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Brahmajna Ma

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Deeply absorbed within that place which is
Ever-existing, in dhyana sit
And sing unto your own Self your own song:
In that essence of bliss remain immersed
Looking at all the tricks of your own Self.
Yourself search for your own Self and then be
Enamored of yourself, taking firm stand
Yourself upon your own legs all the while.
There's no one that exists except your Self,
This samsar's nothing but a magic show;
You are the ocean playing with its waves.
Calming these waves seek your own Self and then
Turn back again to look at your own Self.
Being entrapped within the magic coils
Of nature's meshes you forgetful are.
Now, be acquainted with your real Self.
In thought invariable, the Atma you,
Devoid of every change by nature worked.
Be, then your Self, your own!

Real Bhaktas are those who do not pay heed to anything but God and do not even cast a glance at the enjoyment of sense objects.

Those are not real Bhaktas who pray to God to keep their enjoyments intact; it is such people who argue about the merits of knowledge and devotion.

The steadier one becomes, the more one realizes.

When awakened the bodily cravings die out by one’s immersion in the Bliss of the Self; and when by the continuous, undivided ‘I’ feeling the idea of separateness vanishes, the ego disappears.

Robert Q shared a Brahmajna Ma quote         SHARE URL

Brahmajna Ma

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When will man get peace and contentment?
Tell me what is the good of such a petty, narrow life?
Which never leaves room for feeling for the Universe?
The mind that feels for a small circle (i.e. relations) why does it not feel for the world at large? The mind, which takes a small circle as its own, why does it not consider the world as its own? The affection which is confined to a small circle, why does it not spread all over creation?
The sense of difference is the cause of all sorrows.

Self-knowledge will not down by mere study of books on religious science if one still remains in the darkness of
ignorance. Without Self-realization no one can ever be content. Self-realization is the only peace and contentment. Just think over and ascertain whether there is peace
and contentment in the state in which you now are or in what you are now doing.

You are a physician (the recipient of the letter), you treat others in their illness but have you treated yourself in your disease of birth and death? Engaged in the attempt of removing the insatiable desires of this small circle, what else are you doing? You are also gradually entering the jaws of death. There is no certainty when death will devour you. Even at this moment it may swallow you up.
I am surprised that you should be quite indifferent to this.

Think for once of the great illusion you are in. Instead of advancing sophistical arguments, argue with yourself and come to the right conclusion. By arguing with others no one can realize his own true nature, which is the Infinite.
Onlv after a fight with his desire for enjoyment and defeating it can a man realize his Self and shine as the Infinite.
You are living in a great illusion. Try to save yourself from the grip of the enchantress Expectation.

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