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Anandamayi Ma

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Search after your Self. As long as possible, sit immersed in meditation, becoming quite still, steady and fully concentrated.

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Don't waste your time purifying the mind because the mind can never be pure.
Even the desire to be pure is a trick of the mind. And you need not drop the mind because it doesn't exist. How can you drop something that doesn't exist?

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Q. For me all this life is bullshit.

Mooji: "No it is not bullshit.
It is holy shit - the best shit in town.
It´s not only free, but it sets you free."

Source: White Fire, 610

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Sri Ramakrishna

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I wept before the Mother and prayed. “O Mother, please tell me, please reveal to me what the yogis have realized through yoga and the jnanis through discrimination.” And the Mother has revealed everything to me. She reveals everything if the devotee cries to Her with a yearning heart. She has shown me everything that is in the Vedas, the Vedanta, the Puranas, and the Tantra.”

The Divine Mother revealed to me in the Kali temple that it was She who had become everything. She showed me that everything was full of Consciousness. The image was Consciousness, the water was Consciousness, the altar was Consciousness, the water vessels were Consciousness, the doorsill was Consciousness, the marble floor was Consciousness-all was Consciousness.

I found everything inside the room soaked, as if were, in Bliss – the Bliss of Satchidananda. I saw a wicked man in front of the Kali temple, but in him also I saw the Power of the Divine Mother vibrating.

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Sri Samartha Siddharameshwar Maharaj

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Lecture 30 - The Self is not Affected by the Body

A man travelling in a train may cover a considerable distance, yet he does not walk that distance himself. The train goes the distance, yet the man claims that he has covered it. In the same fashion, the individual consciousness (jiva), without doing a single thing, says that it has done everything.

You cannot strike a blow to fire, yet as soon as the fire mingles with iron, it has to suffer repeated blows from a sledgehammer. Similarly, when the Self associates with the body, it suffers sorrows and miseries. Iron derives considerable benefit in association with fire. It cannot be given a desired shape without the help of the fire, but the fire itself remains unaffected. Much in a similar fashion, the body can be fruitfully employed in association with the Self, but the deeds of the body do not affect it.

When water breaks into ripples, the reflection cast in it by the Sun moves. It appears as if the Sun has moved and rendered the water turbulent. Similarly, the Self seems to have become turbulent due to concepts. Everything that seems to exist in this universe is based only on concepts and is therefore untrue. Hence, one should give up all concepts dismissing them as untrue.

One who has intense faith in his Master is blessed with the Master’s grace, which is true understanding. The Master’s grace depends upon the intensity of faith that one has in Him. Love for the Master helps us to get over the passionate attachment to desires. Loyalty to the "Ultimate Truth" leads to Self-realization, whereas loyalty to desires leads only to the generation of more desires. The Self is present everywhere, even present even in desires, but desires have blinded the Self into believing that "I am male, female, etc."

The Master weans his disciples from desires and reveals their True Nature to them. To get rid of the inclination towards desires, it is necessary not only to say that the desires are untrue, but also to bring this understanding directly into practice. The attitude of the individual consciousness, is that of both a slave, and a Master. Although one may say that desires are untrue and that the world is untrue, still this attitude is not put into practice.

Amrut Laya - The Stateless State

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Somehow I just walked out of myself. This self that was like the software of myself. This composition, this story, I just walked out of it. How? I don't know, but there was such a power inside. Sometimes I say to you, and everybody laughs: I cannot talk to your head. I have to find your ‘G-spot’, your God-spot, because only by being touched in that place are you aroused into true life again. Then, no one need try and encourage you and guide you to the Beloved for your inner urge will itself bring you into the living presence. You become a true Lazarus—you just come back to life—eternal life. Once your mind germinates again inside your heart, it will be like your feet are on the ground but your whole being is turned to the sun. And that's it—you return to completeness. Christ said, ‘Until and unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it will not grow into a mighty tree.’ It has to fall down into the ground and die. This seed is ego. After ego falls down and dies, a new life emerges. But it is falling upwards into the Embrace of the Supreme Being. This is the Journey to awakened Consciousness. Your life has to be like this.

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In any language, can you say anything higher in the sentient kingdom than “I Love you” and “Thank you?”

Is it possible that we could even say something like that to just anybody at all? Is it possible, you know?

