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Amma - Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

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Nobody likes to let go of the ego- it is so precious to everyone.
However, once you have attained a state of egolessness, the world won’t disappear, as you may think it will.
The world will continue, but a change takes place within you.
Something is uncovered.
You start seeing everything with the wonder and innocence of a child.

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Maharaj Instructing:

At the end of one of the visits Maharaj asked: “How many of you have understood what I have been saying?”
A few of us would raise our hands.
To those he would say: “Then you need not come back.”

Then he announced: “And those of you who have not understood, you also should not come back.”

Finally he asked the question: “and who will be here tomorrow?” Everyone raised their hands!

(Dr.Lakshyan Schanzer)

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Bhagavata Purana

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The Supreme Cosmic Form of Adi Parashakti is described in Devi Bhagavata Purana 7.33.1-21 to be:

The Satyaloka is situated on the topmost of Her head;

The Sun and Moon are her eyes;

The quarters of the sky are Her ears;

The Vedas are Her words;

The Universe is Her heart;

The Earth is Her loins;

The space between earth and sky is Her navel;

The constellations are Her Thighs;

The Maharaloka is Her neck;

The Janarloka is Her face;

Indra and the Devas of the Svarloka are her arms;

Sound is the organ of Her ears;

Fire is within her Face;

Day and Night are Her wings;

The mountains are Her bones;

The rivers are Her veins,

And the trees are the hairs of Her body.

Childhood, youth, and old age are her finest modes;

the two twilights are her raiment;

and the Moon is the mind of the Mother of the Universe.

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17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje

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I have noticed that sometimes people speak of our planet as a thing. This attitude will not lead to the feelings of closeness and affection that would move us to take care of the earth. As we know, the earth is not a dead rock floating in space. It is a living system, in itself as a whole and in each and every part. I do not see the earth as an inanimate object—a lump of stone.

I think of it as a being alive. Sitting on the earth, I feel that I am resting on a mother’s lap. It is thanks to her that everything exists. In this way, we could easily think of the earth as a goddess—a living, breathing, and constantly giving goddess.

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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It would appear that towards the end of his Karunguzhi years, with the
founding of the Sanmarga Sangam, Vallalar felt that he had sufficiently prepared
himself for his mission in life. He spoke like any inspired prophet, with a sense of
his mission derived from God and from his living in God:

The Lord sent me to this world to help men that abuse the earth,
Blotches of black within and white without,
to restore them and set them on the path
of the high quest, so that they may attain
the fulfillment of the soul on the earth here and now.
For this He blessed me with His Grace.

He gave his call in no uncertain terms:

Men of the world, you have missed the truth
Your body was fed on rot, your mind remain only at a surface level
Your learning goes down, your joy is deception
Your ear listen only to the tribal
Your sight only look at the past
Hear the truth of the common final path
Seek the Grace so you may gain a life of rejoice and an undying body.

And again:

I say only what the Lord tells me,
no words plus or minus
Indeed, by myself, what wisdom do I have
but what the Lord gives me?

Source : Vallalar Messenger of Grace Light

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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He avoided flesh-eating as something fundamentally cruel and unspiritual, and
banned flesh-eaters from his Fellowship. He averred that he received this intimation directly from God:

Lord of Grace who counseled me,
‘Keep me aloof from killers of life
and feeders on meat. They are aliens
to you. Hold no rapport with them
nor any tie with them, except
to save them from hunger, if needed to be,
true to compassion, with compassion
unfailing to all life, swear, O swear!
Lord of resounding glory, Lord of Mercy,
Dancing for the common wealth, glory to You.
He emphatically repudiated flesh-eating:
The miracle-working adept,
Though he may change a man
into a girl, and that girl, freshly risen in beauty,
Back to a virile man in a trice,
Though he may raise men from the dead,
I swear by my Master, I swear
by God’s effulgent Flame,
If he be thinking, in his merciless mind,
To eat and feed on a body that was house of life,
Him I do not hold in reverence.

He expressed himself against animal sacrifice:

People plant demeaning little gods
over the land, and in the names of these,
They kill sheep and swine and fowl and bulls,
Bleeding their robust lives
I am witness to this, and weary;
My reason fails, my senses reel.
The red houses of abhorrence
of these wretched little gods
I have pain in seeing it.
He prays:
Lord, grant me
to be pure compassion
Help me
to tide people over their grief and fears
Aid me
to build a world where there is no murder
and where there is no eating by killing.
Let me sing
Your glory without end—
Lord my Mother,
For this I pray.

He does not have any hostile reaction to this people ideas, and do not preach
them, but instead he place his agony before God. The fact that vegetarianism exists on a considerable scale in Tamil Nadu today is largely owing to Vallalar Swamigal.

Source : Vallalar Messenger of Grace Light

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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The expression of this profound compassion in his poetry reaches throbbing
poignancy. The following verses, thrown together, are taken from different

Seeing withered corn, my spirit drooped,
Watching the wretch that begged from door to door
unavailingly, and hungry sank to sleep,
I brooded. At sight of long-racking disease
I shuddered. Starving, poor, too proud to beg,
and spirit-broken, broke me.
O Last Boon, Shining Lord of Ethereal Space,
When I hear of human creatures starving
or spent with hunger, a fear seizes me,
like a fire in the mind, quickly ablaze,
and my body shivers.
Cattle’s lowing turned hoarse
Dismayed me.
Bull and beast ill-fed
Preyed on me.
Quacking fowl and duck
Unhinged me.
Lord, when I saw the murderous knife
Dangling from the butcher’s hand,
I trembled in fear.
When people’s voices rose in squabble
A shivering came on me.
When they knocked at the door in frenzy
It jarred on me.
O Lord, you know, when some one wailed, ‘O father’ or ‘mother’ or ‘Alas’,
The words tore through me
Like an uprooting storm.
O Essence beyond the mind of man,
Final Anchor, my Master,
I, your servant, bound to my kin,
friends, comrades, mother, brothers,
sisters, others, am sore-troubled
to see passing clouds on their faces,
You know.
O Father, Splendor of the Cosmic Stage,
My God, my great Goal,
Need I tell you
the distress that sears my mind
When, in this distressful world,
Mother, comrades, friends,
People near to me, people next to me,
People removed from me,
Suffer, and I see them suffer,
Pangs of hunger, pain of disease.
Scorching afflictions,
Lord, You do know.
Lord, whose dance is blessing
Seed and fruit of final being,
In this passing show of life
Choked by grievous want,
When greyed people and young people ,
known and unknown, recount to me
their trials and tribulations,
My mind trembles and splinters,
Lord, You do know.

Source : Vallalar Messenger of Grace Light

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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Lord of all, Supreme Effulgent Grace! Grant that henceforth our minds are not tainted
with ritualistic and other aberrations of creeds and sects, cultural and other aberrations of castes and codes.

Let the awareness of the identity of the soul universal right to love and to be loved by all beings, which is the prime gold of the pure spiritual seeker, not forsake us at any time in any degree, in any manner, in any place. Let it ever illumine and move us.

God of Shining Light, we thank You for Your mercy, we thank You.

Source: Vallalar Messenger of Grace Light

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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People must realize that they must hasten to bring to fruition the rare chance of human birth given to them.

