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Yoga Vashishta

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VASISTHA: Since the absolute Brahman in its undifferentiated state pervades everything, everything is in an undifferentiated state. When that of its own accord condenses, the cosmic mind is born. In that mind there arises the intention of the existence of the different elements in their extremely subtle state. The totality of all this is the luminous cosmic person who is known as Brahma the creator. Hence, this Creator is none other than the cosmic mind.

O Rama, all objects and substances in this universe have emerged in Brahman the absolute, just as waves manifest in the ocean. In this uncreated universe the mind of Brahma the creator perceives itself as the egotism, and thus does Brahma the cosmic mind become Brahma the creator of the universe. The power of that cosmic mind alone appears to be the diverse forces in the universe. Infinite numbers of diverse creatures manifest themselves in this cosmic mind, and they are then known as diverse jiva.

When these diverse jiva arise in the infinite space of consciousness, seemingly composed of the elements, into each of the bodies consciousness enters through the aperture of life-force, and then forms the seed of all bodies, both moving and unmoving. Then birth as individuals takes place, each individual being accidentally (like a crow alighting and a coconut falling) brought into contact with different potentialities whose expression gives rise to the law of cause and effect, and then to rise and fall in evolution. Desire alone is thereafter the cause of all this.

O Rama, such is this forest known as world appearance: he who cuts its very root with the axe of investigation (inquiry) is freed from it. Some arrive at this understanding soon, others after a very long time.

O Rama, I shall now describe to you the divisions of beings into the best, the worst and the middling, as it happened in the beginning of this cycle of creation.

The first and foremost among the creatures are born of noble practices. They are naturally good and devoted to good deeds. They reach liberation in a few lifetimes. They are full of the quality of purity and light (satva).

The middling type are the ones who are full of the quality of dynamism and desire (rajas). When such people are close enough to liberation that on their departure from this world they reach it, they have a mixture of rajas and satva.

They who even after a thousand births are still in darkness, unawakened, are known as beings of darkness (tamas). They may take a long time to reach liberation. By the will of the infinite Brahman all these beings seem to arise and then dissolve in it.

When the cosmic mind manifested itself in the absolute Brahman, at that very instant the natural tendencies of diverse beings and their behavior were born, and the embodied beings came to be regarded as jiva. There is no division between mind and action. Before it is projected as action it arises in the mind, with the mind itself as its ’body'. Hence, action is nothing but the movement of energy in consciousness, and it inevitably bears its own fruit. When such action comes to an end, mind comes to an end, too: and when the mind ceases to be, there is no action. This applies only to the liberated sage, not to others.

Mind is the only perception, and perception is movement in consciousness. The expression of this movement is action, and fruition follows this. Whatever the mind thinks of, the organs of action strive to materialize hence, again, mind is action. However, mind, intellect, egotism, individualized consciousness, action, fancy, birth and death, latent tendencies, knowledge, effort, memory, the senses, nature, Maya or illusion, activity and such other words are but words without corresponding reality: the sole reality is the infinite consciousness in which these concepts are conceived to exist. All these concepts have arisen when, by accidental coincidence (the crow dislodging the coconut), infinite consciousness in a moment of self-forgetfulness viewed itself as the object of perception.

When thus veiled by nescience, the same consciousness views diversity in an agitated state and identifies objects as such, it is known as mind. When it is firmly established in the conviction of a certain perception it is known as intellect (or intelligence). When it ignorantly and foolishly identifies itself as an existent separate individual, it is known as egotism. When it abandons consistent inquiry, allowing itself to play with countless thoughts coming and going, it is known as individualized consciousness (or mind-stuff).

