself with the Law of the Universe, who connects himself with the Law of the Universe, the universe opens all its mysteries to you.

I just understood the law of the universe and the universe opens up all its secrets.

Take this one great sutra and do samyama.

Will yourself that you will be in tune with the cosmos, let me be connected by this whole universe, let the universe experience itself through me, in all dimensions let the fulfillment of the universe be experienced in me and let me experience fulfillment in the universe. Just create a strong will to connect to the universal law. Let this understanding of the sacred secret happen in all of you.

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(Discourse Day 2)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-172Sutra, 4Chapter, 10Verse

tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatvat

4th day of venkateshwara brahmotsava

Yesterday rudraksh got materialized in anandadeshwari's hand. Senathipathi's puja room in seatle, rudraksha without hole materialized. unprocessed rudraksh, its from the new batch i had sent. At Malaysia viboothi is is getting materialized in Ma Niranthara's hand. Raw camphor is appearing on Venkateshwara's forehead at Oman

Within these brahmotsava days, my locket is going to be teleported. It is just there in my room, no body knows the shape also, that is going to be teleported. Yesterday Ma Krishnanada received kumkum in her hand.


First thing you need to understand, existing and desire to exist are one and the same. Desire and existing are one and the same. You may think, I have a desire to have a billion, why is it not existing, please understand, any desire which is from your existence becomes existence.

One by one understand, I’ll take you step by step. First, you exist from the source of life. Desire to exist is from the same source and desire to expand is also from the same source, any authentic honest desire to expand becomes existence just like you exist. then how come many of our desires dont get fulfilled.

Your existence is in 7g spectrum, you are in 2 g spectrum. You are ready to bargain, your own existence is playing with you when your existence and your desire to exist and your desire to expand vibrates in the same freq, your desire to expand becomes existence.

Thousands of questions related to why my desires are not fulfilled. All these will be cleared. I’m giving the vedic life view of desire. Desire is the major conflict for all. Not understanding desire. You need to understand desire and divert your energy to that desire.

First, are desires wrong? No, the desires of your own spectrum are not wrong. For eg. You exist in some space, but your desires are in lower spectrum, even then I’m not saying that the lower level spectrum is wrong, because at some point if you need to choose between your existence and your desire, if your desires are at lower spectrum, you will compromise with it.

Anything that is not fulfilled will create a conflict in you. I am entering into the physics of desire.

A Harvard scientist came here. She was telling me. As of now, the science has reached only the level of teleporting information. Certain atoms are loaded with some information, its made to vibrate at a special frequency, abc are connected and b disappears and appears in c.

She said-What you are doing is completely beyond science which has nothing near this even for imagining.

She made an important statement. When the dna gets teleported, after dismantling and assembling, not only all the desires and information are teleported, when the dismantling and assembly happens, the information is getting arranged very intelligently. When you die and take birth, you become more intelligent as you are now updated. Same way, if your desires are not fulfilled, your mind breaks, its equivalent to one death and rebirth.

eg. You had a desire to marry some one, unfortunately the person got married to some one and is not available to you. You have to marry some one, when the desire breaks unfulfilled, its equivalent to one death, you create a new life. All the intelligence you received by cherishing that desire and not getting fulfilled, is part of your desire. Only thing, if you are not willing to hide it in the secret deep consciousness, then that intelligence is not available to you. But if you are ready to face it with awareness, then that intelligence becomes a basic cognisance for you in your day to day decision making process.

Anything that has become as a basic cognisance process will not stay in you as a dead weight, which is responsible for depression, mental cancers, which can destroy your very balance to exist.

The sources of our mental cancer is the unfaced authentic experiences of life. I am opening up a new spectrum, so many ends are untied. You need to sit and contemplate, then it will lead you to complete enlightenment.

What ever ideas I’m revealing, see this discourse once more and have vadha prathiba once more. Then you will realize many untied corners will become clear.

Information disappearing and appearing is death and birth. Same way a product disappearing in my breathing space is a death and birth.

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras- 172Sutra, 4Chapter, 10Verse

tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatvat

Today is the 3rd day of Venkateshwara Brahmotsava celebrating the presence of Venkateshwara, Vishnu, the God of Wealth and Maintenance.

Yesterday we did the materialization in open hands. Rudrakshas in Malaysia and Oman. Now in Oman, Kumkum and honey are happening continuously. Viboothy has started appearing in Malaysia

tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatvat

Existing being eternal, the expression to expand is also eternal.

