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Ribhu Gita

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To that divine Grace-embodied, to that Omnipresence beyond compare, to that Shiva-Self Sat Guru, I render devout salutation.

(ch.44, v.18)

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To Him who pervades the consciousness of all moving and non-moving beings, which is divine, only one, endless and primeval, which is Lord

Bhairava, who is the refuge for the helpless, to Him who is in my mind with all my heart I offer my salutations.

Oh Mahesh! With the grace of thy blessing this whole universe is nothing more than your manifestation. Wherever I see You and my soul is completely full of You.

In this world You are the Lord of my soul, because of this in my life there is no fear of difficulties and pain, which are the result of this cycle of birth and death.

Oh Antaka, Lord of Death! Do not cast your awful look on me. Oh Brave who always thinks of serving the Lord Shankara. Oh mighty Bhairava, Lord of creation, sustenance and destruction, give me the strength.

Oh Lord of the worlds! Salutations to You. I melt in the rays coming from the splendor of Your Light, which dissipate the darkness of ignorance and the fear of ghosts of the Lord of Death.

Oh ray of light of eternal truth, universal consciousness of the world, who has a nature full of Divine nectar. My soul filled with ecstasy salutes You.

Oh Lord you're attainable by the mind through meditation, You are a shower of nectar of unity that restores my body in a State of suffering.

Oh Shankara, it is true that penance, charity, bathing in sacred water and meditation break the pain cycle of birth and death, but the rain of nectar that flows from your divine story leads to salvation.

Oh Lord Bhairava! It is well known that You are easily accessible by devotees, but inaccessible to people with no devotion. My conscience, having realized your true nature, sings and dances in Ecstasy.

Abhinavagupta wrote this great prayer on the tenth day of the dark fortnight of the month of Pausha, and with this hymn the Lord Bhairava, all pervading and full of compassion, destroys all the miseries of his devotees.

Thus ends the hymn of nine stanzas written by Abhinavagupta.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Instead of looking at each other as enemies, if you start looking in, you will realize that the enemy within is causing all the trouble. As such, there is no enmity with others. The other is just a blissful part of Existence like you.

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Adi Shankara

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' Dakshinamurthy Stotram '

I praise and salute that Dakshinamurthy,

Who faces the south,
Who explains the true nature of the supreme Brahman,
Through his state of silence,
Who is young in looks,
Who is surrounded by disciples who are old Sages,
Whose minds are fixed on Brahman,
Who is the greatest of teachers,
Who shows the Chinmudhra by his hand,
Who is personification of happiness,
Who is in the state of extreme joy within himself,
And who has a smiling face.

Similar to the image of a town as seen in the mirror,
When one sees the image of the world within him,
The world appears as if it is outside.
It is similar to his seeing due to illusion,
During the state of sleep,
That the one real fact appears as many different truths,
And he realizes,when he wakes up and sees the reality,
That he is really the one and only one soul.
Salutation to the God facing the south,
Who is the greatest teacher.

Like the germ inside the seed is its part,
But becomes different after development
The many places and time which are before us,
Are drawn by illusion in the board of life in a peculiar manner,
By a great savant or an expert Siddha,
Who can create them as per their will,
Salutation to the God facing the south,
Who is the greatest teacher.

He who exists as the real light of truth,
And shines in the false world of appearance,
And He who teaches disciples the great saying,
“Thou art that” after realizing its import,
Gets away from this cycle of life and death.
Salutation to the God facing the south,
Who is the greatest teacher.

Like the light emanating from a lamp,
Kept in a pot with many holes,
Goes out in all directions,
In the person in whom the wisdom goes out
Through the openings of ear, eye, mouth and thought,
And when that person realizes that ‘I know myself”,
This whole universe shines after Him alone,
Who shines in the consciousness as the knower.
Salutation to the God facing the south,
Who is the greatest teacher.