That fruition consists in gaining the joy of awareness of the pure Effulgent Grace that
shows through all lives, all deeds, all things, all worlds, and thus in gaining the highest life that is not impeded at any time in any way by anything.
The way to attain this life and this joy is through gaining the Grace which is the natural quality of God.

There is only one way to attain this Grace, and no other. It is to make the Grace which is the natural quality of God one’s own natural quality. What is Grace in God is
compassion for Life in man.

Source: Vallalar Messenger of Grace Light

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Sri Samartha Siddharameshwar Maharaj

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Let a person call you that which is most lowly, but be sure that you are God, and see what wonder takes place.

Once the inner judge has given the judgement that you are God, that judgement will never be changed.

That's all there is to it. Then you really become Paramatman.

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Sri Samartha Siddharameshwar Maharaj

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Remember the Sadguru. This should be done all of the time, morning, noon, and evening. Remember, "I am Brahman", "I am Shiva", "I am He". The remembering should be constant as the clock that ticks. The heart in which Devotion to God is constant, is the moving, living temple. All can be liberated by the name Rama. Lord Mahadev (Shiva) himself escaped from the sense objects, through repetition of the sacred name of Rama.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Bhagavan’s Statements about Himself

" I have not given sannyas (the status of renunciate) to anyone, nor have I taken sannyas from anyone. I was living in Skandashram. My mother, who was also living there, passed away in 1922. Her corpse was brought to the foot of the hill and buried here and a samadhi (shrine) was built over it.

From that time puja was started here. After a while, I left Skandashram and came and stayed here. At no time have I taken any title. At no time have I initiated any disciples with diksha (formal initiation) or in any ritualistic way. I do not impose any restrictions or discipline on those who gather around me. I do not invite anyone to come to this place, nor do I tell anyone to leave this place. By birth, I am a Brahmin.

I was a Brahmachari (celibate student) when I came here (i.e. to Tiruvannamalai). Within an hour of arriving, I threw away my sacred thread, clothes, etc.; I shaved my head clean. I had about three rupees and threw it away, and since then I do not touch money. I accept in my hands things that can be eaten. I do not give upadesa (spiritual instruction) or call myself a guru. However, if questions are asked by seekers I answer them. Since 1907 people have called me ' Ramana Rishi'.

I am an 'athyashrami' (beyond the ashrams and castes) not falling within the category of any of the ashrams. This state is recognized in the sastras. It is explained in the Suta Samhita. The athyashrami can own property if necessary. He needs a guru, but the Self is my guru. The athyashrami is not bound to observe any rites. I have no desire to acquire properties, but things come and I accept them. I agree that to own property is worldly, but I do not hate the world.”

- from the court protocol

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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I do not want meek and humble disciples;
I want them to be powerful, as I am.
I do not make disciples, I make Gurus.

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From just one candle, you can light a million candles without putting strain on the first candle. From one awakened being, you can set light into a million souls, so powerful is the light.
If you go into a room full of light, but outside is darkness, and you open the curtain, that darkness won't come in. But if you go into a room which is dark and you open up a little tiny bit of a curtain, it will fill the whole room with light. Such is the power of the light.
We are this light and we must discover this.

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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There is a difference between awareness as reflected in consciousness and pure awareness beyond consciousness.

Reflected awareness, the sense ‘I am aware’ is the witness, while pure awareness is the essence of reality.

Reflection of the sun in a drop of water is the reflection of the sun, no doubt, but not the sun itself.

Between awareness reflected in consciousness as the witness and pure awareness there is a gap, which the mind cannot cross.

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I was kissed from inside and that totally devastated me in the most beautiful way. I couldn't carry on with my life the way it was before. It just started to change and it is still changing, but something inside remains unchanging. I found what is not changing and also what is changing therefore, I can enjoy now. This is what causes a smile to happen that is not just with my lips. It happens with my whole being. Joy is that smile.

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Nikola Tesla

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The Nikola Tesla interview hidden for 116 years!

In 1899, Tesla gave this interview which has rarely ever been published for over 100 years.
In it Tesla pulls no punches and reveals the great conspiracy of science that was well under way, the suppression of ether and the introduction of a new fake science to conceal it as well as to suppress the work of Tesla himself.
Once, in 1899, Nikola Tesla had an interview with a certain journalist, John Smith, when Tesla said, “Everything is the light.” In one of its rays is the fate of nations, each nation has its own ray in that great light source, which we see as the Sun. In this interview this greatest inventor and seer of modern time unravels a new vision of humanity which we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, have created a century later. A must read for every Ascended Master from the PAT.

Part of this interview is dedicated to Tesla’s critics on Einstein’s theory of relativity that discards the ether as energy. I have proved in the new Theory of the Universal Law why Einstein’s theory of relativity is entirely wrong and why there is no vacuum (void), and that everything is energy. Thus I confirm Tesla’s ideas as expressed in this interview.
George, May 7, 2015

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you have gained the glory of the man who got involved in the cosmic processes. Who are you, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: It is a right question, Mr. Smith, and I will try to give you the right answer to it.

Journalist: Some say you’re from the country of Croatia, from the area called Lika, where together with the people are growing trees, rocks and starry sky. They say that your home village is named after the mountain flowers, and that the house, where you were born, is next to the forest and the church.

Tesla: Really, all it true. I’m proud of my Serbian origin and my Croatian homeland.

Journalist: Futurists say that the Twenty-and Twenty First Century was born in head of Nikola Tesla. They celebrate conversely magnetic field and sing hymns to Inductions engine. Their creator was called the hunter who caught the light in his net from the depths of the earth, and the warrior who captured fire from heaven. Father of alternating current will make the Physics and Chemistry dominate half the world. Industry will proclaim him as their supreme saint, a banker for the largest benefactors. In the laboratory of Nikola Tesla for the first time is broken atom.

There is created a weapon that causes the earthquake vibrations. There are discovered black cosmic rays. Five races will pray to him in the Temple of the future, because they had taught a great secret that Empedocles elements can be watered with the life forces from the ethers.

Tesla: Yes, these are some of my most important discoveries. I’m a defeated man. I have not accomplished the greatest thing I could.

Journalist: What is it, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: I wanted to illuminate the whole earth. There is enough electricity to become a second sun. Light would appear around the equator, as a ring around Saturn.

Mankind is not ready for the great and good. In Colorado Springs I soaked the earth by electricity. Also we can water the other energies, such as positive mental energy. They are in the music of Bach or

Mozart, or in the verses of great poets. In the Earth’s interior, there are energy of Joy, Peace and Love. Their expressions are a flower that grows from the Earth, the food we get out of her and everything that makes man’s homeland. I’ve spent years looking for the way that this energy could influence people. The beauty and the scent of roses can be used as a medicine and the sun rays as a food.

Life has an infinite number of forms, and the duty of scientists is to find them in every form of matter. Three things are essential in this. All that I do is a search for them. I know I will not find them, but I will not give up on them.

Journalist: What are these things?

Tesla: One issue is food. What a stellar or terrestrial energy to feed the hungry on Earth? With what wine watered all thirsty, so that they can cheer in their heart and understand that they are Gods?

Another thing is to destroy the power of evil and suffering in which man’s life passes! They sometimes occur as an epidemic in the depths of space. In this century, the disease had spread from Earth in the Universe.