Whereas pure movement in consciousness is karma or action without an independent doer, when it pursues the fruition of such action it is known as karma (action). When it entertains the notion ’I have seen this before’ in relation to something either seen or unseen, it is known as memory. When the effects of past enjoyments continue to remain in the field of consciousness though the effects themselves are unseen, it is known as latent tendency (or potentiality). When it is conscious of the truth that the vision of division is the product of ignorance, it is known as knowledge. On the other hand, when it moves in the wrong direction towards greater self-forgetfulness and deeper involvement in false fancies, it is known as impurity. When it entertains the indweller with sensations, it is known as the senses (indriya). When it remains unmanifest in the cosmic being it is known as nature. When it creates confusion between reality and appearance, it is known as Maya (illusion). When it dissolves in the infinite, there is liberation. When it thinks ’I am bound’, there is bondage; when it thinks 'I am free’, there is freedom.

Rama, space is threefold—the infinite space of undivided consciousness, the finite space of divided consciousness and the physical space in which the material worlds exist.

The infinite space of undivided consciousness (cidakasa) is that which exists in all, inside and outside, as the pure witness of that which is real and of that which appears to be. The finite space of divided consciousness (cittaakasa) is that which creates the divisions of time, which pervades all beings, and which is interested in the welfare of all beings. The physical space is that in which the other elements (air, etc.) exist. The latter two are not independent of the first. In fact, the others do not exist.

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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To Vallalar’s compassion we have devoted one full section already.
Vallalar’s path of Suddha Sanmargam could be described as a “path of infinite
compassion, knowledge and felicity”.’ He made it the essential and the single step in
soul making and God-becoming, His views have never been heard before.

"I wish for the great man who is filled with grace who shall all. I shall serve them so they can become the embodiment of Grace Light themselves.
I wish that man whose essence is mercy,
Who sees all life as his own, let him be lighted into the truth and I will
keep him into my soul as God’s children’s.
Whenever I ate appetizing food ,my mind trembled with fear
Wondering what suffering will come out of this joy,
And, therefore often remained with an empty gnawing stomach.
Oh my father I receive whatever loving friends offer me out of love and
“Alas, Oh God, do not let me suffer by these”,
I ate the things with fear in my mind with the awaiting consequences."

Why Vallalar was eating less?
As your vibration and spiritual evolution grow more in
the divine grace, divine amrita or nectar flow in your body and come feeding everyone of your cell. As a consequence if you force yourself to eat food just by desire this will create an incompatibility inside your physical body. These are bringing suffering to the physical body due to the difference of vibration between solid food and ambrosia.

Also every time we eat our food organs have to work. Because of the over use of the inner organs we get older faster and death comes quicker.

Also it is not necessary to eat a lot. If the food is purified hundred of times then a small quantity of food should be good enough.

When our thought ceases and when there is no resistance for the descent of Grace into the diverse bodies the need of solid food will diminish and will be replaced by Divine Amrita, Divine Prana or Divine Grace Light.

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 30

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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He was transparently sincere, transparently humble, transparently saintly and
full of grace. The last infirmity of noble minds—the seeking of fame—also was not his.
Living in God, was self-sufficient:

"As I realized the Divine form revealed to me, I’m enjoying more and
more to integrate it within my system. I would like to be unnoticed by
the world up to when I transform myself completely into a Gnana
Deham body. But the Divine wish and will has revealed mew here I
stand now in the beginning itself. For this my mind is perturbed to
see that I’m not perfect yet."

The last achievement of man the complete conquest of mind was his. He
banished mind from him.
He emerged above the earthly plane to one of different dimensions where
we, ordinary humans, may not follow him.

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 30

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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He slept very little. He advised, in his instructions to his disciples, that one
should sleep only between midnight and three o’clock in the morning. In his
discourses at Mettukkuppam, he advised them to sleep only one hour a day. It is
stated that in his youth he slept three hours a day, then two hours, and then one hour,
and finally, his disciples reported that in the end he did not sleep at all. He addresses
God as ‘You who banished sleep for me’. He says he is apprehensive of sleeping:

"Supreme Light, that shines before and beyond Time,
Have you made me Yours?
I lough to the sleep that comes night or day.
It troubles me that it comes.
Unwilling I sleep; and when
I awake, I call on you and pray,
‘Lord’ when will the sleep be abolished ?"