The sacred secret is - the desire to exist is not something separate from existing. Sat chit ananada - existing is sat, knowing that you exist is chit, celebrating your existing is ananda.

Existing, Sat is eternal. Because it is eternal, the desire to expand is also eternal. The desire to expand is not a crime. The desire to expand by abusing or destroying others is a crime.

Expansion is not crime. Desire to exist is not a crime. Desire to expand is not a crime, as desire is eternal because existence is eternal.

This sutra solves one of the important problems of physics, the continuous expansion of the universe.Existence means expansion. Anything that exists expands. Anything expands exists. So if you have the desire to exist and the desire to expand, it is not a crime.

That is why Venkateshwara is the God of wealth. The desire to have wealth is not a crime. If it is a crime, then why Venkateshwara will be the embodiment of Wealth? Devil would have been the embodiment of wealth! No. In Vedic tradition, Venkateshwara is the embodiment of wealth. Desire to create, desire to expand is not crime. Desire to grab is crime.

Understand these few sacred secrets. First, By nature, you are eternal, your existence is eternal, your desires are eternal. In what ever direction you want to expand, you are going to be expanding. So, all you need to do is not destroy your desires, channel the desires in the direction you want by not grabbing from others or by abusing others.

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I am sitting on Patanjali’s sesha vahana (the snake hood throne) but since our servers are not fully up yet, I am not able to talk on Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

Yesterday we did a research on the effects of Kundalini Awakening. We first hooked one of our Brahmacharinis Ma Nithya Supriyananda to a remote controlled EEG machine. The doctor who did this study Dr. Kanak Panday has 26 years of experience as a behavioral psychological consultant with various reputed industrial and business concerns. She is trained and certified on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) from the Hongkong Institute of EMDR. She is trained and certified in Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and QEEG (Quantitative EEG) from USA. She is:
- an international affiliate of American Psychological Association (APA)
- member and a certified trainer of LMI international
- member of Indian Psychological Association
- member of Psycho-Linguistic Association of India
- member of International Society for Neuronal Regulation (ISNR)
- founder member of Indian Chapter of ISNR

The first thing she said is - I have never seen anything like this in my 26 years of experience in this field.

The 1st study was taken normally when her brain was working and when the Kundalini was awakened. At the exact moment, the awakened state is deeply expressed. The deep sleep state is also deeply expressed. The measurements go below 1, 0.4 etc. That means no outer world process is happening in her.

In the wakeful state, something extra ordinary was discovered. The energy level measured is not 1000% but 1000 times more.

She was shocked seeing this. She said I am happy I met you now because soon you are going to be too popular. I said I’m too popular now also but for the wrong reasons!

We also saw how the instruction is processed by the brain. 1st, my instruction is processed in the brain. The brain is being convinced and then the expression starts happening. Very clearly this is expressed in the study.

We tested this on a new staff also. When I stood near him, the same level of energy happened. To check this, the doctor stood next to him but nothing happened! The coming IA, we will do a lot more researches.

Patanjali mentions at least 3 to 4 points for enlightenment. Now for the first time, we have recorded them as medical evidence. This proves 2 things for Ma Nithya Supriyananda. She just needs the final touch, the key to go into Samadhi on her own without my presence. We can give her a Certificate of Enlightenment. We can prove all the descriptions of Enlightenment by Patanjali scientifically.

In the brain is something is recorded, it should have happened 1 year before in the mind because it takes 1 year to reach from the mind to the brain grooves. You dont need to accept anything by faith anymore.

The doctor said that even if you can do this for 10 people, its a great service to humanity, you are curing psychosomatic diseases without any intervention. She will write a detailed article soon.

07 JUNE 2011


Today we inaugurate the Venkateshwara Brahmotsava. We will celebrate Venkateshwara Brahmotsava for 15 days. All will experience the intense presence of Venkateshwara and all the auspiciousness things of Venkateshwara.

Padukas and Deities will receive thulasi beads and raw camphor powder. Today I’ll say a few words on Venkateshwara.

Venkateshwara is one of the most powerful modern day incarnations, Kaliyuga incarnation. Vishnu came down to Seshadhri and Boodevi took birth as Badmavathi and stayed for 200 years and created a beautiful kingdom blessing the people with wealth and health and finally decided to stand in Thirumalla. The moorthy at Thirumalla is his very body turned into stone, thats why its a life size moorthy, the incarnation to receive the devotees worship, showering wealth, health and all the spiritual blessings.