The third thing is: Is there an excess Light in the Universe? I discovered a star that by all the astronomical and mathematical laws could disappear, and that nothing seems to be modified. This star is in this galaxy. Its light can occur in such density that fits into a sphere smaller than an apple, a heavier than our Solar System. Religions and philosophies teach that man can become the Christ, Buddha and

Zoroaster. What I’m trying to prove is wilder, and almost unattainable. This is what to do in the Universe so every being is born as Christ, Buddha or Zoroaster.

I know that gravity is prone to everything you need to fly and my intention is not to make flying devices (aircraft or missiles), but teach individual to regain consciousness on his own wings … Further; I am trying to awake the energy contained in the air. There are the main sources of energy. What is considered as empty space is just a manifestation of matter that is not awakened.

No empty space on this planet, nor in the Universe.. In black holes, what astronomers talk about, are the most powerful sources of energy and life.

Journalist: On the window of your room in hotel “Valdorf-Astoria”, on the thirty-third floor, every morning, the birds arrive.

Tesla: A man must be sentimental towards the birds. This is because of their wings. Human had them once, the real and visible!

Journalist: You have not stopped flying since those distant days in Smiljan!

Tesla: I wanted to fly from the roof and I fell: Children’s calculations could be wrong. Remember, the youth wings have everything in life!

Journalist: Have you ever married? It is not known that you have affection for love or for a woman. Photos from the youth show you were handsome man.

Tesla: Yes. I did not. There are two views: a lot affection or not at all. The center serves to rejuvenate human race. Women for certain people nurtures and strengthen its vitality and spirit. Being single does the same to other people. I chose that second path.

Journalist: Your admirers are complaining that you attacking relativity. The strange is your assertion that the matter has no energy. Everything is imbued with energy, where it is?

Tesla: First was energy, then matter.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, it’s like when you said that you were born by your father, and not on you.

Tesla: Exactly! What about the birth of the Universe? Matter is created from the original and eternal energy that we know as Light .It shone, and there have been appear star, the planets, man, and everything on the Earth and in the Universe. Matter is an expression of infinite forms of Light, because energy is older than it. There are four laws of Creation. The first is that the source of all the baffling, dark plot that the mind cannot conceive, or mathematics measure. In that plot fit the whole Universe.

The second law is spreading a darkness, which is the true nature of Light, from the inexplicable and it’s transformed into the Light. The third law is the necessity of the Light to become a matter of Light.

The fourth law is: no beginning and no end; three previous laws always take place and the Creation is eternal.

Journalist: In the hostility to the theory of relativity you go so far, that you hold lectures against its Creator at your birthday parties..

Tesla: Remember, it is not curved space, but the human mind which cannot comprehend infinity and eternity! If relativity has been clearly understood by its Creator, he would gain immortality, even yet physically, if he is pleased.

I am part of a light, and it is the music. The Light fills my six senses: I see it, hear, feel, smell, touch and think. Thinking of it means my sixth sense. Particles of Light are written note. O bolt of lightning can be an entire sonata. A thousand balls of lightning is a concert.. For this concert

I have created a Ball Lightning, which can be heard on the icy peaks of the Himalayas. About Pythagoras and mathematics a scientist may not and must not infringe of these two. Numbers and equations are signs that mark the music of the spheres. If Einstein had heard these sounds, he would not create theories of relativity. These sounds are the messages to the mind that life has meaning, that the

Universe exists in perfect harmony, and its beauty is the cause and effect of Creation. This music is the eternal cycle of stellar heavens.

The smallest star has completed composition and also, part of the celestial symphony. The man’s heartbeats are part of the symphony on the Earth. Newton learned that the secret is in geometric arrangement and motion of celestial bodies. He recognized that the supreme law of harmony exists in the Universe. The curved space is chaos, chaos is not music. Einstein is the messenger of the time of sound and fury.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, do you hear that music?

Tesla: I hear it all the time. My spiritual ear is as big as the sky we see above us. My natural ear I increased by the radar. According to the Theory of Relativity, two parallel lines will meet in infinity. By that Einstein’s curved will straighten. Once created, the sound lasts forever. For a man it can vanish, but continues to exist in the silence that is man’s greatest power.

No, I have nothing against Mr. Einstein. He is a kind person and has done many good things, some of which will become part of the music. I will write to him and try to explain that the ether exists, and that its particles are what keep the Universe in harmony, and the life in eternity.

Journalist: Tell me, please, under what conditions Angel adopt on the Earth?
Tesla: I have ten of them. Keep good records vigilant.

Journalist: I will document all your words, Dear Mr. Tesla.

Tesla: The first requirement is a high awareness of its mission and work to be done. It must, if only dimly, exist in the early days. Let us not be falsely modest; Oak knows that it is oak tree, a bush beside him being a bush. When I was twelve, I have been sure I will get to Niagara Falls. For most of my discoveries I knew in my childhood that I will achieve them, although not entirely apparent … The second condition to adapt is determination. All that I might, I finished.

Journalist: What is the third condition of adjustment, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: Guidance for all the vital and spiritual energies in labor. Therefore purification of the many effects and needs that man has. I therefore have not lost anything, but just gained.

So I enjoyed every day and night. Write down: Nikola Tesla was a happy man… The fourth requirement is to adjust the physical assembly with a work.

Journalist: What do you mean, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: First, the maintenance of the assembly. Man’s body is a perfect machine. I know my circuit and what’s good for him. Food what nearly all people eat, to me it is harmful and dangerous. Sometimes

I visualize that chefs in the world are all in conspiracy against me … Touch my hand.

Journalist: It was cold.

Tesla: Yes. Bloodstream can be controlled, and many processes in and around us. Why are you frightened young man?

Journalist: It’s a story that Mark Twain wrote a mysterious stranger, that wonderful book of Satan, inspired by you.

Tesla: The word “Lucifer” is more charming. Mr. Twain likes to joke. As a child I was healed once by reading his books. When we met here and told him about, he was so touched that he cried. We became friends and he often came to my lab. Once he requested to show him a machine that by vibration provokes a feeling of bliss. It was one of those inventions for entertainment, what I sometimes like to do.

I warned Mr. Twain as not to remain under these vibrations. He did not listen and stayed longer. It ended by being, like a rocket, holding pants, darted into a certain room. It was a diabolically funny, but I kept the seriousness.

But, to adjust the physical circuit, in addition to food, dream is very important . From a long and exhausting work, which required superhuman effort, after one hour of sleep I’d be fully recovered. I gained the ability to manage sleep, to fell asleep and wake up in the time which I have designated. If I do something what I do not understand, I force myself to think about it in my dream, and thus find a solution.

Tesla: The fifth condition of adjustment is memory. Perhaps in the most people, the brain is keeper of knowledge about the world and the knowledge gained through the life. My brain is engaged in more important things than remembering, it is picking what is required at a given moment. This is all around us. It should only be consumed. Everything that we once saw, hear, read and learn, accompanies us in the form of light particles. To me, these particles are obedient and faithful.

Goethe’s Faust, my favorite book, I learned by heart in German as a student, and now it can all recite. I held my inventions for years ‘in my head “, and only then I realized them.

Journalist: You often mentioned the power of visualization.