Those great philosophers, who think that,
The body, the soul and the fickle intellect,
The concept of emptiness and all other nothingness,
Are nothing but themselves,
Are similar to the women children, blind and the ignorant.
It is only He who can destroy, this veil of ignorance,
And wake us up from this state of deceit.
Salutation to the God facing the south,
Who is the greatest teacher.

Similar to the Sun when being masked by the serpent Rahu,
Knows that it was existing, once the eclipse is over
That man whose senses are suppressed
When he is asleep,
Because of the veil of illusion,
Realizes that he was in the state of sleep,
When he wakes up.
Salutation to the God facing the south,
Who is the greatest teacher.

Salutations to him who shines and exhibits,
Himself by the beatific Chinmudhra of the hand,
That he exists within the humans as self,
Forever and non changing,
Even during the changing states of childhood, youth and old age
And even during the states of sleep, dream and wakefulness.
Salutation to the God facing the south,
Who is the greatest teacher.
The truth as represented by the concept of Brahman, exists always.

The world sees as cause and effect,
The differences between us and our lord,
The distinction between teacher and the taught,
The distinction between father and son,
And so the man is confused by illusion,
And believes in these differences,
During the times of dream and wakefulness.
Salutation to the God facing the south,
Who is the greatest teacher.

To the sake of which supreme Brahman,
The universe is shining as self,
Which is Movable and immovable, with its aspects?
Of water, fire, air, space,
The sun, moon and the individual soul,
And also to those who examine the truth behind,
The meaning of this universe and find,
That it Consists of nothing but,
The God who is every where.
Salutation to the God facing the south,
Who is the greatest teacher.

The concept of the Athma,
Which is explained in this poem of praise,
Hearing which, understanding which,
Meditating which and singing which,
One would attain the state of the godliness,
And the great state of self-realization,
And also you would get the eight powers of occult,
Without any problems in between.

The following three stanzas as well as the first stanza are chanted after the main stotra:

It is strange to see,

The very old disciples,
And the very young teacher,
Who sit under a banyan tree,
With the teacher always observing silence,
And the students getting all the doubts cleared.

Salutations to that Dakshinamurthy,
Who is the meaning of the pranava, “om”,
Who is the personification of unalloyed wisdom,
Who is crystal clear in his thought,
And who is the epitome of peace.

Salutations to that Dakshinamurthy,
Who is the teacher of the entire world,
Who is the doctor to those,
Afflicted by the disease of birth and death

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Verses chosen by Ramana from ' Yoga Vashishta '

"Steady in the state of fullness,
which shines when all desires are given up,
and peaceful in the state of freedom in life,
act playfully in the world, O Raghava!"

"Inwardly free from all desires,
dispassionate and detached, but outwardly
active in all directions,
act playfully in the world, O Raghava!"

"Free from egoism, with mind detached as in sleep,
pure like the sky, ever untainted,
act playfully in the world, O Raghava!"

"Conducting yourself nobly with kindly tenderness,
outwardly conforming to conventions, but inwardly renouncing all,
act playfully in the world, O Raghava!"

"Quite unattached at heart but for all appearance acting as with attachment,
inwardly cool but outwardly full of fervour,
act playfully in the world, O Raghava!"

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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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This is not just about talking or teaching a practice – this is about releasing an explosive energy of ecstasy.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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It is like when you go to a theater, you watch a movie, but you know it is not real. That is why you are able to enjoy it, no matter what happens on screen. When you come home you forget about it. Life is exactly like this. The whole world is like a movie on a vast screen. When you understand this, you can enjoy the movie. You realize there is nothing wrong in enjoying it.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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We see two things in the process of 'seeing', the seer and the seen object. Actually, what is happening in the process of seeing ?( though the example of eyes is taken here, it applies for all the senses.) From the seer, consciousness takes a jump continuously to the seen, because it is not able to relax into the seer itself. Because of its restlessness, it gives life to the seen.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Happiness is a temporary feeling created by the mind. Bliss, the seventh body is the true reality. It is the causeless, unending happening inside you of spontaneous energy, joy and auspiciousness. It is like a fountain that continuously happens inside you for no reason.