You know this could be a really good exercise… just let these images come, it does not matter, just can you find that place to say "I Love You" and "Thank You”

That would be something very beautiful because it will wipe all this type of stale, locked in, unforgiving energies, just blow them away, to just say Thank you Thank You Thank You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You

I mean come on:)

- Moojibaba

Via Sahaja Express ❤️
"There's Just One Sun and It's in Everybody's Heart"

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I am going to tell you something now that you don't hear very often in the world,
and I use myself as an example for you.
If you want to go all the way, give up the sense that you have any rights in life.
Have no right at all. Have no rights for anything.
Then everything is a gift.
When you don't deserve anything, everything is a gift.
Just try.
Just for you. Okay?
This is not a political decision.
Give up this sense that you have rights, that life owes you something, and feel the space that remains. Maybe, initially, you will feel vulnerability like, 'Oh my God, I can't stand up for my rights. I will be abused.' But go beyond this feeling.
Sacrifice it for a greater truth.
You must begin to think with your God-mind.
God does not have rights.
God does not need any rights.
You have to be like God.
Give up this sense you have rights.
You wish to go all the way?
Give up pride also.
Give up future too.
If you give up future, you give up past also.
Just for you. You don't have to tell anybody.
And give up this dependency, 'Who will be here for me?'
And give up projections such as, ‘Yes, in two years time
I will be in a solid relationship and I will own my own apartment.’
There is nothing so great about that.
It just keeps you being a sucker.
You don't want to be a sucker.
There is greater than this to come.
You miss the full adventure and power
that comes from the Holy spirit if you start to choose for yourself.
If you feel to choose for yourself, He will leave you to choose for yourself.
But as soon as you give up this sense of rights; if you say,
'You give me the sense of choice. You are my choice,'
then something else will happen.
In the world nobody tells you this.
There you have to be proud and say, 'Listen, I have rights!'
When I have rights, the world has done me a lot of wrongs.
Give up pride.
Pride in being a woman.
Pride in being beautiful.
Pride in being accomplished in something.
Pride that you are a certain race, religion or nation.
Give up all of these things.
They belong to the devil.
They don't belong to you.
And experience what remains.
A great space will open inside your Heart.
Huge humility.
Huge acceptance, love, wisdom and freedom
as you experience integration with the cosmic being.
And no force on earth can manipulate or bind you,
because you have made yourself empty of all that makes a 'person'.
Why think it is so great to be a person?
For a while we have to taste that state of personhood,
but there must come a time when you return to purity.
Come back to your purity, your original being!
You ask, ‘How?’
Collapse at God's feet. This is no ordinary fall. It is not falling down.
It is falling upwards into the embrace of the Living God.

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Avoid cynicism, arrogance and judgement of others and life, for this more than any other evil blinds you to seeing the glory and miracles of God in your daily life. Sometimes God reveals Himself in the very thing or one you have been judging and you find yourself bowing at the feet of that one.

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Paramahansa Nithyananda

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The moment you come to the decision that your life is pain or your life is suffering, you create hell for yourself.

For example, until yesterday you were only walking, you were not able to fly.

You know in your past you never flew, you only walked. Can you believe you can start flying from tomorrow onwards?

You can’t.

You know tomorrow you will still only be walking. You rely solely on your remembered past experiences to predict your future, eliminating many new possibilities.

There is one more important thing about pain that I want to share with you. This may look mystical, but let me be honest, Patanjali says very clearly that any pain can be used as a door to enlightenment. The technique is to not label it as pain.

Just observe and see what is going on. See the way a small child experiences something new with all excitement and curiosity. Do this with situations that you currently label as pain and see how the whole experience transforms.

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Sri Anandamayi ma

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Have you not noticed how, when you find it impossible to get the object of your love, you either wish to kill it or to die yourself? Whereas, the love of God, takes you to the death of death, to Immortality.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Attention to one's own Self, which is ever shining as 'I', the one undivided reality, is the only raft with which the individual, who is deluded by thinking 'I am the body', can cross the ocean of unending births.

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Liberation is to be firmly established in nothing.

Source: White Fire, 372

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Be nobody.
When you are somebody, there are so many duties that even to be yourself is such a hassle.
When you are nobody, you escape from every trap.
It is immediate freedom!

