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Let Truth be revealed inside your stillness.
Personal determination,
knowledge or force alone
will not produce the desired result
of awakening to the Real.
Simply keep quiet and open to Grace.
Invite Her in with all your heart.
She listens and responds to your heart’s plea.

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Amma - Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

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When we see a blooming flower, swaying in the wind, spreading fragrance, we fail to recognise that it represents the last stage of the transition of the flower bud from darkness into light. Inside the flower bud, there was darkness. From that darkness, it slowly bloomed into the light. Similarly, this is our journey of blossoming from the darkness of lower emotions into the light of pure love. It is only when we reach that final destination that we experience real celebration and joy.

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"Nevertheless, the conclusion must be reached that He is pure intelligence and His consciousness is absolute and transcendental. Such is the consciousness-intelligence in purity, Absolute Being, the One Queen, Parameswari (Transcendental Goddess) overwhelming the three states and hence called Tripura. Though She is undivided whole the universe manifests in all its variety in Her, being reflected as it were, in a self-luminous mirror. The reflection cannot be apart from the mirror and is therefore one with it. Such being the case, there cannot be difference in degrees (e.g., Siva, or Vishnu being superior to each other). Bodies are mere conceptions in the lower order of beings and they are not to the point in the case of God.

Therefore, be wise, and worship the one pure, unblemished Transcendence.

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Марк Туллий Цицерон

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Чем ближе крах империи, тем безумнее её законы.

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Don't study spirituality.
Don't strain to make things happen.

Just keep dissolving inside the silence of your own heart.

That being so, one moves effortlessly from death to eternal life.

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Annamalai Swami

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Thoughts will come as long as the potential for them is inside you. Good thoughts, bad thoughts, they will all keep coming.
There is nothing you can do about this flow, but at the same time, this flow of thoughts need not be a problem.

Be the Self, be the peace that is your real nature, and it will not matter what comes up. Walk, eat, drink, sleep, meditate, but never think that you are the one who is doing these things. The thought that you are doing something is the thought that is poisoning your life.

Because once you think that you are doing something, you will start to think that you need to be doing something else to put yourself in a better situation. You don't have to do anything to experience the nectar of the Self. All you need to do is drop the idea that you are doing anything at all.

p. 95

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Saint Augustine

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It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.

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Disciple: But why shouldn't we worship buddhas and bodhisattvas?

Bodhidharma: Devils and demons possess the power of manifestation. They can create the appearance of bodhisattvas in all sorts of guises. But they're false. None of them are buddhas. The buddha is your own mind. Don't misdirect your worship.

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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I was taught to give attention to my sense of ‘I am’ and I found it supremely effective. Therefore, I can speak of it with full confidence.

But often people come with bodies, brains and minds so mishandled, perverted and weak that the state of formless attention is beyond them.
In such cases some simpler token of earnestness (like repeating a ‘mantra’) is appropriate.

After all it is the earnestness that is indispensable, the crucial factor.

‘Sadhana’ is only a vessel and it must be filled to be brim with earnestness, which is but love in action.

For nothing can be done without love.

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Jesus Christ

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Blessed are you who abstain from all things gotten by bloodshed and death, and fulfill all righteousness. Blessed are you, for you shall attain to beatitude.

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Marcus Aurelius

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If you expect an ignorant person to act like a knowledgeable one, that's your mistake.

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Let us offer prayers and blessings
for all people and all nations of the Earth.
Let us bless that, though intense, this will also become a time
of conscious awakening and healing for everyone.
We know, from the lessons of history,
that great difficulties, disasters and challenging times
also can strengthen and unify us by dissolving the differences
that appear to divide us.

Calamities often strengthen us internally,
making us more deeply aware of the highest values of life.
Troubling times encourage us to work together,
to genuinely care for each other.
Such events make us more aware of our collective strength
when we work together as one united human family.
May we grow in unity, love and understanding.

The Lord’s Blessings be upon
all people and nations affected at this time.
May governments and all helpers move in an inspired,
co-operative and harmonious way,
so that collectively we are able to put right
whatever needs to be put right within our capacity.
Our prayer is that this disease comes to an end soon.
We believe, trust, know this will happen.

This is a prayer for our entire world and its leaders.
We pray that the greater, higher Truth which dwells inside us all
raises us up in conscious awareness of our true nature and Being
so that we become more kind, more open,
more loving, wise, peaceful and powerful in the Truth we are.
May we live fully in the joy of our real nature
in accordance with the will of the Supreme God Almighty.