Tesla: I might have to thank to visualization for all that I invented. The events of my life and my inventions are real in front of my eyes, visible as each occurrence or the item. In my youth I was frightened of not knowing what it is, but later, I learned to use this power as an exceptional talent and gift. I nurtured it, and jealously guarded. I also made corrections by visualization on most of my inventions, and finish them that way, by visualization I mentally solve complex mathematical equations. For that gift I have, I will receive rank High Lama in Tibet.

My eyesight and hearing are perfect and, dare to say, stronger than other people. I hear the thunder of a hundred fifty miles away, and I see colors in the sky that others cannot see. This enlargement of vision and hearing, I had as a child. Later I consciously developed.

Journalist: In youth you have several times been seriously ill. Is it a disease and a requirement to adapt?

Tesla: Yes. It is often the result of a lack of exhaustion or vital force, but often the purification of mind and body from the toxins that have accumulated. It is necessary that a man suffers from time to time. The source of most disease is in the spirit. Therefore the spirit and can cure most diseases. As a student I got sick of cholera which raged in the region of Lika. I was cured because my father finally allowed me to study technology, which was my life. Illusion for me was not a disease, but the mind’s ability to penetrate beyond the three dimensions of the earth.

I had them all my life, and I have received them as all other phenomena around us. Once, in childhood, I was walking along the river with Uncle and said: “From the water will appear the trout, I’ll throw a stone and it is cut.” That’s what happened. Frightened and amazed, his uncle cried: “Bade retro Satan’s!” He was an educated and he spoke in Latin …

I was in Paris when I saw my mother’s death. In the sky, full of light and music floated are wonderful creatures. One of them had a mother’s character, who was looking at me with infinite love. As the vision disappeared, I knew that my mother died.

Journalist: What is the seventh adjustment, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: The knowledge of how the mental and vital energy transform into what we want, and achieve control over all feelings. Hindus call it Kundalini Yoga. This knowledge can be learned, for what they need many years or is acquired by birth. The most of them I acquired by birth. They are in the closest connection with a sexual energy that is after the most widespread in the Universe. The woman is the biggest thief of that energy, and thus the spiritual power.

I’ve always knew that and was alerted. Of myself I created what I wanted: a thoughtful and spiritual machine.

Journalist: A ninth adjustment, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: Do everything that any day, any moment, if possible, not to forget who we are and why we are on Earth. Extraordinary people who are struggling with illness, privation, or the society which hurts them with its stupidity, misunderstanding, persecution and other problems which the country is full of a swamps with insects, leaves behind unclaimed until the end of the work. There are many fallen angels on Earth.

Journalist: What is the tenth adaptation?

Tesla: It is most important. Write that Mr. Tesla played. He played the whole of his life and enjoyed it.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla! Whether it relates to your findings and your work? Is this a game?

Tesla: Yes, dear boy. I have so loved to play with electricity! I always cringe when I hear about the one also the Greek who stole fire. A terrible story about studding, and eagles peck at his liver. Did Zeus did not have enough lightning and thunder, and was damaged for one fervor? There is some misunderstanding…

Lightning are the most beautiful toys that can be found. Do not forget that in your text stand out: Nikola Tesla was the first man who discovered lightning.
Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you’re just talking about angels and their adaptation to the Earth.

Tesla: Am I? This is the same. You could write this: he dared to take upon himself the prerogatives of Indri, Zeus and Peron. Imagine one of these gods in a black evening suit, with the bowler hat and wearing white cotton gloves prepares lightning, fires and earthquakes to the New York City elite!

Journalist: Readers love the humor of our paper. But you confuse me stating that your findings, which have immense benefits for the people, representing the game. Many will frown on it.

Tesla: Dear Mr. Smith, the trouble is that people are too serious. If they were not, they would be happier and much longer would have lived. Chinese proverb says that the seriousness reduces life. Visiting the inn Tai Pe guessed that he visits the Imperial Palace. But that the newspaper readers would not have frowned, let’s get back to things which they consider important.

Journalist: They would love to hear what your philosophy is.

Tesla: Life is a rhythm that must be comprehended. I feel the rhythm and direct on it and pamper in it. It was very grateful and gave me the knowledge I have. Everything that lives is related to a deep and wonderful relationship: man and the stars, amoebas’ and the sun, the heart and the circulation of an infinite number of worlds. These ties are unbreakable, but they can be tame and to propitiate and begin to create new and different relationships in the world, and that does not violate the old.

Knowledge comes from space; our vision is its most perfect set. We have two eyes: the earthly and spiritual. It is recommended that it become one eye. Universe is alive in all its manifestations, like a thinking animal.

Stone is a thinking and sentient being, such as plant, beast and a man. A star that shines asked to look at, and if we are not a sizeable self-absorbed we would understand its language and message. His breathing, his eyes and ears of the man must comply with breathing, eyes and ears of the Universe.

Journalist: As you say this, it seems to me like I hear Buddhist texts, words or Taoist Parazulzusa.

Tesla: That’s right! This means that there is general knowledge and truth that man has always possessed. In my feeling and experience, the Universe has only one substance and one supreme energy with an infinite number of manifestations of life. The best thing is that the discovery of a secret nature, reveals the other.

One cannot hide, there are around us, but we are blind and deaf to them. If we emotionally tie ourselves to them, they come to us themselves. There are a lot of apples, but one Newton. He asked for just one apple that fell in front of him.

Journalist: A question that might be set at the beginning of this conversation. What was Electricity for you, Dear Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: Everything is Electricity. First was the light, endless source from which points out material and distribute it in all forms that represent the Universe and the Earth with all its aspects of life. Black is the true face of Light, only we do not see this. It is remarkable grace to man and other creatures. One of its particles possesses light, thermal, nuclear, radiation, chemical, mechanical and an unidentified energy.

It has the power to run the Earth with its orbit. It is true Archimedean lever.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you’re too biased towards electricity.

Tesla: Electricity I am. Or, if you wish, I am the electricity in the human form. You are Electricity; too Mr. Smith, but you do not realize it.

Journalist: Is it thus your ability to allow fails of electricity of one million volts trough your body?

Tesla: Imagine a gardener who is attacked by herbs. This would indeed be crazy. Man’s body and brain are made from a large amount energy; in me there is the majority of electricity. The energy that is different in everyone is what makes the human “I” or “soul”. For other creatures to their essence, “soul” of the plant is the “soul” of minerals and animals.

Brain function and death is manifested in light. My eyes in youth were black, now blue, and as time goes on and strain the brain gets stronger, they are closer to white. White is the color of heaven.

Through my window one morning, landed a white dove, which I fed. She wanted to bring me a word that she was dying. From her eyes the light jets were coming out. Never in the eyes of any creature had I not seen so much light, as in that pigeon.

Journalist: Personnel in your lab speak about flashes of light, flames and lightning that occur if you are angry or into kind of risk.

Tesla: It is the psychic discharge or a warning to be alert. The light was always on my side. Do you know how I discovered the rotating magnetic field and induction motor, which made me became famous when I was twenty-six? One summer evening in Budapest, I watched with my friend Sigetijem sunset.

Thousands of fire was turning around in thousands of flaming colors. I remembered Faust and recited his verses and then, as in a fog, I saw spinning magnetic field, and induction motor. I saw them in the sun!

