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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Originally, I am untainted—uncovered by anything, without stigma, since nobody existed prior to me. Nor do I entertain any concepts about somebody existing before me. Everything is in the form of the manifest world, after the appearance of the knowledge “I am” with the body. Together with the body and the indwelling “I-am-Ness,” everything is. Prior to the appearance of this body and the knowledge “I am,” what was there?
The Paramatman was there, the highest self, the core of the self. This identity is without any stigma. Even the sky cannot touch it. The space cannot touch it. It is subtler than space. It is just like sunrays or moonbeams: they do not get dirty and dirty waters. If such as their purity, what would be the purity of the self, consciousness?
Understand this first moment, when we understood “we are”—the first moment of the body, when it understood “it is.” Recognize that very first moment. Once you grasp this, then you are the highest of the gods, the point at which everything arises. At that very point, everything also sets: the source in the end are the same point. Nobody tries to understand this happening of the self, the happening of this “I-Am-ness.” Once It Is Understood, I, the Absolute, am not this “I-am-ness.”
Every creature in the universe pray so that principle which he considers his God or whatever, but this can only happen from the time the Life force has awakened until the time the Life force is no longer working.
In the practice of meditation, this life force gets purified and then the light of the Atman shines forth. However, the working principle is still the Life force. When this purified life force and the light of self merge into each other, then the concept, imagination, or mind, everything, is held in abeyance.
When anyone tells you to do some sadhana, with what can you do sadhana of any kind? It can only be this life force. The only instrument one has to do sodden with is the life force. This life force, instead of viewing it merely as an instrument, has to be treated—mentally accepted as the highest principal in the world: that is, God, Paramateman, Ishwara, or whatever you want to call it. So that when this life force is pleased, it is gets purified and merges with the light of the Atman.
What is creation? What are has been created, is it the creation of God, or is it the creation of this life force? By practicing meditation, diligently and continuously, this life force gets purified to such an extent that it obtains divinity. Do understand that this life force is God, and God is the life force, and be one with it.
Now when this life force in the highest principal become one in your meditation, then whatever is reached by this merger, signifies the awakening, liberation, call it whatever you like. So, what is liberation? Subjection to the conditioning and obstructions connected with the individual, all that disappears. That is liberation. This life force is the acting principal; and that which gives sentience to the person is the consciousness. The principle is that within the body, consciousness and the prana or life force together are Atman.
It is said that somebody is dead. So what has happened? The life force has gone in the principle behind the life force—that is, this consciousness has also disappeared. That is all that has happened.
I have been explaining this principle, analyzing it, for all these years. But from now on, I have not the energy or inclination to explain all of this again, so I can only say what is to be done, if anything. And the only thing is that nothing is to be done as is generally understood by the word “do,” but merely to sit in contemplation and let the consciousness unfold itself, unfolded knowledge about itself.
You are to do meditation, and in that meditation, itself the consciousness will unfold whatever knowledge is to be revealed. But people generally do not go to the root of the matter and explain the principal, which is I have been doing all these years.
This consciousness in the life force, when they merge they tend to become steady in the Brahmananda. And then all thoughts cease, even a thought that you are sitting in meditation. And that is the start of samadhi. That state will remain for a while and will discontinue again, whatever the reason. And then normal behavior in the world will start again. That is, the life force will start its normal work or activities.
Now I am asking: this disease (throat cancer) that I am said to suffer from, to what has this illness come? It has come to this consciousness and the working principle—that is, the life force. These two are concerned with that illness. And I, being apart from it, I am not concerned with the illness. But it is one’s duty to keep that life force in reasonably good working order. That is why the medicine was taken in the same way that food is normally taken, so as to keep this consciousness in the Life force in proper working condition.
So, medicine is much like food. But as far as I am concerned, I do not really care whether this life principle in the consciousness works or not, because I am totally apart from it, beyond it and tired of it. The Life force and the consciousness are not really two; as a concept they are treated as such, but they really are one. As soon as a life form is created, the life force is infused in that form, and sentience is automatically present. There is a physical form and the life force, and in the absence of the consciousness that would only be a technically alive body. But merely that life force within the body—what is the use of it?
It has no meaning, no function unless consciousness is also present. So, it is this consciousness which gives life force, which otherwise would be merely air, the potency to create a sentient being.
People write to me, thanking me for my guidance and they say they now understand that although physically they and me are separate, we are actually one. All that, however, is still superficial knowledge which has been obtained by the consciousness upon its realization that is not the body. But it is only at that stage that the knowledge has remained—on the level of words. They have not really gone beyond.