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Amma - Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

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Only love is our light
Only love can unite
Only love shines so bright
Only love can end this night

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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There are so many who take the dawn for the noon, a momentary experience for full realisation and destroy even the little they gain by excess of pride. Humility and silence are essential for a sadhaka, however advanced.

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Nikola Tesla

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The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power.

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Amma - Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

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If the mind is in our control, no bad experience can make us sorrowful or depressed.Today most of the happiness that we find around us are fake. In society, we see four things spreading like epidemics:
i) Wealth becoming more important than values.
ii) Beauty becoming more important than goodness.
iii) Speed becoming more important than direction.
iv) Machines becoming more important than people.

Nowadays when children cry most parents immediately give the cell phone to them. Though this will temporarily stop the children from crying, if they are not exposed to spiritual qualities they will cry for a lifetime.These qualities give them the strength to face life's hardships.

To know the reality of life one requires spiritual thoughts. Spirituality is a quest about one's own essence and existence. Selflessness is the law of nature and life.Love and wealth give more happiness to the giver than to the recipient.That is why those who have no control over pride and selfishness do not know the joy of life or enjoy life properly. Because they are trying to live against the law of creation.

Our life should be built on compassion. Let our eyes have compassion, Let the heads bow down in reverence, Let the hands be in service of others, Let the legs go on the moral path, Let the ears be prepared to hear the grief of the afflicted. Let the tongue always speak tender words and truth.

Amma's Satsang (given in Chennai on 29th January, 2020)

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Yesterday a newly arrived youth told Bhagavan about the vagaries of his senses to which Bhagavan said, “All that is due to the mind. Set it right.”
“That is alright, Swami, but however much I try to reduce this anger, it comes on again and again. What shall I do?”

“Oh! Is that so, then get angry with that anger; it will be alright” said Bhagavan. All people in the hall burst out laughing. A person who gets angry with everything in the world, if only he introsepts, and enquires why he does not get angry with his anger itself, will he not really overcome all anger?

- Suri Nagamma, Letters from Sri Ramanashram, 26 Jan 1946

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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When India was a British Colony, there were hundreds of kingdoms within India. The biggest kingdoms were Hyderabad and Mysore. The Maharaja (King) of Mysore had a devotional nature.

One day, the Maharaja of Mysore came secretly in the middle of the night to see Bhagavan Ramana and stayed until early morning. He wanted a private audience with Bhagavan. But Bhagavan ate in public and slept in public in the Hall. People were always around.

However, because it was the middle of the night, the Ashram management permitted him to see Bhagavan in the eight by eight foot bathroom where Bhagavan bathed. Upon seeing Bhagavan, the Maharaja fell at his feet, and wept so profusely that his tears drenched Bhagavan’s feet. The Maharaja then got up and said, “Bhagavan, they have made me king and forced me to sit on the throne. For this reason I am not able to come and stay with you and be in your presence. These few moments are most precious few in my whole life. After this, I will not be able to come. Please bless me.”

When Santhammal, a devotee, asked Bhagavan about the Maharaja's visit, Bhagavan just said, “He is a ripe soul.”

Bhagavan never encouraged people to give up their worldly obligations or duties. His advice to visitors was that one can gain the required purity, strength, and awareness to advance on the path regardless of one's station in life or geographical location. Whatever one wants to practice, devotional prayer, meditation, chanting, some form of yoga, or self-inquiry, all of these are good. Bhagavan often said that it is the not physical contact with the Guru that is important, but the mental and spiritual contact. Even a person who is no longer in the body can serve as a Guru, if we become connected and influenced by their thoughts and vibrations.

Adapted from Ramana Periya Puranam (278 Santhammal).
Posted by Harsh K. Luthar on Facebook

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Sri Samartha Siddharameshwar Maharaj

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To attain 'The Absolute Truth', one should change the focus of one's thoughts; from 'Illusion to Reality'.

You have forgotten Paramartha; The Absolute Truth. You should turn your mind towards IT.

Forget Illusion.

One has only to understand that the world is 'untrue'; It should be seen as; 'a kingdom in a dream world'.

Even if you get the status of Indra; 'The Lord Of Heaven And Prosperity - it is still false.