Journalist: Hotel service telling that at the time of lightning you isolate into the room and talk to yourselves.

Tesla: I talk with lightning and thunder.

Journalist: With them? What language, Mr.Tesla?

Tesla: Mostly my native language. It has the words and sounds, especially in poetry, what is suitable for it.

Journalist: Readers of our magazine would be very grateful if you would interpret that.

Tesla: The sound does not exist only in the thunder and lightning, but, in transformation into the brightness and color. A color can be heard. Language is of the words, which means that it is from the sounds and colors. Every thunder and lightning are different and have their names. I call some of them by the names of those who were close in my life, or by those whom I admire.

In the sky brightness and thunder live my mother, sister, brother Daniel, a poet Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj and other persons of Serbian history. Names such AsIsaiah, Ezekiel, Leonardo, Beethoven, Goya,

Faraday, Pushkin and all burning fires mark shoals and tangles of lightning and thunder, which does not stop all night bringing to the Earth precious rain and burning trees or villages.

There is lightning and thunder, and they are the brightest and most powerful, that will not vanish. They are coming back and I recognize them among the thousands.

Journalist: For you, science or poetry is the same?

Tesla: These are the two eyes of one person. William Blake was taught that the Universe was born from the imagination, that it maintains and it will exist as long as there is a last man on the Earth. With it was a wheel to which astronomers can collect the stars of all galaxies. It is the creative energy identical to the light energy.

Journalist: Imagination is more real to you than life itself?

Tesla: It gives birth to the life. I have fed by my taught; I’ve learned to control emotions, dreams and visions. I have always cherished, as I nurtured my enthusiasm. All my long life I spent in ecstasy. That was the source of my happiness. It helped me during all these years to bear with work, which was enough for the five lives. The best is to work at night, because the stellar light, and close bond.

Journalist: You said that I am, like every being, the Light. This flatter me, but I confess, I do not quite understand.

Tesla: Why would you need to understand, Mr. Smith? Suffice it to believe it. Everything is light. In one its ray is the fate of nations, each nation has its own ray in what great light source we see as the sun. And remember: no one who was there did not die. They transformed into the light, and as such exist still. The secret lies in the fact that the light particles restore their original state.

Journalist: This is the resurrection!

Tesla: I prefer to call it: return to a previous energy. Christ and several others knew the secret. I am searching how to preserve human energy. It is forms of Light, sometimes straight like heavenly light. I have not looked for it for my own sake, but for the good of all. I believe that my discoveries make people’s lives easier and more bearable, and channel them to spirituality and morality.

Journalist: Do you think that time can be abolished?

Tesla: Not quite, because the first feature of the energy is that it transforms. It is in perpetual transformation, as clouds of Taoists. But it is possible to leverage the fact that a man preserves consciousness after the earthly life. In every corner of the universe exist energy of life; one of them is immortality, whose origin is outside of man, waiting for him.
The universe is spiritual; we are only half that way. The Universe is more moral than us, because we do not know his nature and how to harmonize our lives with it. I am not scientist, science is perhaps the most convenient way to find the answer to the question that always haunt me, and which my days and nights turned into fire.

Journalist: What’s the matter?

Tesla: How are your eyes brightened!… What I wanted to know is: what happens to a falling star as the sun goes out? Stars fall like dust or seed in this or in other worlds, and the sun be scattered in our minds, in the lives of many beings, what will be reborn as a new light, or cosmic wind scattered in infinity.
I understand that this is necessary included in the structure of the Universe. The thing is, though, is that one of these stars and one of these suns, even the smallest, preserves.

Journalist: But, Mr. Tesla, you realize that this is necessary and is included in the constitution of the world!

Tesla: When a man becomes concuss; that his highest goal must be to run for a shooting star, and tries to capture it; shall understand that his life was given to him because of this and will be saved. Stars will eventually be capable to catch!

Journalist: And what will happen then?

Tesla: The creator will laugh and say: ”It fall only that you chase her and grab her.”

Journalist: Isn’t all of this contrary to the cosmic pain, which so often you mention in your writings? And what is it cosmic pain?

Tesla: No, because we are on Earth … It is an illness whose existence the vast majority of people are not aware of. Hence, many other illnesses, suffering, evil, misery, wars and everything else what makes human life an absurd and horrible condition. This disease cannot be completely cured, but awareness shall make it less complicated and hazardous. Whenever one of my close and dear people were hurt, I felt physical pain. This is because our bodies are made as of similar material, and our soul related with unbreakable strands. Incomprehensible sadness that overwhelmed us at times means that somewhere, on the other side on this planet, a child or generous man died.

The entire Universe is in certain periods sick of itself, and of us. Disappearance of a star and the appearance of comets affect us more than we can imagine. Relationships among the creatures on the

Earth are even stronger, because of our feelings and thoughts the flower will scent even more beautiful or will fall in silence.

These truths we must learn in order to be healed. Remedy is in our hearts and evenly, in the heart of the animals that we call the Universe.

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When not being your Self becomes far too painful,
Self-discovery becomes vital.
It seems we can live in exile
from our own true nature for a while.
It is the play of life after all.
Actually, we cannot do it.
We can only dream it, or believe it into existence
and suffer our own projection.
Such exile would be akin to saying
that space has forgotten itself
and imagines that it is only the wind.
Space imagining itself to be blowing
when actually it is only the wind that is blowing
—what delusion.
When the wind is not blowing,
does space ‘become’ space again?
Is space not always unchanging?
Wind or no wind, what concern is that to space?
Likewise, you are only a person
when you imagine you are a person.
When you cease believing you are a person,
there is no person and no confusion.
When the wind is not blowing,
who speaks of the wind?
You are none of this, O Divine Awareness.

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Annamalai Swami

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Even our desire to transcend our vasanas is a vasana. When we think 'I must meditate' or 'I must make an effort' we are just organizing a fight between two different vasanas. You can only escape the habits of the mind by abiding in consciousness as consciousness.
Be who you are.
Be as you are.
Just be still.
Ignore all the vasanas that rise in the mind and instead fix your attention in the Self. Vasanas are habits of the mind. They are the mistaken identifications and the repeated thought patterns that occur again and again. It is the vasanas which cover up the experience of the Self. Vasanas arise, catch your attention, and pull you outwards towards the world rather than inwards towards the Self. This happens so often and so continuously that the mind never gets a chance to rest or to understand its real nature.
Cocks like to claw the ground. It is a perpetual habit with them. Even if they are standing on bare rock they still try to scratch the ground.
Vasanas function in much the same way. They are habits and
patterns of thought that appear again and again even if they are not wanted.
Most of our ideas and thoughts are incorrect. When they rise habitually as vasanas they brainwash us into thinking that they are true. The fundamental vasanas such as 'I am the body' or 'I am the mind' have appeared in us so many times that we automatically accept that they are true. .

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When you find your Guru, it should not be a long relationship. I wonder if you understand that. A Guru is not some talisman that you keep. It means that it will not be a long relationship. .., Suppose you bring a hungry lion (like we say); you bring one deer in front of hungry lion. Oh, dear. Who is going to remain? You can guess.

So, like this; the relationship should be like that. Not that 'Oh, yes, now I have someone to tell me and to show me'. No, no. It is to merge the 'person' into its own Source, its own Beingness. That's the Guru, to merge the 'person' into its own Beingness or to transcend the personal idea of self.

