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Guru Nanak

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O' mind , what are you searching?
Inside and outside it is one only.
It is the concept that makes you
feel inside and outside.

Once the earthen pot bearing the
name Nanak is broken ,
by getting rid of the concept
that I am body,
where is inside and outside?

It is "I" only prevailing everywhere.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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"The `I' is always there –
in deep sleep, in dream and in wakefulness.
The one in sleep is the same as that who now speaks.
There is always the feeling of `I'.
Otherwise do you deny your existence?
You do not.
You say `I am'.
Find out who is."

"If you hold this feeling of ‘I’
long enough and strongly enough,
the false ‘I’ will vanish
leaving only the unbroken awareness of the real,
immanent ‘I’, consciousness itself."

"The only permanent thing is Reality;
and that is the Self.
You say “I am”,“I am going”,“I am speaking”,“I am working”, etc.
Hyphenate “I am” in all of them.

Thus I - AM.
That is the abiding and fundamental Reality.
This truth was taught by God to Moses: “I AM that I-AM”.
“Be still and know that I-AM God.”
so “I-AM” is God.

You know that you are.
You cannot deny your existence at any moment of time.
For you must be there in order to deny it.
This (Pure Existence) is understood
by stilling your mind.
The mind is the outgoing faculty of the individual.
If that is turned within,
it becomes still in course of time and
that “I-AM” alone prevails.
“I-AM” is the whole Truth."

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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The person is merely the result of misunderstanding.

In reality, there is no such thing.

Feelings, thoughts and actions race
before the watcher in endless succession,
leaving traces in the brain and
creating an illusion of continuity.

A reflection of the watcher in the mind
creates the sense of 'I am'
and the person acquires an apparently
independent existence.

In reality there is no person,
only the watcher identifying himself
with the 'I' and the 'mine'.

The teacher tells the watcher:
you are not this, there is nothing
of yours in this,
except the little point of 'I am',
which is the bridge between
the watcher and his dream.

I am this, I am that' is dream,
while pure 'I am' has the stamp
of reality on it.

You have tasted so many things
- all came to naught.

Only the sense 'I am' persisted - unchanged.

Stay with the changeless
among the changeful,
until you are able to go beyond.

Source: I AM THAT

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Sitting quietly,
being one with the knowledge ‘I am’,
you will lose all concern with the world,
then the ‘I am’ will also go,
leaving you as the Absolute.
The ‘I am’ is the awareness before thoughts,
it cannot be put into words;
you have to ‘just be’.

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Adi Shankara

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There is something your own,
unchanging, the “I’
the substratum, the basis,
which is the triple observer,
distinct from the five sheaths.

The awareness that knows everything
whether waking, dreaming or in deep sleep,
and whether or not there is movement
in the mind, that is the “I”.

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Guru Nanak

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Like the fragrance in a flower,
like an image in a mirror,
this sense of "I amness" is felt in the body.
Therefore, give up your name 'Nanak' and also your identity with the body
and abide in the sense of "I amness".
You shall be liberated.

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I once believed that everyone had to like me,
but now this belief is no more.
I once believed I had to be the best person
I could be in order to be free, but no more.
I once believed that I had to first do everything
I needed to do in the world,
and only when I had done that and I was satisfied
could I turn my attention to Self-discovery.
I once believed that.
I once believed that it was up to someone else
to make me happy.
That seems a long time ago.
I once believed that I was not worthy,
but i see now that was nonsense.
I once believed I was not ready,
but I see now it's not true.
I once believed that I had to practice more,
meditate longer, be more sincere,
but I saw it's not like that.
Life is not so strenuous or cruel.
I believed so many things that were not true.
Then i realised nothing obstruct the freedom I am.

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Q: If a sinner, a breaker of the law, comes before you and asks for your grace, what will be your response?

M: He will get what he asks for.
Q: In spite of being a very bad man?

M: I know no bad people - I only know myself. I see no saints nor sinners, only living beings. I do not hand out grace. There is nothing I can give, or deny, which you do not have already in equal measure. Just be aware of your riches and make full use of them. As long as you imagine that you need my grace, you will be at my door begging for it.

Source: I AM THAT ch. 97

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Annamalai Swami

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Question: Bhagavan often told devotees to "Be still". Did he mean "Be mentally still"?

Annamalai Swami: Bhagavan's famous instruction "summa iru" [be still] is often misunderstood. It does not mean that you should be physically still; it means that you should always abide in the Self.

If there is too much physical stillness, tamoguna [a state of mental torpor] arises and predominates. In that state you will feel very sleepy and mentally dull. Rajoguna [a state of excessive mental activity], on the other hand, produces emotions and a mind which is restless.

In sattva guna [a state of mental quietness and clarity] there is stillness and harmony. If mental activity is necessary while one is in sattva guna it takes place. But for the rest of the time there is stillness. When tamoguna and rajoguna predominate, the Self cannot be felt.

If sattva guna predominates one experiences peace, bliss, clarity and an absence of wandering thoughts.

That is the stillness that Bhagavan was prescribing.


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If you make human company too important
you will not discover your true Self.
Relationships not based in truth are never entirely reliable and are rarely enduring.
Taking time to discover yourself is the best
use of time. Prioritise this.
One should not seek partners or friends.
One should seek to know and be oneself.
As you begin to awaken to the Truth,
you start noticing how well life flows
by itself and how well you are cared for.
Life supports the physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual needs of the one
who is open to self-discovery.
Trust opens your eyes to the recognition of this. Surrender allows you to merge
in your own Eternal Being.

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Rumi, 13th century Sufi poet and Mystic

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We are all the same, all the same,
longing to find our way back;
back to the One,
back to the only One!