~ Source: Book "Amrut Laya"

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Sri Ramakrishna

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When the divine vision is attained, all appear equal;
and there remains no distinction of good and bad,
or of high and low...
Good and evil cannot bind him who has realized
the oneness of Nature and his own self with Brahman.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Natesa Iyer served Bhagavan and devotees working as a cook at Sri Ramanasramam for years. The below is what he told Swami Ramanananda:

‘I was Bhagavan’s attendant,’ he would say, ‘when he had one of his cancer operations. In those few hours, I understood directly what Bhagavan meant when he said, “I am not the body”. His behavior throughout the operation showed very clearly that the body was just something that he was wearing. The flesh was being cut, blood was flowing, and I could see the radium needles that had been inserted into the flesh around the cancer. Bhagavan was fully conscious but utterly indifferent to the procedures that were being carried out on his arm. I was told afterwards that we were in the room with him for 2.5 – 3 hours, but while we were with him there was no awareness whatsoever of the passage of time. We were all consumed by the power of Bhagavan’s silence. Even the doctors were sucked into it. When the operation had been completed, the doctors spontaneously prostrated to Bhagavan.

‘One of them said, “I have operated on many people, but I have never had an experience like this. There is a peace in this room that I have never felt anywhere else. I cannot describe what it was like except to say that it was unlike anything I have ever experienced before.”

‘I think the doctor spoke for us all. Bhagavan, abiding untroubled and unconcerned in his natural state of silence, gave us all an immense blessing while he was being cut open by the medical team. It was an awesome display of power and grace that left me in tears.

‘After an operation like this, one would expect a patient to want quiet and rest, but Bhagavan showed a complete indifference to his body and to the advice of his medical team. Overruling the doctors and the ashram management, he announced that he wanted to give darshan to all the devotees who were waiting anxiously outside. As the people filed past him one by one, Bhagavan made inquiries about the health and well-being of the devotees but refused to talk about his own physical state. If people asked about his operation and the state of his health, he would smile but not give any answer.’

- 'The Power of the Presence', David Godman

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Don't try to hold onto your partner, or even onto the idea of relationship itself.
The relationships of those who allow each other space are the most beautiful of all.
As you are coming into your own strength, you make the best partner for the right person, because you intuitively know when space is needed for either of you.
In this way, you may grow and evolve through your own self awareness.
By having respect for each other's ways, even people of different religions, cultural backgrounds, or temperaments may find compatibility.
But there must first be the underlying openness.
If the relationship is not all closed up all locked in, if there is space, it can be very beautiful.
When people honour Truth, their discerning powers are sharpened, and they very quickly acknowledge what is true and discard what is untrue.
In a way, they become each other's gurus.
They don't put their egoic natures first.
They admit their mistakes, but they don't give in simply to avoid conflict.
They don't need to defend their feelings, nor do they need to make too much of them.
Rather, they just uphold Truth as it arises inside their hearts.
It is not difficult to love like this, and it is a beautiful way of being...

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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"Be Free like the sky. Be Still like the hill". ~ As shared by V. Ganesan in the Human Gospel of Ramana Maharshi.

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Amma - Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

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An account given by Will Zulkowsky on Yogi Ramsurat Kumar's reverence for Amma. (Will was one of the first Westerners to come in touch with Him (in 1973))

Once I went to Ammachi’s ashram (in 1990s), and I knew I was going to see Swami in Tiruvannamalai, so I bought a lemon and took it to her. Ammachi was giving darshan and I said: “Could you bless this for Yogi Ramsuratkumar?” She took the lemon, closed her hand around it, and then she gave it to me; I had never seen her do this before.

Swami was at Sudama house, and I came up for darshan in a long queue. At the time Swami’s hearing was really bad. For a couple of years he had a hard time hearing everybody, and then it got better. His hearing became normal again. So, I brought this lemon from Ammachi and put it directly into Swami’s hand. His eyes got really bright, and then he started smelling it, taking deep breaths even – just relishing it, you could tell. He didn’t say a word.

Then a big smile came over his face. I said to Ma Devaki, “Tell him this lemon is from Mata Amritanandamayi.” She got the name wrong and Swami said, “Ammachi!” He looked over with a big smile and he said, - Oh, Will’s brought this beggar something very fine.

Big smile! He just kept sniffing at it, smelling it. He totally ignored everybody else and was just sniffing this lemon for a long time; every time he sniffed he had this big smile on his face. Then, he walked up and down. At that time when he was giving darshan he would pace up and down, with the people on either side. Every time he walked past me he had this beautiful, big broad smile because I’d brought him something nice.

In another instance he quotes:

When I came to see Yogi Ramsuratkumar after visiting Ammachi in 1990 - I came in January or February - I said I'd seen Ammachi and he said, “Oh”. He was very happy that I'd seen Ammachi and then he told me that, when he'd met Ammachi and he recognized that she was the Divine Mother.
When I talked to some devotees who were there, they said that he did a full prostration before Ammachi and then she had him come up on stage and sit with her when she gave the program down in Tiruvannamalai.

[It's really amazing that we are now getting details of these rare and amazing moments. It's our Mother's grace for all of her children !]

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