~ Mooji
12th Mar. 2017

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Essene Teachings

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The Essene Book of Revelations
Translated by E B Szekely

Behold, the Angel of the Air shall bring him,
And every eye shall see him,
And the brotherhood,
All the vast brotherhood of the Earth
Shall raise their voice as one and sing,
Because of him.

"I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End;
What is, what was, and what is to come."

And the voice spoke, and I turned to see
The voice that spoke to me,
And being turned, I saw seven golden candles;
And in the midst of their blazing light
I saw someone like a son of man,
Clothed in white, white as the snow.
And his voice filled the air with the sound of rushing water;
And in his hands were seven stars,
And when he spoke, his face was streaming light,
Blazing and golden like a thousand suns.
And he said, "Fear not, I am the first and the last;
I am the beginning and the end.
Write the things that you have seen,
And the things that are, and the things that will come after;
The mystery of the seven stars which fill my hands,
And the seven golden candles, blazing with eternal light.
The seven stars are the Angels of the Heavenly Father,
And the seven stars are the Angels of the Earthly Mother.
And the spirit of man is the flame
That streams between the starlight and the glowing candle;
A bridge of holy light between Heaven and Earth."

These things said he who held the seven stars in his hands,
Who walked within the flames of the seven golden candles.
He that has an ear, let him hear what the spirit said:
"To him that overcomes I will allow to eat from the tree of life,
That stands in the midst of the shining paradise of God."

And then I looked, and behold,
A door was opened in heaven:
And a voice which sounded from all sides, like a trumpet,
Spoke to me: "Come up here,
And I will show you the things which must be hereafter."

And immediately I was there, in spirit,
At the threshold of the open door.
And I entered through the open door
Into a sea of blazing light.
And in the midst of the blinding ocean of radiance was a throne:
And on the throne sat one whose face was hidden.
And there was a rainbow around about the throne,
Which looked like emerald.
And round about the throne were thirteen seats:
And upon the seats I saw thirteen elders sitting,
Clothed in white raiment;
And there faces were hidden by swirling clouds of light.
And seven lamps of fire burned before the throne,
The fire of the Earthly Mother.
And seven stars of heaven shone before the throne,
The fire of the Heavenly Father.
And before the throne
There was a sea of glass like crystal:
And reflected within it
Were all the mountains and valleys of the Earth,
And all the creatures abiding therein.
And the thirteen elders bowed down before the splendour of him
Who sat upon the throne, whose face was hidden,
And rivers of light streamed from their hands, one to the other,
And they cried, "Holy, Holy, Holy,
Lord God Almighty,
Which was, and is, and is to come.
Thou art worthy, O Lord,
To receive glory and honour and power:
For thou hast created all things."
And then I saw in the right hand
Of him that sat on the throne,
A book written within and on the back,
Sealed with seven seals.
And I wept, because the book could not be opened,
Nor was I able to read what there was written.
And one of the elders said to me, 'Weep not.
Reach out your hand and take the book.'
And I reached out my hand and touched the book.
And behold, the cover lifted,
And my hands touched the golden pages,
And my eyes beheld the mystery of the seven seals.

And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels
Round about the throne,
And the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand,
And thousands of thousands, saying with a loud voice,
"All glory, and wisdom, and strength,
and power forever and ever,
To him who shall reveal the Mystery of Mysteries."
And I saw the swirling clouds of golden light
Stretching like a fiery bridge between my hands,
And the hands of the thirteen elders,
And the feet of him who sat on the throne,
Whose face was hidden.

And I opened the first seal.
And I saw, and beheld the Angel of the Air,
And between her lips flowed the breath of life,
And she knelt over the earth
And gave to man the winds of wisdom,
And man breathed in.
And when he breathed out, the sky darkened,
And the sweet air became fetid,
And clouds of evil smoke hung low over all the earth.
And I turned my face away in shame.

And I opened the second seal.
And I saw, and beheld the Angel of the Water.
And between her lips flowed the water of life,
And she knelt over the Earth
And gave to man an ocean of love.
And man entered the clear and shining waters.
And when he touched the water, the clear streams darkened,
And the crystal waters became thick with slime,
And the fish lay gasping in the foul blackness,
And all the creatures died of thirst.
And I turned my face away in shame.

And I opened the third seal.
And I saw and beheld the Angel of the Sun.
And between her lips flowed the light of life,
And she knelt over the earth
And gave to man the Fires of Power.
And the strength of the Sun entered the heart of man,
And he took the power, and made with it a false sun,
And he spread the fires of destruction,
Burning the forests,
Laying waste the green valleys,
Leaving only charred bones of his brothers.
And I turned away in shame.

And I opened the fourth seal.
And I saw, and beheld the Angel of Joy.
And between her lips flowed the music of life,
And she knelt over the Earth
And gave to man the song of peace.
And peace and joy like music
Flowed through the soul of man.
But he heard only the harsh discord of sadness and discontent,
And he lifted up his sword
And cut off the heads of the singers.
And I turned my face away in shame.

And I opened the fifth seal.
And I saw, and beheld the Angel of Life.
And between her lips
Flowed the holy alliance between God and Man,
And she knelt over the Earth
And gave to man the gift of Creation.
And man created a sickle of iron in the shape of a serpent,
And the harvest he reaped was of hunger and death.
And I turned my face away in shame.

And I opened the sixth seal.
And I saw, and beheld the Angel of the Earth.
And between her lips flowed the river of eternal life,
And she knelt over the Earth
And gave to man the secret of eternity,
And told him to open his eyes
And behold the mysterious Tree of Life in the Endless Sea.
But man lifted up his hand and put out his own eyes,
And said there is no eternity.
And I turned my face away in shame.

And I opened the seventh seal.
And I saw, and beheld the Angel of the Earthly Mother.
And she brought with her a message of blazing light
From the throne of the Heavenly Father.
And this message was for the ears of Man alone,
He who walks between the Earth and Heaven,
And into the ear of man was whispered the message.
And he did not hear.
But I did not turn away my face in shame.
Lo, I reached out my hand to the wings of the angel,
And turned my voice to heaven saying,
"Tell me the message. For I would eat of the fruit
Of the Tree of Life that grows in the Sea of Eternity."

And the angel looked upon me with great sadness,
And there was silence in Heaven.

And then I heard a voice,
Which was like the voice that sounded like a trumpet,
Saying, "O Man, would you look upon the evil you have done
When you turned your face away from the throne of God?
When you did not make use of the gifts
Of the seven Angels of the Earthly Mother,
And the seven angels of the Heavenly Father?"

And a terrible pain seized me
As I felt within me the souls of all those
Who had blinded themselves,
So as to see only their own desires of the flesh.
And I saw the seven angels who stood before God;
And to them were given seven trumpets
And another angel came and stood at the alter,
Having a golden censer;
And there was given to him much incense,
That he should offer it with the prayers of all the angels
Upon the golden alter that was before the throne.

And the smoke of the incense ascended up before God
Out of the angels hand.
And the angel took the censer,
And filled it with fire of the alter,
And cast it onto the Earth,
And there were voices and thunderings,
And lightnings, and earthquakes.
And the seven angels that had the seven trumpets
Prepared themselves to sound.

