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"Nevertheless, the conclusion must be reached that He is pure intelligence and His consciousness is absolute and transcendental. Such is the consciousness-intelligence in purity, Absolute Being, the One Queen, Parameswari (Transcendental Goddess) overwhelming the three states and hence called Tripura. Though She is undivided whole the universe manifests in all its variety in Her, being reflected as it were, in a self-luminous mirror. The reflection cannot be apart from the mirror and is therefore one with it. Such being the case, there cannot be difference in degrees (e.g., Siva, or Vishnu being superior to each other). Bodies are mere conceptions in the lower order of beings and they are not to the point in the case of God.

Therefore, be wise, and worship the one pure, unblemished Transcendence.

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Let the body do what it likes. Thinking thus, I always abide in my own Self as the Perfect fountainhead of Bliss and pure uninterrupted consciousness. I am therefore in the state of perfection and remain unblemished.

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