Now I invoke his presence here and in all the satsang centers. All of us will receive raw camphor, from tomorrow the teleportation will be wealth, not exactly teleportation, wealth will be his prasadha.

Just sit for a few minutes and remember the presence of Venkateshwara. Now you will receive his prasadha. Let his auspicious presence be felt in all our centers.



At Pancha Tapas today, I had a strong revelation. Suddenly I was feeling, I am sitting inside the fire, what am I doing it for. Then I started scanning-maybe for the world, then what is the meaning of the world, this whole flow of life in me, do you love a language, am I loving the Vedic Tradition and people?

Then, I looked, in, in, in.. what is it that is making me run. I saw that my love is with human beings. I just want to upgrade the consciousness of Human Beings.

I want all our disciples to know this -

Upgrading the consciousness level of Human beings; everything else is for that purpose, the Vedic tradition, temples, Pujas, Homas, Organization etc

In the end, if I ask the answer to myself, the answer to - what do I mean by my love-I realized its the upgrading the consciousness.

Then I saw, what if they dont any Enlightenment? will my love be suffocating them? I saw that every human being wants Enlightenment. But their engrams are such that they may realize it very late.

It was a joy to know that I dont have a conditioning, even the joy for the Vedic Tradition is for upgrading the consciousness, as a suitable lifestyle, through this if I teach, more people will be interested.

It was also such a joy to know the automatic aligning system. I thought I might be a little biased with other religions. I found that I was not, its a simple love for upgrading. I just felt that the Vedic system is the best to get there. No system is 100% fool proof but the Vedic Tradition has the maximum fool proof system.

Just meditate on this one truth. I love the whole universe, without any distinctions between countries, states, languages, communities, religions and all other narrow minded divisions. Meditate and I will radiate exactly what was happening to me during Pancha Tapas.

This love is an extra ordinary energy. It can make miracles and extra ordinary experiences to happen in you.


SCIENCE OF eN KRIYA (4-7th step)

Sunday discourse

Last Sunday I expanded first three steps. 4th step you need little more understanding.

Kriya is an action which leads you beyond action. Not laziness. Usually in all human beings, because you are trained so strongly towards the outer world, you are constantly diverted towards the outer world. It is unfortunate all your energy is wasted. By nature your energy is circular. But society makes it linear, going out, never comes back.

I wanted all of you to know that your senses are not outwardly. Society teaches you only that dimension. It never teaches to go inwards. 80%your eyes is wasted. Whenever not required shut your eyes. While your driver is driving, close your eyes.

Whenever not required, shut your mouth. Toughest system for Yoga is cessation of words. Infuse silence. Unfortunately we never understand that constantly our bio memory and muscle memory gets exhausted by misuse, abuse and extra usage of senses. When you dont need, keep your mouth shut, eyes shut. That itself will save so much energy.

I want all of our disciples to know that 4th step of eN Kriya is about not wasting energy. Most of us are wasting our energy. Nothing in the outer world, nothing in the inner world. Disrespecting and wasting life. Don’t do it.

Let all your action create either outward or inward wealth. Let it be conscious. The energy will simply create your system. All your action and reaction should be a concentrated effort of either outer or inner world wealth. Let there be no abusal or wastage of life.

I have seen many lazy fellows roaming in the Himalayas in the name of being a Sadhu. I want all our disciples to know - all your energy should be constantly functioning for either inner world wealth or outer world wealth. Inner world- compassion love, beautiful world. Outward wealth –created wealth. Not swindled wealth. Constantly create and experience wealth. If you are engaged in these two, then you are a Karma Yoga.

In 4th step I am making the energy as circular. Energy should not be going out constantly it should be redirected inward. That is the reason I am asking to get into Shambavi mudra. Thumb on the ear, index and middle fingers on eyes. Hold your breath till you really cant hold on anymore and then stop. Just open the nostrils and allow the body to balance itself and repeat. Press your fingers and palm with intense intentions and hit your root chakra (Mooladhar chakra) where your kundalini is sleeping so that it awakens a cycle of energy happening in you. There should not be any leakage in you. Divert the whole energy inside. When you feel that you cant hold the breath anymore, then stop, allow the breathing to balance itself by opening the nostril. This process can lead to the awakening of the non-mechanical parts of the brain. This should be done at least 21 times.