From the Book 'Ultimate Medicine' Chapter 7

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If you start playing the game of being an "enlightened somebody," the true teacher is going to call you on it. He or she is going to expose you, and that exposure is going to hurt. Because the ego will be there, standing in the light of Truth, exposed and humiliated. Of course, the ego will cry "foul!" It will claim that the teacher made a mistake and begin to justify itself in an effort to put its protective clothing back on. It will begin to spin justifications with incredible subtlety and deceptiveness. This is where real spiritual sadhana (practice) begins. This is where it all becomes very real and the student discovers whether he or she truly wants to be free, or merely wants to remain as a false, separate, and self-justifying ego. This crossroad inevitably comes and is always challenging. It separates the true seeker from the false one. The true seeker will be willing to bare the grace of humility, whereas the false seeker will run from it. Thus begins the true path to enlightenment, granted only to those willing to be nobody. Discovering your "nobodyness" opens the door to awakening as beingness, and beyond that to the Source of all beingness.

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Guillaume Apollinaire

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“Come to the edge," he said.
"We can't, we're afraid!" they responded.
"Come to the edge," he said.
"We can't, We will fall!" they responded.
"Come to the edge," he said.
And so they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.

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Ahimsa is one of the cardinal virtues and an important tenet of 3 major religions (Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism). Ahimsa is a multidimensional concept, inspired by the premise that all living beings have the spark of the divine spiritual energy; therefore, to hurt another being is to hurt oneself. Ahimsa has also been related to the notion that any violence has karmic consequences.

"Ahimsa is the highest virtue,
Ahimsa is the highest self-control,
Ahimsa is the greatest gift,
Ahimsa is the best suffering,
Ahimsa is the highest sacrifice,
Ahimsa is the finest strength,
Ahimsa is the greatest friend,
Ahimsa is the greatest happiness,
Ahimsa is the highest truth, and
Ahimsa is the greatest teaching."

~ Mahaprasthanika Parva

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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An engineer asked : " The animals seem to conform to
their own natural laws in spite of their environment and
changes. Whereas man flouts social law and is not bound
by any definite system. He seems to be degenerating
whereas the animals are steady. Is it not so ? "

Maharshi : (After a long time). The Upanishads and
scriptures say that human beings are only animals
unless they are realised beings. Possibly they are
worse also.

From Talks With Sri Ramana Maharshi Talk 79
29th September, 1935

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Saint Francis

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Preach the Gospel at all times
And when necessary
use words.

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There is no need for us to continue collecting more and more information only to reach the information-less Being.

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Nikola Tesla

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At the termination of my vacation I was sent to the Poly-Technic School in Gratz, Styria (Austria), which my father had chosen as one of the oldest and best reputed institutions. That was the moment I had eagerly awaited and I began my studies under good auspices and firmly resolved to succeed. My previous training was above average, due to my father’s teaching and opportunities afforded. I had acquired the knowledge of a number of languages and waded through the books of several libraries, picking up information more or

less useful. Then again, for the first time, I could choose my subjects as I liked, and free-hand drawing was to bother me no more.
I had made up my mind to give my parents a surprise, and during the whole first year I regularly started my work at three o’clock in the morning and continued until eleven at night, no Sundays or holidays excepted. As most of my fellow-students took things easily, naturally I eclipsed all records. In the course of the year I passed through nine exams and the professors thought I deserved more than the highest qualifications. Armed with their flattering certificated, I went home for a short rest, expecting triumph, and was mortified when my father made light of these hard-won honours.
That almost killed my ambition; but later, after he had died, I was pained to find a package of letters which the professors had written to him to the effect that unless he took me away from the Institution I would be killed through overwork. Thereafter I devoted myself chiefly to physics, mechanics and mathematical studies, spending the hours of leisure in the libraries.

From 'The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla' p.16-17

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Yoga Vashishta

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O Rama, there are liberated beings even among worms and insects; and there are stupid fools among the gods. The self is in all; it exists as the all everywhere at all times and in all ways.

Yoga Vasistha page 204

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Nikola Tesla

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From childhood I was compelled to concentrate attention upon myself. This caused me much suffering, but to my present view, it was a blessing in disguise for it has taught me to appreciate the inestimable value of introspection in the preservation of life, as well as a means of achievement.