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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You want peace and harmony in the world but refuse to have them in yourself.

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Keep quiet. Do your work in the world, but
inwardly keep quiet. Then all will come to
you. Do not rely on your work for realization.
It may profit others, but not you. Your hope
lies in keeping silent in your mind and quite
in your heart.

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Yoga Vashishta

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The Self is pure Consciousness, eternal, omnipresent, immutable and self-effulgent like the light of the sun.

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Blessings upon your mind and heart.
Let openness, trust and love be your first response.
This is the secret to everlasting joy,
peace and contentment. Om.

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Carl G. Jung

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I have failed in my foremost task to open people's eyes to the fact that man has a soul, that there is a buried treasure in the field and that our religion and philosophy are in a lamentable state.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Ode to Sri Ramana Maharshi:

Eternity has worn a human face,
Contracted to a little human span,
Lo, the immortal has become a man,
A self-imprisoned thing in time and space.

~ Harindranath Chattopadhyaya

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Mahatma Ghandi

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Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Usually, Bhagavan (Ramana Maharshi) answered my queries very patiently, but on one occasion he remarked, 'You have many doubts. You always want me to clear your doubts. But some people come here, sit before me and silently grasp the sole thing to be known. Then, without saying anything, they go away.'
'What can I do, Bhagavan? If your son is a dud and a dunce,
you have to speak to him as often as it is necessary to get
information into his fat head.'
Bhagavan smiled but made no reply.

Bhagavan much preferred to sit in silence, without being bothered by questions, for that was his natural state.

He once remarked to me, 'I am where there is no word'.

Then why do you talk?' I asked.
'Out of compassion,' he replied.

~ Rangan in: The Power of His Presence’ p. 27

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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In reality there is only the source, dark in itself, making everything shine.
Unperceived, it causes perception.
Unfelt, it causes feeling.
Unthinkable, it causes thought.
Non-being, it gives birth to being.
It is the immovable background of motion.
Once you are there, you are at home everywhere.

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When you think you know something, pride, opinions and argumentativeness can be your emission. When you know you know nothing, an air of openness and humility prevails. Then real understanding enters the mind.

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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I am tired of all the ways and means and skills and tricks, of all these mental acrobatics. Is there a way to perceive reality directly and immediatelly?

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:
Stop making use of your mind
and see what happens.
Do this one thing thoroughly.
That is all.

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Цель выше чувств,
Мысль выше целей,
Рассудок выше мысли,
Великий Атман выше рассудка,
Неявное выше великого,
Пуруша выше неявного,
Выше Пуруши нет ничего,
Он - завершение, он - конечный путь.


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The Upanishads

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The goal is higher than the senses,
The mind is higher than any goal,
The intellect is higher than the mind,
The Great Atman is higher than the intellect,
The Unmanifest is higher than the great,
Purusha (God) is higher than the Unmanifest,
There is nothing higher than Purusha (God),
He is the end, he is the final path.

~ Katha-Upanishad

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Everything we have been seeking has been perishable. Everything that we have done was to search and to find that which is perishable. Which is impermanent. Blood, sweat and tears—wars we have done. So many things to find things you cannot keep.

I point you to something, which you cannot not be. Which is not perishable. Because all that you see, all that you taste, all that you imagine, all that you dream, all you think or believe, time says: all this belongs to me. I have eaten generations before you. Great men, great Kings and Queens and Emperors, I’ve eaten all of them. And I’m about to eat you also.

The only thing it cannot eat is the pure awareness from where it came. And I’m showing you where that awareness is, and how you cannot be other than that. For you to discover that which is imperishable...

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Robert Adams

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Always ask yourself, ‘Why am I here?’ It is always good to ask yourself this. I don’t mean, why are you in the universe? Why are you here in this room, in this class, at ‘satsang’?
What do you want? What are you looking for?

You Are Spirit

Remember, if you are looking for any-thing, you are here for the wrong reason. For there is nothing that I can give you really, that you haven’t already got. There is absolutely I can do for you for I am not the doer. Neither are you.

You are already fulfilled. Everything I have is yours. There is absolutely nothing lacking in you. You are Spirit. You are not the body that appears to be a body. You are Spirit. Something absolutely different than what you can ever imagine. Everything that you can ever imagine, that you want to be, YOU ALREADY ARE.

You are the Imperishable SELF that has always been, that you always will be. Beyond birth, beyond death, beyond experiences, beyond doubts, beyond opinions. Beyond whatever it is your body is going through, whatever thoughts your mind thinks. YOU are beyond that.

You are the Silence. The Silence of the Heart. Know your SELF. Whenever you think of yourself, think of your-self as the SELF. Not the I Thought. Not the personal self, but as the Supreme Energy. Sat Chit Ananda. Nirvana. You are That. If you really believed you are That, you would be in total peace. There would be no- thing in this world that can ever disturb you. You would have no doubts. You would have Unalloyed Happiness, total joy. It would make no difference what your body is going through, or what thoughts come into your mind. Or what people are doing, or are not doing, who is right, who is wrong, who is enlightened, who is not. You would never think of things like this.

When you think you are human, you have duality to contend with. Right and wrong, healthy or sick, rich or poor, happy or sad, and the rest of it. But, when you have transcended this, you see yourself in a completely different light.

YOU Are the Light That Shineth in the Darkness

You see your SELF as the light. The Light that Shineth in the darkness. The Eternal Glow that can never diminish. Omnipresence, All Pervading. YOU are that One. YOU have always been that One. You are not what you think you are when you are sad. When you are angry. When you are upset. This is a lie. There is something within you that knows the Truth. That is the Truth. You are That.

Source: 'Silence of the Heart'

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