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' Śūraṅgama Sūtra '

"The Buddha then compounds his cousin's confusion by stating that there are fundamentally two kinds of mind:

1. First, the ordinary quotidian mind of which we are aware and which is entangled, lifetime after lifetime, in the snare of illusory perceptions and random thoughts;

2. And second, the everlasting true mind, which is our real nature, and which is the state of the Buddha."

" Ananda, what are the two fundamentals?

The first is the mind that is the basis of death and rebirth and that has continued for the entirety of time, which has no beginning. This mind is dependent upon perceived objects, and it is this that you and all beings make use of and that each of you consider to be your own nature.

The second fundamental is enlightenment, which has no beginning; it is the original and pure essence of nirvana. It is the original understanding, the real nature of consciousness. All conditioned phenomena arise from it, and yet it is among those phenomena that beings lose track of it. They have lost track of this fundamental understanding, though it is active in them all day long, and because they remain unaware of it, they make the mistake of entering the various destinies."

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Everything in the Universe has the capacity to record and restore memory because memory is a Matter.
Even a stone records and keep the memory of how to respond if a powerful mass is going to hit it and break it into pieces.
Likewise your joy is a muscle memory, your pain is a muscle memory. Muscle memories are your patterns as your everyday activities/lifestyles.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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'Your whole brain does not get active just by birth! The part of the brain which controls your breathing, blood circulation starts functioning by birth. They are mechanical parts your brain. Only mechanical parts become active just by the birth. Your brain is hard wired 400 unique powers. That is what I call Non- mechanical parts of the brain. When you understand, entertain, intra-analyse unique thought currents non-mechanical parts of your brain gets awakened.'

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Sacrificing your whole life for the sake of the 'outer world goals' is not the way to live. The one and only achievement that a man could do is working towards ENLIGHTENMENT.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Stress happens only when you take decisions unconsciously, when engrams(Vasanas) interfere with your decision making. If things are straightforward, you can take thousands of decisions and be completely relaxed. Your life will flow, just like a river.

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" One day, Hopefully today, you will know that all things and their appearances are only He, Only That.
Then fear will go, sadness will go, suffering will go, it has already started in fact, this Awakening...it brought you Here.Trust it."

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Understand, this quest or seeking is like a seed. It is like a seed feeling suffocated inside the shell. See, unless the life that is inside the seed feels suffocated inside the shell, it won't open up and become a tree.

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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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Sadhguru: This wonder gadget that you are carrying in your pocket – a fork – is also part of the crime. When you do not touch the food, you do not know what it is. If food is not good enough to be touched, I do not know how it is good enough to be eaten!

Mark Hyman: So we should not have listened to our mothers – we should eat with our fingers, because touching our food helps us stay in contact with it.

Sadhguru: The cleanliness of your hands is entirely in your hands. The cleanliness of the fork is not necessarily in your hands. No one else but you has used these hands, so you can be sure how clean or not clean they are right now. With the fork, you do not know who has used it, how they have used it, and for what. All they have to do is wipe it with a tissue and it looks clean. Above all, when you use a fork, you do not feel the food.

The first thing that we were taught is if food appears in front of you, you hold your hands upon the food for a few moments to feel how the food is. If something appears on my plate and I just feel it, I know what to eat and what not to eat without having to taste it. My hands are the first level of knowing the food. Similarly, if you want to know a person, you guys shake their hands. I usually avoid that.

Mark Hyman: That’s a good strategy.

Sadhguru: But it is important to know the food that is going to become a part of you. Even if you do not physically touch it with your hands, just by being conscious, you will clearly know how the food will behave within you. The decision whether a particular food should go into you or not changes from day to day, because your body is different every day, every moment. If you feel the food, you just know whether it should go into you on this day or not. If the necessary awareness is brought in, we do not have to tell people what they should eat. Every meal, they should decide what to eat this time.