He banishes sleep:

"Sleep, you silly Idiot, beware!
If, within half an instant of this warning,
You do not leave me, with your brood,
for good, you shall be accursed.
I’ve transcended sorrow. I’ve gained
creative will, and I rejoice, I’m not for you,
Get away and be quick! I’ve behind me
the Lord of the Golden wisdom sphere"

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 29

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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He always dressed in white. His dress consisted of two pieces of long cloth.
No other dress, no other color. The four great Tamil prophets of Saivism of old
were also ascetics in white. Vallalar, in one of his discourses, said:

"Ochre robe represent a struggling aspirant
man who has to fight against his own nature,
One who has subdued his nature has gained
compassion, for him white robe is fitting as a winner aspirant.."

He refers to his white dress in a verse, which describes also certain other
features :

"Shy of swinging arms,
I walked with folded hands;
Averse to be bare,
I covered body and head with white cloth ;
I cast no glance
where smartness sauntered
lest the sight offend me."

This walking picture of Vallalar brings out the quintessential man.


"High-placed seats unsettled me
Sitting cross-legged seems a pose
I dare not sleep on soft bed.
When sitting on a dais, I hardly dare
to stretch down my legs.
Loud talking harrows me—
Spare me these, my mother.
Then, when I ate twice a day,
and slept a long time—you made the sleep
and food serve me for you...
And then, when I ate but once, my father,
People around, puzzled, would question me."

He declared:

"In the flood-tide
of ever-repeated and ever-relished food,
all gains of restraint and penance turn to emptiness
like tamarind thrown in running river."

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 28

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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"Lord, grant me to be pure compassion
Help me to tide people over their grief and fears
Aid me to build a world where there is no murder
and where there is no eating by killing.

Let me sing
Your glory without end—
Lord my Mother,
For this I pray."

He does not have any hostile reaction to this people ideas, and do not preach
them, but instead he place his agony before God. The fact that vegetarianism exists on a considerable scale in Tamil Nadu today is largely owing to Vallalar Swamigal. His
disciple Velayuda Mudaliar writes (to quote Mudaliar’s original in English): ‘He
(Ramalinga Swamigal) had a strange faculty about him, witnessed very often, of
changing a carnivorous person into a vegetarian; a more glance from him seemed
enough to destroy the desire for animal food.’

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 23

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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People plant demeaning little gods
over the land, and in the names of these,
They kill sheep and swine and fowl and bulls,
Bleeding their robust lives
I am witness to this, and weary;
My reason fails, my senses reel.
The red houses of abhorrence
of these wretched little gods
I have pain in seeing it.

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 23

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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When I see men feeding themselves with
vicious meat food,
It is ever-recurring grief to me;
I tremble, I faint, my flesh shrinks,
You do know my sore-troubled mind,
My exhausted mind, my Master
He expressed again and again his horror of killing:

I shuddered at the horrid killer’s
swift-descending axe on the prostrate life.
When with my eyes I saw
the terrible agony of taking life away,
or the fishermen’s net on the sand
with bait, or rope with noose, or trap,
Lord, Lord, my Father, You do know,
How, how, shall I utter my agony?

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 23

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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The miracle-working adept,
Though he may change a man
into a girl, and that girl, freshly risen in beauty,
Back to a virile man in a trice,
Though he may raise men from the dead,
I swear by my Master, I swear
by God’s effulgent Flame,
If he be thinking, in his merciless mind,
To eat and feed on a body that was house of life,
Him I do not hold in reverence.

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 22

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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Lord of Grace who counseled me,
‘Keep me aloof from killers of life
and feeders on meat. They are aliens
to you. Hold no rapport with them
nor any tie with them, except
to save them from hunger, if needed to be,
true to compassion, with compassion
unfailing to all life, swear, O swear!
Lord of resounding glory, Lord of Mercy,
Dancing for the common wealth, glory to You.