The first angel sounded,
And there followed hail and fire mixed with blood,
And they were cast upon the Earth.
And the green forests and trees were burnt up,
And all the green grass shrivelled to cinders.

The second angel sounded,
And a great mountain burning with fire
Was cast into the sea
And blood rose from the earth as a vapour.

And the fourth angel sounded,
And there was a great earthquake;
And the sun became as black as sackcloth of hair,
And the moon became as blood.

And the fifth angel sounded
And the stars of heaven fell onto the earth
Like figs from fig tree
Shaken by a mighty wind.

And the sixth angel sounded
And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together.
And over the whole earth there was not one tree,
Nor one flower, nor one blade of grass.
And I stood on the earth,
And my feet sank into the soil,
soft and thick with blood,
Stretching as far as the eye could see.
And all over the earth was silence.

And the seventh angel sounded.
And I saw a mighty being come down from Heaven,
Clothed with a cloud;
And a rainbow on his head,
And his face was as is it were the Sun,
And his feet were pillars of fire.
And he had in his hand a book open:
And he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth,
And he cried with aloud voice, which was wondrous to hear:
'O Man, would you have this vision come to pass?'
And I answered, 'You know I would do anything
So that these terrible things might not come to pass.'

And he spoke: "Man has created these powers of destruction.
He has made them from his own mind.
He has turned his face away
From the angels of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother,
And he has fashioned his own destruction."

And I spoke: "Then is there no hope, bright angel?"
And a blazing light streamed like a river from his hands
As he answered, "There is always hope,
O thou for whom Heaven and Earth were created."

And then the angel,
He who stood upon the sea and upon the earth,
Lifted up his hand to heaven,
And swore by him who lives for ever and ever,
Who created heaven and the things that therein are,
And the Earth, and the things that therein are,
And the sea, and the things that are therein,
That there should be time no longer:
But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel,
When he shall begin to sound,
The mystery of God should be revealed to those
Who have eaten from the Tree of Life
Which stands forever in the Eternal Sea.

And the voice spoke again saying:
"Go take the book that is in the hand of the angel,
who stands upon the sea and upon the earth."
And I went to the angel, and said to him,
"Give me the book,
For I would eat from the Tree of Life
Which stands in the middle of the Eternal Sea."
And the angel gave to me the book,
And I opened the book, and I read therein
What had always been, what was now, and what would come to pass.

I saw the holocaust that would engulf the Earth,
And the great destruction
That would drown all her people in oceans of blood.
And I saw too the eternity of man
And the endless forgiveness of the Almighty.
The souls of men were as blank pages in the book,
Always ready for a new song to be there inscribed.

And I lifted up my face
To the seven Angels of the Earthly Mother
And the seven Angels of the Heavenly Father,
And I felt my feet touching the holy brow of the Earthly Mother,
And my fingers touching the holy feet of the Heavenly Father,
And I uttered a hymn of thanksgiving:
"I thank thee, heavenly father,
Because thou hast put me at a source of running streams,
At a living spring in a land of drought,
Watering an eternal garden of wonders,
The Tree of Life, Mystery of mysteries,
Growing everlasting branches for eternal planting,
To sink their roots into the stream of life from an eternal source.
And thou, Heavenly Father,
Protect their fruits
With the angels of day and night,
And with flames of Eternal Light lighting every way.

But again the voice spoke,
And again my eyes were drawn away
From the splendours of the realm of light,
"Heed thou, O man!
You may walk on the right path
And walk in the presence of the angels,
You may sing of the Earthly Mother by day
And of the Heavenly Father by night,
And through your being course the golden stream of the Law,
But would you leave your brothers
To plunge through the gaping chasm of blood,
As the pain-wracked Earth shudders and groans
Under her chains of stone?
Can you drink from the cup of eternal life
While your brothers die of thirst?"

And my heart was heavy with compassion.
And I looked, and lo,
There appeared a great wonder in heaven:
A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet,
And upon her head a crown of seven stars.
And I knew she was the source of running streams
And the mother of the forests.

And I stood upon the sand of the sea,
And saw a beast rise up out of the sea,
And from his nostrils wafted foul and loathsome air,
And where he rose from the sea, the clear waters turned to slime,
And his body was covered with black and steaming stone.

And the woman clothed with the sun
Reached out her arms to the beast,
And the beast drew near and embraced her.
And lo, her skin of pearl withered beneath his foul breath,
And her back was broken by his arms of crushing rock,
And with tears of blood she sank into the pool of slime.

And from the mouth of this beast there poured armies of men,
Brandishing swords and fighting, one with the other.
And they fought with a terrible anger,
And they cut off their own limbs and clawed out their own eyes,
Until they fell into the pit of slime,
Screaming in agony and pain.

And I stepped to the edge of the pool and reached down my hand,
And I could see the swirling maelstrom of blood,
And the men therein, trapped like flies in a web.
And I spoke in a loud voice, saying,
"Brothers, drop your swords and take hold of my hand.
Leave off this defiling and desecration
Of she who has given thee birth,
And he who has given thee thy inheritance.
For you the days of buying and selling are over
And over, too, the days of hunting and killing.
For he that leadeth into captivity will go into captivity,
And he who kills with the sword must be killed by the sword.
And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn
Because no man buys their merchandise any more.
The merchants of gold, and silver, and precious stones,
And of pearls, and fine linen, and purple dyes, and silk, and scarlet,
And marble, and beasts, and sheep, and horses,
And chariots, and slaves, and souls of men,
All these things you cannot buy and sell,
For all is buried in a sea of blood
Because you have turned your back on your father and mother,
And worshipped the beast who would build a paradise of stone.
Drop thy swords, my brothers, and take hold of my hand!"

And as our fingers clasped,
I saw in the distance a great city,
White and shining on the far horizon, glowing alabaster,
And there were voices and thunders, and lightnings,
And there was a great earthquake,
Such as was not since men were on the Earth,
So mighty an earthquake, and so great.
And the great city was divided into three parts,
And the cities of the nations fell.
And the great city came in remembrance before God
To give unto her the cup of the wine
Of the fierceness of his wrath,

And every island fled away,
And the mountains were not found,
And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven,
Every stone about the weight of a talent.
And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone,
And threw it into the sea, saying,
"Thus, with violence shall the great city be thrown down,
And shall be found no more at all.'

And the voice of harpists, and musicians, and of pipers,
And of singers, and trumpeters,
Shall be heard no more in thee;
And no craftsmen, of whatever craft he be,
Shall be found anymore in thee;
And the sound of the millstone shall be heard no more in thee.
And the light of the candle will shine no more in thee
And the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride
Shall be heard no more in thee
For your merchants were great men of the Earth;
By there sorceries all nations were deceived.
And in her was found the blood of prophets and saints,
And all those who were slain upon Earth.

And my brothers laid hold of my hand,
And they struggled out of the pool of slime
And stood bewildered on the sea of sand,
And the skies opened and washed their naked bodies with rain.
And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters,
And as the voice of great thunder:
And I heard the sound of harpists playing their harps,
And they sang a new song before the throne.