There is no one prescription of what you should eat for the rest of your life. That said, sugars and carbs are definitely a serious issue. But the real long-term challenge is weaning people off meat. Almost 200 pounds of meat are consumed per capita in the US per year. And 3 trillion dollars are spent on healthcare – barely four other countries on the planet even have a GDP that is larger than that. In other words, the healthcare bills in the US are higher than most nations’ GDPs.

This is a violent way to exist, and it is very hard on your system. Illness is the first level of violence. You cannot be peaceful when you are ill, because your body is in a constant battle. The fight with some virus, bacteria, or something else that comes from outside is one thing. But a chronic ailment is like a civil war. You created a battle within your own system, without an outside enemy.

Too many people die from chronic ailments, and more than that, even when they are alive, they cannot live well. And unfortunately, the maximum number exists in one of the most affluent countries on the planet. That means if affluence comes, we will lose all our sense. This is what America is telling the rest of world. And this will happen to the whole world at some point. We see similar things in Indian cities. It is just that America may be the forerunner. It is very important that America corrects itself, because whatever America does, for some reason the rest of the world does too.

You will see, in an Indian city, almost 60% of the population is wearing denim pants. And if you go to an Indian village, they might not have heard of yoga, but they know Coca Cola. When a nation has such an impact, you have a responsibility not just for your own health or your nation’s health, you have a responsibility for the world’s health, because the rest of the world imitates whatever you do.

Mark Hyman: Actually, China and India now have the highest numbers of diabetics in the world: 80% of the world’s diabetics are in the developing world. And it is because we created the worst diet on the planet, exported it to every nation, and they are eating it. One in three adult Americans has pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, and one in ten kids in Mexico has type 2 diabetes, which we used to call “adult-onset” diabetes.

This epidemic is getting out of hand. It goes right along with the amount of soda we drink and processed foods we eat, and the amount of misinformation people get. One of the things that have struck me in the last few years is that people want to do the right thing, but they often do not have the right information.

As part of the movie “Fed Up,” which is about childhood obesity, the obesity epidemic in this country, and the food industry, I worked with a family in South Carolina who was very overweight, very sick. The father was on dialysis; the mother was probably 150 pounds overweight and had many illnesses; and the son was 16, almost diabetic and probably 60 or 70 pounds overweight. They lived in a trailer on food stamps and disability benefits.

The solution was food – not a prescription drug. I showed them how to cook a simple meal with a guy from “Good Food on a Tight Budget,” which is an initiative of the Environmental Working Group that teaches you how to eat food that is good for you, good for the planet, and good for your wallet. This family just did not know how to cook. After teaching them to cook a meal without processed foods and sugar, I gave them my cookbook.

The mother lost over 100 pounds, the father lost 45 pounds and was able to get a new kidney, and the son lost about 50 pounds. There is a huge hunger in this county to do the right thing, yet people do not have the right information. I think it has been a deliberate, intentional effort by some elements of the food industry to disenfranchise us from our food, which goes from a direct relationship to the food we eat, to connecting to it like Sadhguru said, to growing it, to eating real food, to knowing what it is.

I think that is the revolution that has to happen. And it is that seed that will be planted that can shift a lot of the global problems we have. When the World Economic Forum says that the single biggest threat to global economic development is our chronic diseases epidemic, and that this epidemic is driven by the food we eat, changing our diet and lifestyle is the answer to this huge problem.

Sadhguru: Eating improperly and eating inappropriately are two big aspects. The way we “do” food is violent, and if we carry much more on this frame than what we should carry, it is a kind of soil erosion. Whatever number of pounds you shed does not go into the sky – it is going back into the earth. You prevent soil erosion!

We are allowed to carry what we want, but not beyond what is comfortable for us. The pain of existing like that is such that most people who are in this state have forgotten what it means to be light, what it means to be agile, what it means to be really alive. As I said earlier, it is not just about the medical aspects, the number of people who die, and various other things. The biggest problem is the number of people who are alive but cannot live a full life.