5th Part - Humming - is to digest all the energy that is awakened in you. It should get converted and become part of your biomemory and muscle memory.

6th part - Face towards the Bidadi Banyan tree, kneel down with your hands and palms up, absorb the energy and when the energy is filled in you, kneel down with your palm on the earth and surrender or release the energy to mother earth.

What is the significance of facing the Bidadi banyan tree. The Bidadi banyan tree is used as an energy satellite to send intense enrgy to all of you and to receive all your prayers. Even the teleporting materials you are receiving, they first become energy, then reach the Bidadi banyan tree, then comes to my Ananda Gandha and then reaches the disciples or deity.

We have already ordered the equipments to scan and show this scientifically, the object moving through my Ananda Gandha and entering the disciples Ananda Gandha and getting materialized.

The Divine Energy uses the Bidadi Banyan tree as an Energy center. It is a Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling divine tree). If it is a Kalpavriksha, then in at least 10 places around the world, the banyan tree seed will appear. It is a powerful energy center. It is a substitute for a living master. What ever can happen to you in the presence of the Living master, it can happen in the presence of the Bidadi Banyan Tree. That is why I am asking you to face towards it.

When the energy is filled in you, release it and surrender it to the earth. when you surrender to the earth, all your impurity will be cleaned. Till then, go on renouncing. It will just fill you.

Dont become egoistic by the powers that are awakened in you. Again and again surrender to the master,

Understand when the energy is diverted and reconnected, it will go on being rebuilt, the intensity gets built. Leave all the glory to the Divine/Cosmos. Take my example I don’t get egoistic. I just say it is okay, it is happening. More and more energy expressions will start happening to you if you surrender. You will become pure ecstasy and joy. Be un-clutched.

If it comes once and stops, that means you have become clutched. Just surrender to the energy.

It is the surrender that makes Shakthi into Buddhi. That is why the 6th step surrendering.

7th Step: Sit in Master’s presence & connecting to the Master.

Intense Kundalini awakening happens. Soon, who ever does eN-Kirya it will happen to them. It will directly show you the power of connecting with the Master.

Lets start the eN Kriya.



Patanjali Yoga Sutras-171Sutra, 4Chapter, 9Verse

Jati desha kala vyavahitanam apy antaryam smriti sanskarayoh ekarupatvat

Oman, Honey has materialized on Nithya Devi.Ma Niranthara from Malaysia, lots of viboothi is appearing on her head. At our Davangare center lots of Viboothi, Kumkum in photos and 2 rudrakshas materialized yesterday. When I went there recently I blessed him.

Patanjali gives another big breakthrough with this sutra. Let me give you the basic understanding. The memory and the experience you go through in the actual action, like if you eat a certain sweet or you sit and visualize eating it, both create the same effect in your system. This truth doesnt need to be believed as a religious but as a scientific fact.

Both actions and memory create the same reaction in a person. Many deep thorough studies prove that the action and the impressions of the action create the same effect in your system.Many times we consider the memory or fantasy as a simple thing. It is not.

The 2nd simple plain understanding - whether you are in this body your body is going to change or be in a different place and time, the cause and effect, action and impression, this condition is going to be there till you break it. The habit of responding to a certain situation in a certain way remains with you. Samskaras come with you.

3rd very important understanding - change of species. When you were in the fish body, you fought with your partner and divorced, next you became a pig and carried on in the same way and even in the human body, only you need to go to court now! Time is not going to heal.

Time can make you forget, not heal. Anything forgotten is like a sleeping volcano. A sleeping volcano is more dangerous than a live volcano. Same way, a forgotten but not healed engram is dangerous. Time can make you forget, you wont suffer in guilt but that doesnt mean you are healed.

You can never be free of any problem changing any of these three-time, space or species. All three wont help you. Patanjali is very clear about it. Jati - genus, species; Desha - locus, space; Kala - Time. Do not try to experience freedom even from simple situations by changing the place, time, situation or your body because all these 4 wont stop the connection between the action and your memory.

The only way is unclutching with tremendous perseverance. Otherwise, it will get back to you in much bigger state. All solutions happen with unclutching with perseverance.

The complete discourse can be downloaded soon at



Patanjali Yoga Sutras-170Sutra, 4Chapter, 8Verse

Tatah tad vipaka anugnanam eva abhivyaktih vasananam

It is very important to know that the body you create plays a major role in the life structure you are going to have. That is why again and again our tradition says that the parents should have higher consciousness before the child is born because the biomemory is going to play a major role. The mother should be happy when she is pregnant.