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Nikola Tesla

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“There were many days when [I] did not know where my next meal was coming from. But I was never afraid to work, I went where some men were digging a ditch ... [and] said I wanted to work. The boss looked at my good clothes and white hands and laughed to the others ... but he said, “All right. Spit on your hands. Get in the ditch.” And I worked harder than anybody. At the end of the day I had $2”

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Thirumandiram by Thirumoolar

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Know The Light Within
Know the Light, your Form becomes Light;
Know the Hidden Form; you that Form become;
Know the Light's Form; you that Light become;
That Light within you to melt, He in love stands.

Verse 2682

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Golden Light Meditation

Osho, while speaking on the Secret of the Golden Flower,
has given us this wonderful and powerful meditation:

The process is:
At least twice a day -- the best times are early in the morning,
just before you get out of your bed.
The moment you feel you are alert, awake, do it for twenty minutes.
Do it first thing in the morning! -- don't get out of the bed.
Do it there, then and there, immediately! --
because when you are coming out of sleep you are very very delicate, receptive.
When you are coming out of sleep you are very fresh, and the impact will go very deep.
When you are just coming out of your sleep you are less in the mind than ever.
Hence some gaps are there through which the method will penetrate into your innermost core.
And early in the morning,
when you are awakening,
and when the whole earth is awakening,
there is a great tide of awakening energy all over the world.
Use that tide; don't miss that opportunity.

All ancient religions used to pray early in the morning when the sun rose,
because the rising of the sun is the rising of all the energies in existence.
In that moment you can simply ride on the rising energy wave; it will be easier.
By the evening it will be difficult, energies will be falling back;
then you will be fighting against the current.
In the morning you will be going with the current.

So the best time to begin is in the early morning,
immediately, just when you are half-asleep, half-awake.

And the process is so simple.
It needs no posture, no yogasana, no bath is needed, nothing.
You simply lie down, as you are lying down in your bed, on your back.
Keep your eyes closed.

When you breathe in, just visualize great light entering from your head into your body,
as if a sun has risen just close to your head -- golden light pouring into your head.
You are just hollow and the golden light is pouring into your head,
and going, going, going, deep, deep, and going out through your toes.
When you breathe in, do it with this visualization.

And when you breathe out, visualize another thing:
darkness entering through your toes, a great dark river entering through your toes,
coming up, and going out through the head.
Do slow, deep breathing so you can visualize.
Go very slowly.
And just out of sleep you can have very deep and slow breaths because the body is rested, relaxed.

Let me repeat: breathing in, let golden light come into you through your head,
because it is there that the Golden Flower is waiting.
That golden light will help.
It will cleanse your whole body and will make it absolutely full of creativity.
This is male energy.
Then when you exhale, let darkness, the darkest you can conceive,
like a dark night, river-like, come from your toes upwards -- this is feminine energy:
it will soothe you, it will make you receptive, it will calm you,
it will give you rest -- and let it go out of the head.
Then inhale again, and golden light enters in.
Do it for twenty minutes early in the morning.

And then the second best time is when you are going back to sleep, in the night.
Lie down on the bed, relax for a few minutes.
When you start feeling that now you are wavering between sleep and waking,
just in that middle, start the process again, and continue for twenty minutes.
If you fall asleep doing it, it is the best,
because the impact will remain in the superconscious and will go on working.

And after a three-month period you will be surprised:
the energy that was constantly gathering at the MULADHAR,
at the lowest, the sex center, is no more gathering there.
It is going upwards.

Just the other day somebody had asked a question.
He said that he has seen the most beautiful women around here
that he has ever seen anywhere else,
but they are non-erotic.
Why is it so? It is so, his observation is right.
If you meditate deeply you will become non-erotic.
You will have a different kind of beauty, but it will not be erotic.
It will start having the flavor of spirituality.
It will start having the subtleness of grace, not the grossness of sexuality.
Sex is gross because it is the lowest rung of your ladder.
As energies move upwards a totally different kind of beauty and grace arises in you, which is divine.
You become less and less of the body and more and more of the spirit.

If you do this simple method for three months, you will be surprised:
there is no need to repress.
Transformation has started happening.
At another Occasion Osho described
the Golden Light Meditation in a different way:

Before you go to sleep in the night, just lie down,
turn the lights off, lie down under your blanket,
and feel your body is dying.
Start from the toes and feel that they are dying and move slowly upwards:
the legs are dying, the thighs are dying; go on moving upwards and let the whole body die.
It will take at least five to seven minutes;
slowly slowly you come to the head and all is dead.
When you feel that all is dead, finished, that the body is a corpse,
then do a small meditation which will be of immense help.