Mark Hyman: That’s right. It is not just about preventing disease somewhere down the road. People just do not connect the way they feel with what they eat. The truth is that in a short while, by shifting the way you eat, you can literally transform your health. We see this over and over – even in a week or ten days, people have dramatic transformations.

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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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~ American physician, medical adviser for Bill and Hillary Clinton, and New York Times best-selling author Mark Hyman came together with Sadhguru on World Peace Day 2014 to explore matters of health and wellbeing. In this excerpt, they explore how it’s not just about what food we eat, but also how we eat. ~

Mark Hyman: As I was thinking about the biggest threat to world peace and the solution, it occurred to me that it is something that could fit in your pocket. And if we get it right, with this one tool, we can cure chronic diseases, which are on the rise across the globe. Over 50 million people a year die from lifestyle-preventable diseases, compared to 20 million who die from infectious diseases.

It is not only the single biggest threat to global economic development, costing 47 trillion dollars over the next 20 years – which is more than the annual gross domestic product of the six largest nations combined – it also threatens our oceans, our soils, and our air. It is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, to political instability, and to the lack of ability to actually take care of our population across the globe. And yet, if we get it right with this one tool, we have the ability to solve all these problems.

Do you know what this tool is? It’s in my pocket. It’s a fork. Because what we put on the end of our fork determines everything about our world. It determines what happens to our health, to the lands we grow our food on, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. It determines the stability or instability of governments and societies around the world. Still it is something that nobody is really talking about. When we talk about threats to world peace, we only talk about ISIS and instability in the Middle East, which is certainly real and important as well.

Nobody is talking about this other issue. The single biggest problem facing us as a human race today, is how do we create a healthy world? Because a healthy world is a peaceful world. A world where we are sick and overweight, and burdened by disease and the cost of those diseases, is a very unstable, unsafe, and un-peaceful world. So, today we are going to talk about some of these issues, hopefully provide some context, and some solutions for it as well.

Economic issues and health issues are connected, and we see this increasing economic burden in our society. The United States is spending 2.8 trillion dollars on healthcare this year [2014], which is about 16% of the economy, and 84% of it is for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, obesity-related illnesses – lifestyle-preventable problems. And yet, our healthcare system does not address it, because it seems like the solution is outside of the doctor’s office – it is more in our own hands, in our own hearts, and in our own minds. So, one questions is, how can we get more empowered about taking this into our own hands? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

Sadhguru: Today being the World Peace Day, let’s talk about food in the context of either peace or violence. Essentially, we treat our bodies violently, we live violently, and then we expect the world to be peaceful. The world is quite peaceful without human beings. It is only the way we live upon this planet which creates violence. As Mark mentioned, there are very violent, brutal situations on the planet, like battles or wars. They need to be handled – there’s no question about that – but the everyday violence with which we live also needs to be addressed.

Every year, we are killing 53 billion land animals, and over a hundred million sea creatures. When we cause so much violence, we being healthy and peaceful is not going to happen. Not just the quality of the food we consume – how we consume, how wantonly or how consciously, is very important. There is a whole lot of talk about what to consume, but there is hardly any guidance or effort to bring awareness to people as to how to consume food. I just read somewhere that 20% of the American meals are consumed in a car.

Traditionally, in the East, we have always been taught how you should be when food enters your body, what condition you should be in, what posture you should be in, how you should approach it – these are very big things in the East. If 20% of the meals are eaten in cars, maybe another 20% is eaten in bars! I don’t know how many people actually sit at the table and eat a meal consciously, with a certain sense of involvement with the food and the people around them. I think there is enough knowledge about the content of the food today in the world, but still, people are yet to make the necessary changes, apart from a few cosmetic ones maybe.

Apart from the content of the food, which definitely has a big impact, how you consume it is equally important. Whether you eat an animal, a vegetable, or whatever else – essentially, food is a piece of life. Something that was a life by itself becomes a part of you. One life transforms itself into another – that is what eating means. It is not just digestion – it is one life fusing into another.

