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Imam Hussain

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Bruce Lee

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Do not correct a fool or he will hate you; correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you.

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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He who knows himself has no doubts about it. Nor does he care whether others recognize his state or not. Rare is the realized man who discloses his realization and fortunate are those who have met him, for he does it for their abiding welfare.

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Holy light, You guide me into your perfection
by lifting my mind above and beyond the play of opposites
into the unalterable realm of pure being.
Who could deserve such grace?
Your kindness knows no bounds.

From The Mala of God

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If you want to marry, marry God.
He always looks beautiful,
He always speaks the Truth,
always does what is good for you,
always puts you first,
always shows you when you are not true,
always encourages you to be true.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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To seek to know the significance of life is itself the result of good karma in past births. Those who do not seek such knowledge are simply wasting their lives.

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Robert Adams

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Do not concern yourself whether you’re going to do anything wrong or right. You are just one of the many actors on the stage of life. Everybody has come here to play a role, so-to-speak. Some people have to be the good guys, some people have to be the bad guys. This is the reason we never judge anybody. This is the reason you should never call anybody evil or bad. It is really a role that they’re playing. And a person on the path of Jnana does not judge anybody or anything. They leave everything alone. They observe it, they watch it. Come to no conclusions. Good and bad is out of their vocabulary. Right and wrong has been transcended. This happens before you become fully enlightened.
There is absolutely nothing wrong in this whole universe least of all yourself. You no longer worry about yourself. For even though you still feel you are a piece of the body you understand that there is a grand bliss, a joy, an absolute reality that you can call God that takes care of you completely and totally when you surrender completely and totally to the source.
So you see you do not have to look after your life. You do not have to watch what you eat or watch where you go or watch what you do. For whatever you eat, wherever you go, whatever you do is the right thing for you at the moment. It is where you’re supposed to be. You are where you’re supposed to reap. Everything is in its right place. If you learn to have faith like this you will grow. But if you keep believing I am the doer and I have to make things happen, otherwise nothing will happen and I will fall apart, then you will be making things happen all of your life. There will always be something to make happen. It will never end. Yet this is also your role that you have to play here on this earth. This is the destiny that’s yours. To do what you’re doing right now.
So, the person who understands what I’m saying does not consider the question any more, “Is the world real or false?” Remember if you have to ask that question, then the world is real and you have to act accordingly.
In the same instance that person does not ask the question, “Is everything preordained?” For remember for whom are things preordained? Only for the ajnani, for the ignorant one.
The only freedom you’ve got is to turn within and not react to anything. This is your freedom, your total and complete freedom. And that is really a lot of freedom if you think about it. You can really see that you’re free, to that extent.
In other words whatever befalls you, you do not become upset, hurtable, angry, you merely observe it and watch it and you realize that is your stuff that you’ve got to get rid of. That is your stuff you have to go through. It makes no difference how deeply you’re suffering, if you’re suffering or how happy you are, if you’re happy. If you’re sick or healthy or you’re poor or rich. If you are married or single. If you are living in a hut or a mansion.
These things are irrelevant. For what is relevant is your reaction to these things.
The person who does not react grows spiritually and becomes Master of the world, so-to-speak.

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Amma - Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

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Woman is the creator of the human race. She is the first Guru, the first guide and mentor of humanity. Think of the tremendous forces, either positive or negative, that one human being can unleash upon the world. Each of us has a far-reaching effect on others, whether we are aware of it or not.

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Alan Watts

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What I am really saying is that you don’t need to do anything, because if you see yourself in the correct way, you are all as much extraordinary phenomenon of nature as trees, clouds, the patterns in running water, the flickering of fire, the arrangement of the stars, and the form of a galaxy. You are all just like that, and there is nothing wrong with you at all.

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Amma - Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

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Even if we are loved by every being in the world, that love cannot give us an infinitesimal fraction of the bliss we experience from a momentary taste of God's love. So great is the bliss we get from God's love, my children, that no amount of love can be compared to it.

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Eckhart Tolle

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The greatest achievement of humanity is not its works of art, science, or technology, but the recognition of its own dysfunction.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Q: Did you give your mother salvation on her death-bed?

M: Can anyone give liberation to another? No. One's own
jnana alone can give one liberation.

Q: (Meher)Baba says he is an avatar(incarnation). Is that true?

M: What have I to say? This is a question that seekers after truth need not consider. People that are on the lower rungs of the ladder waste their energies over such questions.

Everyone is an avatar of God. One who knows the truth sees God in every face and everyone else as a manifestation of God.

- Conscious Immortality

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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When you see that the mind invents everything, all will vanish. The good will vanish, the evil will vanish, and you will remain as you are.

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Focus not so much on what you’re looking at
but where you are looking from,
and who are you who is looking.

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Yoga Vashishta

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Rama asked: "Sir, I beg you what is mind?"

Vasishta answered: "Space is the emptiness in which matter appears, and mind is the emptiness in which space appears"

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Living is life’s only purpose. The self does not identify itself with success or failure — the very idea of becoming this or that is unthinkable. The self understands that success and failure are relative and related, that they are the very warp and weft of life.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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A realized one sends out waves of spiritual influence in his aura, which draw many people towards him. Yet he may sit in a cave and maintain complete silence.

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Albert Einstein

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Did you know that when Einstein gave some lecture at the numerous US universities, the recurring question that students asked him was:

- Do you believe. In God?
And he always answered:
- I believe in the God of Spinoza.