A person with arthritis should continuously experience the pain till he mentally decides to alter it. The person with wheezing trouble has to suffer to suffocate in the body till he decides to break free from the disease. If you have inherited arthritis or asthma, diabetes, the common diseases people inherit, we dont inherit just the physical disorder, we inherit the mental set up.

Anyone who has inherited, for 3 months intensely work with the body, only body related, visualize you are the Brahman of your own body, you will just clear away your bio memory.

Karma has a possibility, Praraptha has a possibility, Transformation has a possibility. We need to understand it as a possibility. Then you will be inspired to create the right possibility.

Do not work on the mind for transformation. First work on the body. 1st condition is infuse silence, take care

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I wanted all of you to know that your senses are not outwardly. Society teaches you only that dimension. It never teaches to go inwards. 80%your eyes is wasted. Whenever not required shut your eyes. While your driver is driving, close your eyes.

Whenever not required, shut your mouth. Toughest system for Yoga is cessation of words. Infuse silence. Unfortunately we never understand that constantly our bio memory and muscle memory gets exhausted by misuse, abuse and extra usage of senses. When you dont need, keep your mouth shut, eyes shut. That itself will save so much energy.

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When I wanted to travel to different places after Kupamal inspired me, she gave me a root of particular plant and told when ever I am hungry just rub the herb on the stomach or the liver area. I used that herb from 12 years to 22, till I settled back to my body. Jan 1 2002 that was the time when I was revealed my mission and equipped to carry out the mission. Every time I rub the herb, my hunger disappeared
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If you start your life from mood of Not having you will not create wealth, you will grab wealth !
If you start your life from mood of feeling Blessed, you will Create wealth ! not grab wealth. There is a big difference !

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Why do you desire? Because you do not feel the Cosmos is constantly supporting you.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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It's a very important truth but need to be learnt only when you are really mature in spiritual practice. In the initial level, these words are not going to make a big difference in your life because it says even when the celestial beings come and tempt you with pleasures, dont be seduced. Ultimately it will be really useful when you reach that point. This advice will really be useful when you reach that level. You are going to reach that level. One of the subtle intoxication you experience is when people praise you. Vivekananda says its very easy to have name and fame but very difficult to digest it. This advice is when you start experiencing different planes , understand celestial beings do appear you, invite you and praise you, but the moment you connect with them, slowly slowly you get into the mental set up of the celestial beings and land back into the ordinary plane. As long as you see something other than you as the ultimate, it is not ultimate. Anything you go through is only the path

On Patanjali Yoga Sutras - 158sutra 3Chapter 52Verse

sthany upa nimantrane sanga smaya akaranam punar anishta prasangat


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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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It's a very important truth but need to be learnt only when you are really mature in spiritual practice. In the initial level, these words are not going to make a big difference in your life because it says even when the celestial beings come and tempt you with pleasures, don't be seduced. Ultimately it will be really useful when you reach that point.

On Patanjali Yoga Sutras - 158sutra 3Chapter 52Verse

sthany upa nimantrane sanga smaya akaranam punar anishta prasangat


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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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The individual soul merges into the Cosmic Soul the moment it remembers its Larger Identity, that's all !

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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REALITY reveals it's Reality to you, when You are Interested in it.

....Just for the sake of Reality, not for any benefit it may bring !

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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On Sutra 150, Chapter 3, Verse 44
Bahir akalpita vrittih maha videha tatah prakasha avarana kshayah

Purusha is the pure light, Satva is the pure reflection where there is no conflict or dust. Purusha is what we call as God, Atman, Gurus’ energy, the source. The source from which everything originates, expresses itself, from which everything stays.The light (in front of me) can be considered as Purusha, the source; the mirror (held in my hand) is the body. The exact point of reflection of the light (on the mirror) where it falls, the area where it reflects, that is called satva, innermost reflection. The reflected light where it falls on the wall, is the world. If the reflection falls back on the source, its enlightenment.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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A man who is the citizen of the whole globe, intensely energetic, highly intelligent, with extraordinary love and compassion, with ultimate creativity. You may think, oh it feels like fantasy. I am here to give you the ultimate fantasy and to fulfill it. Not just give, to fulfill it.
Defining the word "New man"