Start feeling that great light is entering from the head, golden light
-- as if suddenly a sun has risen and it is pouring all its gold into you.
It is going in, going in, going in...
the whole body has become a hollow bamboo and the light is falling in
and passing through like a flood, and it goes out from the toes.
For five minutes let this happen, then after five minutes --
just approximately, you need not look at the watch,
just approximately -- after five minutes change the whole process.

Now start thinking of a dark energy, negative --
like a dark night with not a single star in it,
a dark energy flow entering from the toes, moving upwards,
filling the whole bamboo, the hollow body, and going out from the head.
Five minutes of that, and then go to sleep.

This will synchronize the positive and negative energy inside your body.
It will synchronize your man and woman inside the body,
your yin and yang, your day and night, your life and death.
First life, the golden light, then death, the darkness...
and enjoy both, because both are beautiful.
This for five and the first part for five minutes, and seven minutes first to have the body absolutely dead so it creates no hindrance.
This passing of the golden light and the darkness will help tremendously.

Source : http://www.osholeela.com/NEW/goldenlight.html

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Persian Proverb

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Sri Vamanadeva

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The entirety of whatever there may be within the three worlds to satisfy one’s senses, cannot satisfy a person whose senses are uncontrolled.

Srimad Bhagavatam 8.19.21

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Old Sufi Saying

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If words come from the heart, they will enter the heart. If they come from the tongue, they will not pass beyond the ears.

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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Be like water. It rises above the stones and flows. Similarly rise above obstacles in life and move through them. Have patience and flow over them.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Every jiva experiences his own prarabdha,
which is catalysed by the mere Presence of Shiva
as the Witness dwelling in the heart of each one.
Hence, the jiva who does not delude himself
by thinking that he is the experiencer of prarabdha,
but knows that he is mere Existence-Consciousness,
is none but Shiva.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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With great eagerness and wonder you fly to see one Mahatma here and another Mahatma there! If you inquire, attain and know the Maha-Atma [i.e. the Great Self] within your own heart, then every Mahatma is none other than that One [within you].

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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All depends on you. It is by your consent that the world exists. Withdraw your belief in its reality and it will dissolve like a dream. Time can bring down mountains, much more you, who are the timeless source of time. For without memory and expectation there can be no time.

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Guru Padmasambhava

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' Ten Foundations of Training '

The Master said: When practicing the dharma, you must train perfectly in the ten foundations of training.

The lady Yeshe Tsogyal asked: What are these ten foundations of training?

The Master said: You must resolve through the view, gaining understanding of all the teachings, like the garuda bird soaring in the skies.

You must find certainty through the conduct, without being intimidated by anything whatsoever, like an elephant entering the water.

You must practice through the samadhi, clearing away the darkness of ignorance, like lightning a lamp in a dark room.

You must accomplish the aim through the instructions, liberating all phenomena in your nature, like finding a wish-fulfilling jewel.

You must progress gradually through the empowerments, being free from the fear of falling into samsara, like a prince ascending the royal throne.

You must keep the basis through the samayas, not letting any of your actions be wasted, like fertile ground.

You must liberate your being through learning, becoming adept in all aspects of the dharma, like a noble steed freed from its chains.

You must compare all sources, understanding all the philosophical schools of the dharma, like a bee seeking a hive.

You must condense them into a single point, understanding that all the numerous teachings are of one taste, like a trader adding together his profits.

You must reach eminence in knowledge, understanding clearly and distinctly the meaning of all the teachings, like arriving at the summit of Mount Sumeru.

The people of Tibet who desire to be learned without training themselves in these points are not learned in the essential meaning but become practitioners with much sectarianism.

This is due to the fault of not having become adept in these ten foundations of training.

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Sathya Sai Baba

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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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Devotion is not a concept, ideology, or act – it is an agent of dissolution.

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Sri Babaji

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I only came here to give. If you come to doubt, I'll give you reason to doubt, if you come suspicious, I'll give you every reason to be suspicious. But if you come seeking love, I'll show you more love than you've every known.

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Paramahansa Yogananda

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Even the greatest masters listen humbly to their gurus, because it is the way of righteousness.

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