The one who hadn't read Spinoza stayed in the same...

I hope this gem of history, serves you as much as it does me:

Baruch de Spinoza was a Dutch philosopher considered one of the three great rationalists of the 17th century philosophy, along with the French Descartes.

Here's some of him.

This is the God or nature of Spinoza:

God would have said:

Stop praying and punching yourself in the chest!
What I want you to do is go out into the world and enjoy your life.
I want you to enjoy, sing, have fun and enjoy everything I've made for you.

Stop going to those dark, cold temples that you built yourself and say they are my house!
My house is in the mountains, in the woods, rivers, lakes, beaches. That's where I live and there I express my love for you.

Stop blaming me for your miserable life; I never told you there was anything wrong with you or that you were a sinner, or that your sexuality was a bad thing!
Sex is a gift I have given you and with which you can express your love, your ecstasy, your joy. So don't blame me for everything they made you believe.

Stop reading alleged sacred scriptures that have nothing to do with me. If you can't read me in a sunrise, in a landscape, in the look of your friends, in your son's eyes...
➤ you will find me in no book!
Trust me and stop asking me. Will you tell me how to do my job?

Stop being so scared of me. I do not judge you, I criticize you, nor get angry, or bother, or punishment. I am pure love.

Stop asking for forgiveness, there's nothing to forgive. If I made you... I filled you with passions, limitations, pleasures, feelings, needs, inconsistencies... free will. How can I blame you if you respond to something I put in you? How can I punish you for being the way you are, if I'm the one who made you Do you think I could create a place to burn all my children who behave badly for the rest of eternity?
What kind of god can do that?

Forget any kind of commandments, any kind of laws; those are wiles to manipulate you, to control you, that only create guilt in you.

Respect your peers and don't do what you don't want for yourself. All I ask is that you pay attention in your life, that your alert is your guide.

My beloved, this life is not a test, not a step, not a step in the way, not a rehearsal, nor a prelude to paradise. This life is the only thing here and now and all you need.

I have set you absolutely free, no prizes or punishments, no sins or virtues, no one carries a marker, no one keeps a record.
You are absolutely free to create in your life heaven or hell.

➤ I could tell you if there's anything after this life but I can give you a tip. Live as if there is no. As if this is your only chance to enjoy, to love, to exist.

So, if there's nothing, then you will have enjoyed the opportunity I gave you. And if there is, rest assured that I won't ask if you behaved right or wrong, I'll ask. Did you like it? Did you have fun? What did you enjoy the most? What did you learn?...

Stop believing in me; believing is assuming, guessing, imagining. I don't want you to believe in me, I want you to feel in you. I want you to feel me in you when you kiss your beloved, when you tuck your little girl, when you caress your dog, when you bathe in the sea.

Stop praising me, what kind of egomaniac God do you think I am?

I'm bored being praised, I'm tired of being thanked. Feeling grateful? Prove it by taking care of you, your health, your relationships, the world. Feeling looked at, shocked?... Express your joy! That's the way to praise me.

Stop complicating things and repeating as a parakeet what you've been taught about me.

The only thing for sure is that you are here, that you are alive, that this world is full of wonders.

What do you need more miracles for? Why so many explanations?

➤ look for me outside, you won't find me. Find me inside... there I am beating on you.


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Robert Adams

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You've been hypnotized, mesmerized, to the grand illusion, the maya. Awaken to yourself. Awaken to the truth that you are free and you are nothing but freedom. Total absolute freedom from every conceivable thing you can imagine. Like boundless space you are totally free. Free of all so-called karmas, samskaras, samsaras, past mistakes, everything. You no longer have to suffer. You no longer have to be afraid of anything.

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Truth cannot only comfort you. At times, it has to cut through to the bone, to the very marrow even, if this is what it takes to set you free.

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Robert Adams

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All is well. All is well. Drop all the pretending. Drop all your hurts. Drop the self pity. Drop everything, let go. Awaken, be free. Freedom is your real nature. You have always been that, yet you are allowing the thoughts to cover up that freedom so-it-appears. You are allowing your thoughts to tell you something else. And you're caught up in the dreamworld believing it's the real world.

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Paramahansa Yogananda

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Be afraid of nothing. Hating none, giving love to all, feeling the love of God, seeing His presence in everyone, and having but one desire - for His constant presence in the temple of your consciousness - that is the way to live in this world.

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Swami Vivekananda

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In a conflict between the heart and the brain, follow your heart.

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Guru Padmasambhava

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If you want to know your past life, look at your present condition.

If you want to know your future life, look at your present actions.

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Saint Serafim of Sarov

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Drink water from the spring where horses drink.
The horse will never drink bad water.
Lay your bed where the cat sleeps.
Eat the fruit that has been touched by a worm.
Boldly pick the mushroom on which the insects sit.
Plant the tree where the mole digs.
Build your house where the snake sits to warm itself.
Dig your fountain where the birds hide from heat.
Go to sleep and wake up at the same time with the birds – you will reap all of the days golden grains.
Eat more green – you will have strong legs and a resistant heart, like the beings of the forest.
Swim often and you will feel on earth like the fish in the water.
Look at the sky as often as possible and your thoughts will become light and clear.
Be quiet a lot, speak little – and silence will come in your heart, and your spirit will be calm and full of peace.

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Ashtavakra Gita

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You are really unbound and actionless, self-illuminating and spotless already. The cause of your bondage is that you are still resorting to stilling your mind.

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