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 21

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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Seeing withered corn, my spirit drooped,
Watching the wretch that begged from door to door
unavailingly, and hungry sank to sleep,
I brooded. At sight of long-racking disease
I shuddered. Starving, poor, too proud to beg,
and spirit-broken, broke me.
O Last Boon, Shining Lord of Ethereal Space,
When I hear of human creatures starving
or spent with hunger, a fear seizes me,
like a fire in the mind, quickly ablaze,
and my body shivers.
Cattle’s lowing turned hoarse
Dismayed me.
Bull and beast ill-fed
Preyed on me.
Quacking fowl and duck
Unhinged me.
Lord, when I saw the murderous knife
Dangling from the butcher’s hand,
I trembled in fear.
When people’s voices rose in squabble
A shivering came on me.
When they knocked at the door in frenzy
It jarred on me.
O Lord, you know, when some one wailed, ‘O father’ or ‘mother’ or ‘Alas’,
The words tore through me
Like an uprooting storm.
O Essence beyond the mind of man,
Final Anchor, my Master,
I, your servant, bound to my kin,
friends, comrades, mother, brothers,
sisters, others, am sore-troubled
to see passing clouds on their faces,
You know.
O Father, Splendor of the Cosmic Stage,
My God, my great Goal,
Need I tell you
the distress that sears my mind
When, in this distressful world,
Mother, comrades, friends,
People near to me, people next to me,
People removed from me,
Suffer, and I see them suffer,
Pangs of hunger, pain of disease.
Scorching afflictions,
Lord, You do know.
Lord, whose dance is blessing
Seed and fruit of final being,
In this passing show of life
Choked by grievous want,
When greyed people and young people ,
known and unknown, recount to me
their trials and tribulations,
My mind trembles and splinters,
Lord, You do know.

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 21

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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In one of what he calls his ‘Petitions of the Supreme Effulgent Grace’ he prays:

Lord of all, Supreme Effulgent Grace! Grant that henceforth our minds are not tainted
with ritualistic and other aberrations of creeds and sects, cultural and other aberrations of
castes and codes.
Let the awareness of the identity of the soul universal right to love and to be loved by all
beings, which is the prime gold of the pure spiritual seeker, not forsake us at any time in
any degree, in any manner, in any place. Let it ever illumine and move us.
God of Shining Light, we thank You for Your mercy, we thank You.

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 20

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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People must realize that they must hasten to bring to fruition the rare chance of human
birth given to them.
That fruition consists in gaining the joy of awareness of the pure Effulgent Grace that
shows through all lives, all deeds, all things, all worlds, and thus in gaining the highest
life that is not impeded at any time in any way by anything.
The way to attain this life and this joy is through gaining the Grace which is the natural
quality of God.
There is only one way to attain this Grace, and no other. It is to make the Grace which is
the natural quality of God one’s own natural quality. What is Grace in God is
compassion for Life in man.

From Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 20

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Sometimes when my heart is full,
brimming with that joy,
something erupts inside, that I want to tell you.
And I think, Should I say such things?
should I say such things?
Should I tell you, that you are the Christ in Jesus?
you are the Buddha in Siddharhta,
that you are Paramatman in Krishna,
or Brahman in Shiva?
Will you merely inflate yourself with this,
or will you drown in this?

So when I refer to you,
I refer to you as the undivideable,
momentarily dreaming.
Are you up for it?
Are you up for being what
you cannot avoid but be?
I don't know.

So I myself bow to that in you,
towards whom these words point.
and which itself has nothing to accomplish,
but whose joy is in recognising itself,
and to be free of delusion.
I bow to that in you.
Bow to that in yourself.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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How to take responsibility?

“Shareera maatram khalu dharma saadhanam’ means, it is the body which is the base for all achievements.

Own your body, feel it is yours. Carry this understanding, ‘Come on, I am not interested in keeping the body like this! I do not want to live inside a body which is not flexible or healthy.’ Spend energy, spend time, bend your body and make it yogic. It is your body. Whole day you are living with it. Why are you unaware of it? Whole day, let all your movements be such that it continuously becomes healthy and graceful, as you always wanted it. Design it as you want with yoga: make it a yogic body, so that any physical suffering or disease can never happen to it.