When you put another piece of life into you, how it merges with your body and what this produces depends on how you keep your chemistry while you eat. How you should be, when you should eat, in what posture you should sit, and how you should welcome the food into yourself – these things are completely ignored today. Right now, the battle is about what to consume. That itself is a big challenge, and Mark is taking it up.

Mark Hyman: It’s very true. Actually, if people consciously ate the food that they are currently eating, they probably wouldn’t eat it anymore. In fact, there was a patient who was desperate to lose weight, but he was very busy. He said he had to go to Burger King every lunchtime, order two big whoppers, and quickly eat them. I told him, “I want you to mindfully eat each bite, taste it, and really enjoy it.” He came back a few weeks later and said, “I tried it. It was disgusting. I couldn’t eat it anymore.” Since we are often eating unconsciously, we are not even aware of the effect on our body. I think the power of food is enormous both to cause disease and to cure disease. The quality of the food that we eat determines the quality of our health, and the awareness that we eat our food with also determines how that food is metabolized by our body. Those are real phenomena.

And the problem in this county is that the food industry has literally hijacked our food system and has produced factory-made science projects that are highly addictive and that create disease. And the ways in which we grow them have huge impacts on our environment – degrading our soils, our water supply, and our air. The industrial agriculture contributes greatly to climate change, and the food we grow from it has an enormous impact on our health.

The processed foods are full of sugar and flour. The average American eats 152 pounds of sugar and 146 pounds of flour every year, which acts just like sugar in the body. Combined, this is about a pound a day of sugar and flour. This causes heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, which they now call type 3 diabetes. Sugar and flour can cause depression, even infertility, and acne. But even though they have an enormous impact on our health, they are the main food we eat in this country.

A lot of the calories we eat come from sugar – up to 20%. I think we have to look at the food system, how it affects us, and how we can bring about a shift. Making the right choices every day about what we put in our body is a very revolutionary act. I think we all need to start a revolution in our own kitchens, in our own bodies, in our homes in order to shift the tide, to change the world towards a more peaceful state. Because the way we currently eat is driving so much of the health disturbances, the economic instability, and ultimately the political instability and threats to peace.

We all have that power, at every single meal. We can vote three times a day with our fork, and this has an enormous impact beyond your own health. Probably the single most important and powerful thing you can do every day is figure out what you are going to put on your fork, and the choice is yours. You can’t always control how much you eat because that is driven by hormones and brain chemistry, which is regulated by the quality of the food you eat. If you eat sugar and processed food, it actually makes you hungry and slows your metabolism. If you eat real food, it changes your natural regulatory mechanism, so you don’t overeat. You eat the right amount of food, and so you stay a healthy weight.

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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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Mark Hyman: One of the questions that came from the audience is about the connection between our mind, our mood, our emotional state, our mental health, and the food we eat. Everything from ADD to bipolar disease, to depression could be linked to that. So, what is the connection between our body and our mind?

Sadhguru: The yogic system does not identify body and mind as two different entities. Your brains are part of your body. It is just that what we generally refer to as mind is a certain amount of memory and intelligence. Between the rest of the body and the brain, which has more memory, which has more intelligence? If you look at it carefully, your body’s memory goes back millions of years. It clearly remembers how your forefathers were. The mind cannot claim that kind of memory. When it comes to intelligence, what is happening in a single molecule of DNA is so complex that your whole brain cannot figure it out.

In the yogic system, there is a physical body and there is a mental body. There is an intelligence and memory running right across the body. People generally think the brain is everything just because it handles the thought process. And because of this separation of body and mind, a large number of people in the West are taking antidepressants at some point in their life.

' The Effect of Meat on the Mind '

The type of food we eat has a huge impact on the mind. An average American is said to consume 200 pounds of meat per year. If you bring it down to 50 pounds, you will see 75% of the people will not need antidepressants anymore. Meat is a good food to survive if you are out in the desert or the jungle. If you are lost somewhere, a piece of meat will keep you going, because it provides concentrated nourishment. But it should not be a daily food that you eat when there are other choices.