And I saw another angel fly in the midst of Heaven,
Having the songs of day and night
And the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on the Earth,
Unto them that have climbed from the pit of slime,
And stand naked and washed by rain before the throne.
And the angel cried out, "Fear God, and give glory to him;
For the hour of his judgement has come:
And worship him that made Heaven and Earth,
And the sea, and the fountains of waters."

And I saw Heaven open, and beheld a white horse;
And he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True,
And in righteousness he does judge.
His eyes were like a flame of fire,
And on his head were many crowns,
And he was cloaked in blazing light
And his feet were bare.
And his name is called the Word of God.
And the holy brotherhood followed him upon white horses,
Clothed in fine linen, white and clean.
And they entered the eternal Infinite Garden,
In whose midst stood the Tree of Life.

And the rain washed naked throngs came before them,
Trembling to receive their judgement.
For their sins were many, and they had defiled the Earth,
Yea, they had destroyed the creatures of the land and sea,
Poisoned the ground, fouled the air,
And buried alive the mother who had given them birth.

But, I saw not what befell them, for my vision changed,
And I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth;
For the first Heaven and the first Earth had passed away;
And there was no more sea.
And I saw the holy city of the brotherhood
Coming down from God out of Heaven,
Prepared like a bride adorned for her husband.
And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying:
"Lo, the mountain of the Lord's house
Is established in the top of the mountains
And is exalted above the hills;
And all people shall flow to it.
Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
To the house of God;
And he will teach us of his ways,
And we will walk in his paths:
For out of the Holy Brotherhood shall go forth the Law.
Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men,
And he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people,
And God himself will be with them, and be their God.'
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;
And there shall be no more death,
Neither sorrow, nor crying,
Neither shall there be any more pain:
For the former things have all passed away.
Those who made war shall beat their swords into ploughshares,
And their spears into pruning hooks:
Nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
Neither shall they learn war anymore:
For the former things have passed away.

And he spoke again: "Behold I make all things new.
I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.
I will give to him that thirsts at the Fountain of the Water of Life freely.
He who overcomes shall inherit all things,
And I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
But the fearful, and the unbelieving,
And the abominable, and murderers, and all liars,
Shall dig their own pit which burns with fire and brimstone."

And again my vision changed,
And I heard the voices of the holy brotherhood raised in song,
Saying, "Come ye, and let us walk in the light of the Law."
And I saw the Holy City,
And the brothers were streaming to it.
And the city had no need of the sun,
Neither of the moon to shine on it:
For the glory of God did lighten it.

And I saw the pure river of the Water of Life,
Clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God.
And in the middle of the river stood the Tree of Life,
Which bore fourteen kinds of fruits,
And yielded her fruit to those who would eat of it,
And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

And there shall be no night there;
And they need no candle, neither light of the sun,
For the Lord gives them light:
And they shall reign for ever and ever.

I have reached the inner vision
And through thy spirit in me
I have heard thy wondrous secret.
Through thy mystic insight
Thou hast caused a spring of knowledge
To well up within me,
A fountain of power pouring forth living waters;
A flood of love and all embracing wisdom
Like the splendour of eternal light.

Source: http://reluctant-messenger.com/essene/revelation.htm

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No society wants you to become wise: it is against the investment of all societies. If people are wise they cannot be exploited. If they are intelligent they cannot be subjugated, they cannot be forced in a mechanical life, to live like robots. They will assert their individuality. They will have the fragrance of rebellion around them. They will like to live in freedom. Freedom comes with wisdom, intrinsically. They are inseparable, and no society wants people to be free. The communist society, the fascist society, the capitalist society, the Hindu, the Mohammedan, the Christian — no society — would like people to use their own intelligence because the moment they start using their intelligence they become dangerous — dangerous to the establishment, dangerous to the people who are in power, dangerous to the ‘haves’; dangerous to all kinds of oppression, exploitation, suppression; dangerous to the churches, dangerous to the states, dangerous to the nations. In fact, a wise man is afire, alive, aflame. But he cannot sell his life, he cannot serve them. He would like rather to die than to be enslaved.

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Jesus Christ

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And when once we see with the eyes of wisdom and hear with the ears of understanding the ageless truths of the Holy Scrolls, then must we go among the Sons of Men and teach them, for if we jealously hide the holy knowledge, pretending that it belongs only to us, then we are as one who finds a spring high in the mountains, and rather than let it flow into the valley to quench the thirst of man and beast, buries it under rocks and dirt, thereby robbing himself of water, as well. Go among the Sons of Men and tell them of the Holy Law, that they may thereby save themselves and enter the heavenly kingdoms. But tell them in words they may understand, in parables from nature that speak to the heart, for the deed must first arise as desire in one's heart.

After this manner, therefore, pray to your Heavenly Father, when the sun is high at midday: 'Our Father who art in heaven, send to all the Sons of Men your angel of Peace; and send to our knowledge the angel of Wisdom, that we may walk in the paths of the Great Ones who have seen the face of God.'

~ Jesus Christ
The Essene Gospel of Peace
Book Four: The Teachings of the Elect
Source: http://www.essene.com/GospelOfPeace/peace4.html

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Иисус Христос

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Когда узрим мы однажды очами мудрости и услышим ушами понимания нестареющие истины священных свитков, тогда должны будем мы жить среди Сынов Человеческих и научать их, ибо ревниво храня священное знание и делая вид, что принадлежит оно лишь нам одним, мы уподобляемся нашедшему источник воды высоко в горах, который, вместо того чтобы позволить воде стекать в долину, утоляя жажду человеков и зверей, хоронит его под скалами и грязью, лишая воды и себя самого. Живите средь Сынов Человеческих и говорите им о священном Законе, дабы так спасли они себя и вступили в царства небесные. Но говорите им такими словами, дабы понимать они могли вас, повествуйте им притчи о природе, говорящими с их сердцем, ибо деяние должно прежде возникнуть как желание в сердце.

Посему молитесь Отцу вашему Небесному, когда Солнце в полдень высоко в небе: "Отче наш Небесный, направь всем Сынам Человеческим своего Ангела Мира и пошли ради знания нам Ангела Мудрости, дабы ступали мы по тем стезям, по которым ступали великие, лицезревшие Господа".

Иисус Христос
Книга четвертая: УЧЕНИЯ ИЗБРАННЫХ
Source: http://essenes.narod.ru/Evangelie_Mira_part4.htm

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Hidden tendencies arise to leave when you are Quiet,
so it is a good sign when vasanas arise.
Do not be dismayed because they are Self.
Let vasanas arise, they do not exist.
The world is a playground for the wise
and a graveyard for the foolish.
Let the vasanas play, they are transient imaginations
and even the "I" to which they occur is imagination itself.
Abide as Substratum and allow circumstances to come and go.
Stay Quiet with no intention, no notion,
not even inquire for Freedom, and don't utter the word "I."
Then the gods and demons of the vasanas will vanish.

Your true nature does not come and go.
Play with what comes and goes.
When they arise they will disappear.
Allow them to go away.
Let things happen through mind-ego
and just stay Quiet as they happen,
with the firm conviction: I Am I Am.

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Through the power and grace of the master, the identity you feel is yours is becoming more light, more distant—passing. One day you will ask, “Who am I?” but instead of an answer, an old perspective once disguised as a person will no longer be found.
In that moment you will find yourself established in your true nature.

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