In the same way, own your mind; it is yours. Design it so that never any suffering can touch you; never any suffering can happen to you. Just carry this understanding always – ‘It is my mind! Come on! Now I am designing it so that nobody can give me any suffering, no suffering can touch me!’

Take ownership for your mind. See that every thought that you give life to brings only joy to you, bring only bliss to you, never any suffering, never any disturbance. Mend it and weave it as you want, train it as you want and tame it as you want. The mind which is based on knowledge is a Vedic mind. The mind that does not bring suffering to you is a Vedic mind.

In the same way, own your living. Carry this understanding, ‘It is my life! Come on, let me own it! Let me enjoy it! I will make money only the way I enjoy it. I will have only the pleasures that I enjoy. I will choose my way of life. I will be conscious in every step, and see that I achieve what I want!’

Infuse awareness into every action: walking, talking, sitting, moving and breathing. Infuse awareness into everything. Slow down in every action. Let it be more with awareness. Infusing awareness is what I call meditative living or Zen living.

It is time you take ownership, ‘Let me create it afresh, as I want! Maybe in the past I failed, but now it is time, let me weave it as I want, let me design it as I want!’
Own your body, own your mind, own your living and own your lifestyle. That is what I call yogic body, Vedic mind and Zen living.

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Sri Samartha Siddharameshwar Maharaj

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By saying "My house," you make a distinction between you and the house. Here the word "my," becomes the cause. The seer and the seen can be clearly defined, and the seer can merge with the seen as well. The "I" and "my," simultaneously merge into oblivion. When you say that there is nothing, you still remain. Eventually, there comes a time when the one who says that there is nothing also ceases to exist. That is the true "Self Form," or Swaroopa, that is "Absolute Knowledge," or Vidnyana. The "Spontaneous Natural State" is the real proof that establishes us. It is our true evidence. It is the "Truth," that is the only true state of Reality, and not a fabricated one. When you seem to make changes in it, it is all just make-believe. It is our primordial True Nature without a beginning. The moment you work on it and make slight changes in it, the untrue and nonexistent objects, though fabricated, assume a spontaneously true character. "That which can be perceived and hence concentrated on, is Illusion and that which cannot be perceived is Brahman." That which is experienced on being conscious of this world is Maya, Illusion.

Amrut Laya - The Stateless State

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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If you know you exist, if you remember you exist, and if you want to exist, understand, you are pure reflection of Maha Sadashiva. The conclusion you need to come about you is Maha Sadashiva! I tell you, the moment you come to the conclusion you are Maha Sadashiva, you will look at the life large! All suffering is when you look at the life very short! You want wealth, that is all not a problem. But, you want it in next twenty four hours, that’s where the problem. Why you want it in next twenty four hours? Because you strongly believe you have only few more years to live! Understand, time is your servant! You have enough time!

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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Choosing right vs. choosing pleasant.

"If you have to choose between right and pleasant: let it always be right! Let it always be right! Especially the age till twenty five. If you choose good, that will be one fourth of your life. If you choose pleasant that will be the whole life. That’s all! ...What you conceive, what you perceive, what you consume, in everything: decide powerfulness, right, not pleasant. Whether it is relationship with parents, relationship with the food, relationship with your habits - even your habits is relationship with them! Neither Gods or Demons are produced overnight...So, set your day to day lifestyle right: in course of time you will be God.

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Ben Drewry is with Mate Latte.

Jai Maha Vishnu! ૐ

Om ! That (Brahman) is infinite, and this (universe) is infinite.
The infinite proceeds from the infinite.
(Then) taking the infinitude of the infinite (universe),
It remains as the infinite (Brahman) alone.
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !

That which helps you cross from the fear of birth, aging and death is called Tharakam (Tharayathi means Crosses). Understanding the appearance of the living being and God as separate entities is due to illusion and then examining and understanding the differences which exist in the world by the method of, “It is not this”, “It is not this” and at last what remains at last is the Adhvaya Brahman (which does not have two forms). To get it we have to practice three aims.