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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All statistics again and again show that those who attend religious ceremonies and services regularly and contribute regularly to religious organizations are 3 times more richer than average people.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Unless you radiate grace, forget about being a yogi.Thats why all Paramahamsas are told not to wear only Safron. That is why the Upanishad's say that a Paramahamsa should be respected for the grace he radiates. A real yogi can never be disgraceful or disgraced. That is a powerful truth.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Loosening yourself from your body. You can use it for Enlightenment or to experience anything in life. When you are not interested in using a particular nervous system, a kind of loosening happens. For eg. if you have no interest in the nervous system related to eating, you can loosen yourself from that sense. The weight of the engraved memories related to eating will slowly leave your system.Consciously deciding and relaxing from particular pleasures, understandings and idea and consciously working and understanding engrams and nervous systems, loosens your connection with it.You can loosen yourself from the eyes, ears, taste, smell, touch, very easily. If you are able to loosen yourself from your body you can enter another body. But you need to know how to go out and come back into the body. You need to retain the umblical chord connection.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Ishwaratwa is a last step from where you can decide to be one with the cosmos and become enlightened. Its like a door step and disappear into Enlightenment, usually there is no danger of feeling down and become a bound being. Its like a non-return zone.You dont need to be afraid of being in Ishwaratwa. Some are afraid of this extra ordinary happening and decide that the normal day to day life is better and there is no need for higher experiences. Same way, if you are greedy for Ishwaratwa, you wont fall into Enlightenment.Then, what exactly should we be doing - practice everything and when Ishwaratwa comes, surrender everything to the cosmos. Taking it lightly is the right attitude. Neither fear nor greed should be maintained. If you are afraid of Ishwaratwa, you will be a bound being.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras
Sutra 143, Chapter 3, Verse 37
tatah pratibha sravana vedana adarsha asvada varta jayante

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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I'm telling in my life, not only have many people not given back, they even started negative campaigns against me. It did not stop my creativity, my expression has become even more intense, because i have learnt an important lesson, do not equate what you receive and what you give. If you are equating, you are going to destroy your expression.Any ordinary man in my place would have shut shop and gone to Himalayas or closed himself in.So understand the secret lesson from the young age, your creativity, productivity, offering to the universe can in no way be equated to what you get back. Unfortunately if you develop a hatred to what comes back, you stop living.When you have too much expectation and anger even towards God, you stop flowing.
On Achieving High Performance in Every Area of Life.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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What stops you from living fully, I can say the simple reason is nothing but simple laziness. What for, you sold your life to your boss. Dont be foolish, your life is not just a bargain. Your life is not given to your boss, dont you understand the foolishness in which you are caught.Just because your boss gives you ten thousand rupees, you stop your life by limiting your work. Do your duty, dont expect result. This statement is usually misinterpreted. Work intensely but understand what ever money comes is just for basic things.Money is like one system, one fuel, but unfortunately if you are stuck with that one fuel and trade your whole life, you are a fool. So dont stop delivering, dont stop thinking extra ordinarily, dont snub, dont abuse your creativity and your intense energy expressing, by your bargaining with the people who dont pay you more. This is one of the important mental set up to create wealth.

On Achieving High Performance in every Area of Life.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Think extra-ordinarily so that you can be in a space of no thinking. Understand, no thinking does not happen to people who are in dullness. Thinking is a water, it has to disappear by becoming steam not ice. Always ordinary people think thinking should disappear by becoming dull. No it has to disappear by extraordinary thinking. Awaken all dimensions of your life.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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If I have to give a basic qualification you need for living enlightenment, it will be a' high achiever.' Whether in body mind or soul, be a High Achiever. I dont mean by grabbing or looting others, be a high achiever in anything you do. If you are sweeping the floor, be a high achiever in that. Have tremendous curiosity to life.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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I will reveal the sacred secret on this sutra. The Sacred secret in this sutra is when ever you go through any intense experience like joy or suffering or peace or silence or awareness, just turn your consciousness to who is going through this experience. Ramana Maharishi finishes this in one line-just look at who is going through the experience.
On Patanjali Yoga Sutras
Sutra 142, Chapter 3, Verse 36

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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There are some people who experience all experiences in the head or face. Some go through all experiences only in the heart, some go through all in the stomach, for some the feeling is between the thighs.Very beautifully the upanishad declares, it does not say if you are born to a sudra father you are a sudra. It only says if all your energy is centered around the thighs you are a sudra.

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