There are many ways to look at this. One thing is animals have the intelligence to know in the last few moments that they are going to get killed, no matter how cunningly or how scientifically you do it. Any animal that has the capacity to express some kind of emotion will always grasp when it is going to be killed.

Suppose all of you come to know right now that at the end of this day, you are going to get slaughtered. Imagine the struggle that you would go through, the burst of chemical reactions within you. An animal goes through at least some fraction of that. This means when you kill an animal, the negative acids and whatever other chemicals are in the meat. When you consume the meat, it creates unnecessary levels of mental fluctuations.

If you put people who are on antidepressants on a conscious vegetarian diet, in about three months’ time, most of them will not need their medication anymore. We have seen this with many people who have come to the Isha Yoga Center.

For most of those who have become mentally ill, the illness has been cultivated – there is nothing pathologically wrong with them. Such a large percentage of people cannot be mentally sick unless we are culturing it within our social fabric. We should never let commercial forces determine the quality of our lives. Commerce is there to serve humanity. But right now, we have structured the economic engine across the world in such a way that human beings are here to serve the economic and commercial process. You were mentioning the World Economic Forum. When I was there a few years ago, everyone was referring to India, China, and other places as emerging markets.

I said, “Please don’t refer to people as a market. If you saw them as human beings, maybe you would get the right idea as to what to do with them. If you see them as market, you will do a different thing! This is not a market. These are people.” If you don’t see people as people, if you don’t see life as life, you won’t care what you stuff into them. You will want to sell something that makes maximum money for you.

Mark Hyman: Yeah. It’s true. A number of years ago, I wrote a book called The UltraMind Solution, which is about how the body affects the mind. I had seen that a lot of mental illnesses and cognitive problems were shifting as I began to treat people’s overall health. What I do is something called functional medicine. It is about the science of creating health, which is very much what Sadhguru teaches.

When I began to do that and I saw people’s depression go away, and their ADD and their bipolar disease improve, and I looked at the underlying causes, it was most often the food they were eating. In fact, most people are not eating real food – they are eating food-like substances that masquerade as food. If we just stuck to real food, downsized our meat consumption, as Sadhguru says, and had a mostly plant-based diet, I think most of our chronic diseases, including mood and neurologic disorders, would go away. I have seen this over and over again.

Often, I was not actually treating the mental problems, and yet, they went away as a secondary effect. I think it is really a shame that in this country, we do not have an understanding of this connection, and that doctors are still challenging the idea that food actually has an impact on our health other than making us overweight, that it can be used as a tool for healing. But it really is the most powerful tool. The quality of the food we eat, and how we eat it is more important than anything else.

Sadhguru: I think we need an effective campaign for food, like the anti-smoking campaign in the US. In the 70’s, in any public place in the United States, you had to wade through smoke. Then they started an active and successful campaign that cleared up the air. Today, you can walk into a restaurant, and there is no smoke. But still there is carbon-dioxide in the drink! At one time, smoking was not just a necessity for a whole lot of people, it was fashionable. It was the right thing to blow smoke into other people’s faces.

With the right kind of campaign, within one generation, this situation has changed completely. Today, you see less tobacco smoke in America than in many other countries in the world. A similarly successful campaign is needed about what we eat and what we drink.

Mark Hyman: Yeah. Each of us making those choices and talking to our local politicians makes a big difference. But the problem is the kind of impact the food industry has. It is a one-trillion-dollar industry that determines a lot of policies. To a large extent, food guidelines and the FDA recommendations [Food & Drug Administration in the United States] and guidelines are actually governed by lobbying. This means we are not getting adequate information; we are not getting the truth. In fact, we are not getting policy changes.

Sadhguru: Actually, it is a 4 trillion industry – one trillion food and another 3 trillion medicine.