In the middle of body there exists the Sushumna Nadi which is as bright as the sun and as cool as the moon. It starts from Mooladhara and goes up to Brahmarandra which is in the top middle of the skull. It is well known that in the middle of it there exists Kundalani which is as bright as crores of suns and as thin as the lotus thread. The man who sees that with his mind’s eye attains salvation by getting rid of all sins.

One who sees constant light in the top portion of his, in the middle of his forehead has attained mastery of yoga.

Wherever it is, if there is light above the head of a one, he is a yogi.

The yoga within is of two types viz Poorva (pre) and Uthara (post). The pre yoga is tharaka and the post yoga is amanaska (beyond mind).

That which can be realized by sensory organs is one which has a form. That which is in between the eye lids is without form. Always for understanding the things within, practice with deep application of mind is necessary. In Tharaka yoga, the concepts like Daharakasa are understood only by the mind’s eye. The Uthara (post) yoga is without form. It is beyond the mind.

Without batting the eye lids to see inside and outside, what we are aiming to see is called Sambhavi Mudra. The place where an expert in that type of mudra lives becomes very holy.

By the help of a great teacher one tries to find the Thuriya state hidden in either the sahasrara (thousand petal lotus) or the cave of the heart or end of the 12 Nadis. Ability to see it is only through the help of a great teacher.

If the teacher, who is a scholar in Vedas, who is a devotee of Lord Vishnu, who does not have jealousy in his mind, who is a great expert in yoga, who practices Yoga and who is the personification of Yoga blesses us, all the ties imposed by birth will vanish. At that moment all the sins committed in all the births will be destroyed. The Upanishad tells that he will achieve all the Purusharthas.

Om ! That (Brahman) is infinite, and this (universe) is infinite.
The infinite proceeds from the infinite.
(Then) taking the infinitude of the infinite (universe),
It remains as the infinite (Brahman) alone.
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !

Here ends the Advaya-Tarakopanishad belonging to the Sukla-Yajur-Veda

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Ribhu Gita

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If there be liberation, bondage is.
In the absence of bondage, liberation is not.
If there is birth, death occurs;
Without life,
Death cannot be.

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Swami Sivananda

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A jnani has fixed the mind in
his own Self. He has calmed the
mind through mental discipline
and mental control. He rejoices
in his own Self. He doesn't expect
any pleasure from external objects.
He is swimming in the ocean of
bliss. He feels no wants, because
all his desires are perfectly
satisfied. He has the
inexhaustible, imperishable,
supreme wealth of
the Atman.

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Paramahansa Yogananda

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God is beyond comprehension
by mind and intellect. Powerful as
they are, their scope is insufficient
to contain Him, which has neither
beginning nor end. The cosmic
delusion of finitude prevents
the mind from conceiving
such vastness ..

Originless, Immeasurable is God.
Omnipresent in the farthest reaches
of space, He is in the distant stars,
and in you and in me; and He is
conscious every moment of
every place He is.

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They variously got different
names, but they are all pots
of the same clay. These kill
the goat and those kill the
cow and, in vain, both are
wasting their lives. Both
of them are mistaken,
for neither has
found God.

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Ashtavakra Gita

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Discern the changes of the
elements as nothing in reality
but the primary elements, and
yourself at once as free from
their bondage. Thus will you
abide in your essential

The undefiled Self is the sole
witness of the modifications of
the elements of nature, mind
and body. The major aim is
establishment in 'svarupa' -
the stainless and eternal
witness of the phenomenal

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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The life-current has passed through
innumerable incarnations, births and
deaths, pleasures and pains, etc., just
as the water current in a river flows
over rocks, pits, sands, elevations
and depressions on its way, but
still the current is unaffected.

The pleasures and pains, births
and deaths, are like undulations
on the surface of seeming water
in the mirage of the ego. The only
reality is the Self from where the
ego appears, and runs through
thoughts which manifest
themselves as the

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Ashtavakra Gita

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The desire surely is the world.
Renounce all desires. The
renunciation of the world
comes from the renunciation
of desire. Now you can
remain wherever you
are destined.

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