Mark Hyman: Exactly. It’s huge. Michael Bloomberg tried to change some policies in New York [when he was the Mayor]. For example the soda tax – he could not get it passed. He also wanted to do a study to see what happens when you limit the use of food stamps for soda. Food stamps pay for four billion dollars in soda every year for the poor in America – on the front end. And on the back end, the government is paying for Medicare and Medicaid [due to medical conditions resulting from the consumption of soda]. The USDA agriculture department would not even let him do a pilot study.

So, he has gone to Mexico to help them with some key policies, such as a soda and sugar tax, junk food taxes, and food labeling, so you can actually know if food is good for you or bad for you: green – good; yellow – caution; red – probably it is going to hurt you. They also aim at emptying schools of any foods that harm kids, and at ending the marketing of what is not real food.

These are policies that could work across the globe – in different ways in different countries. But we are allergic to such changes in this country because of the food lobbying. Yet if each of us advocates for it and makes changes in our own family, in our own communities, among our own friends, we can begin to see a global change.

Sadhguru: It is not in the hands of the politicians and policymakers alone. If everyone realizes their physical and particularly their mental health improves when they change what they eat and how they eat, we will also change the politicians.

Mark Hyman: Absolutely. We have to change our food system because the solution for health is not necessarily healthcare – it is actually our food system. I think addressing both together, that is creating a mindful nation and changing the food system, is the answer.

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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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If you want to step into the next moment as a completely new being, Shiva is the way.

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Persian Proverb

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Wisdom of East

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"Through Yoga he bursts into the superconscious mind, experiencing bliss, all-knowingness and perfect silence. It is when the yogi's intellect is shattered that he soars into Parashiva and comes out a Jnani. Each time he enters that unspeakable nirvikalpa samadhi, he returns to consciousness more and more the knower. He is the liberated one, the Jivanmukta, the epitome of kaivalya-perfect freedom-far-seeing, filled with light, filled with love. One does not become a Jnani simply by reading and understanding philosophy. The state of jnana lies in the realm of intuition, beyond the intellect. The Vedas say, "Having realized the Self, the Rishis, perfected souls, satisfied with their knowledge, passion-free, tranquil-those wise beings, having attained the omnipresent on all sides-enter into the All itself."

~ From Himalayan Academy archives

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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"Through yoga he bursts into the superconscious mind, experiencing bliss, all-knowingness and perfect silence. It is when the yogi's intellect is shattered that he soars into Parashiva and comes out a Jnani. Each time he enters that unspeakable nirvikalpa samadhi, he returns to consciousness more and more the knower. He is the liberated one, the Jivanmukta, the epitome of kaivalya-perfect freedom-far-seeing, filled with light, filled with love. One does not become a Jnani simply by reading and understanding philosophy. The state of jnana lies in the realm of intuition, beyond the intellect. The Vedas say, "Having realized the Self, the Rishis, perfected souls, satisfied with their knowledge, passion-free, tranquil-those wise beings, having attained the omnipresent on all sides-enter into the All itself."

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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O, Humanity, you are always habituated to throw stones when Masters come, and when they leave, worship them in stones. Now, don't make that same mistake.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Difference between Thought current and Kundalini current:
When contemplated and internalized,
Thought current may or may not take you into higher state.
Kundalini current will definitely take you into highest state.

"I am the Source"

"You are what you intend to be. Other than that all other psychological physiological neurological ups and downs are not you."

"Your fundamental right is to build a bliss chemistry in your system in to which you can get in by just your will - independent of anything else."

"The material out of which this life is made is from me.
It means I can change, transform, manifest, manipulate, as I want!"

"The physiological, psychological and neurological ups and downs are not me. But the muscles and biology in which all this are happening is me. so why am I allowing all this to happen in me? because they come with a message, "I AM THAT"... because they come with a message, "I AM GOD, NOT GOD PARTICLE"

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Your fundamental right is to build
the Bliss chemistry in your being,
which you can retain and cherish
independently of your external circumstances,
including joy and sadness.

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