Source: White Fire

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If you know many things but your Self you do not know, how reliable is your knowledge?

Source: White Fire

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You can only suffer from thought if you yourself are a thought.

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Your eyes are the windows through which
I can gaze into the heart of God.
My eyes are the mirror in which you can see
God reflected inside your own Being.

Source: Facebook

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Thirumandiram by Siddhar Thirumoolar

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The Primal Lord blesses all inhabitants of Earth below and the heavens above. From the soul’s blackest chamber, He dispels darkness by radiating from within the pure rays of His dazzling light.

Tirumantiram 435

Pervading all nature, Siva blesses all. But they know not the Truth and adore Him not. To them who adore Him Who is immanent, He is the golden stem of the lotus of the heart deep within.

Tirumantiram 1717

Let your awareness be unswerving, bound to the muladhara. Through the spinal shaft within, gaze into the inner void. See and yet see not. Hear and yet hear not. Thus sit in meditation. That is the sure means to bar death’s way. When pranayama is practiced in proper time-measure, breath retention will stand harmonized with prana. In him who trains breath that is prana, time and life remain inseparable.

Tirumantiram 591-592

Let all your thoughts be thoughts of Siva, and the Lord by His grace will reveal all. If your thoughts are Siva-saturated, He will abide ever so closely in you.

Tirumantiram 1582

Step by step, practice withdrawal of the mind and look inward. One by one, you will witness the myriad good things within. Now and here below, you may meet the Lord for whom the ancient Veda still searches everywhere.

Tirumantiram 578

Though they practice yoga for eight thousand years, still men do not see the Lord, sweet as ambrosia and delightful to the eye. But if, illumined, you seek Him within, He is there in you, as a reflection in a mirror.

Tirumantiram 603

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Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

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Playing the simple meditator and keeping a low profile would not be successful - who would know about your realization then? If you happened to be an upstart lama with a penchant for fame and fortune you would have to brag a little. You would need to tell about how many dharma lineages and teachings you held, how long you stayed in retreats, how special your realization is, how you tamed both gods and demons, and the like. Then things would happen; you would be swarmed by sponsors and followers like a piece of rotting meat covered with flies.

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Q : Should I abide as the pure “I" and have faith that purity will come?

Sri Papaji :

Don't waste your time in the purity of mind
because mind cannot be pure.

Even the desire to be pure is the trick of the mind.

You will spend many lives purifying the mind,
but it will never be pure.

Look at the story of Vishwamitra and Manika.
After purifying his mind for 10,000 years
he still falls for her instantly.

It is better to just allow your desires to arise and
not let them touch you.

Let them arise and let them be fullfilled.

You simply stay Quiet.

Don't try to become anything,
don't go anywhere
don't do anything
don't undo anything.

Find the source of these concepts and stay there.

This is bliss, nothing else.

This knowledge is bliss.

~ Sri Papaji , from The Truth Is book

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Marcus Aurelius

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People look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coast, or in the hills . . . There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind. . . . So constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself.

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Yoga Vashishta

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VASISTHA: Since the absolute Brahman in its undifferentiated state pervades everything, everything is in an undifferentiated state. When that of its own accord condenses, the cosmic mind is born. In that mind there arises the intention of the existence of the different elements in their extremely subtle state. The totality of all this is the luminous cosmic person who is known as Brahma the creator. Hence, this Creator is none other than the cosmic mind.

O Rama, all objects and substances in this universe have emerged in Brahman the absolute, just as waves manifest in the ocean. In this uncreated universe the mind of Brahma the creator perceives itself as the egotism, and thus does Brahma the cosmic mind become Brahma the creator of the universe. The power of that cosmic mind alone appears to be the diverse forces in the universe. Infinite numbers of diverse creatures manifest themselves in this cosmic mind, and they are then known as diverse jiva.

When these diverse jiva arise in the infinite space of consciousness, seemingly composed of the elements, into each of the bodies consciousness enters through the aperture of life-force, and then forms the seed of all bodies, both moving and unmoving. Then birth as individuals takes place, each individual being accidentally (like a crow alighting and a coconut falling) brought into contact with different potentialities whose expression gives rise to the law of cause and effect, and then to rise and fall in evolution. Desire alone is thereafter the cause of all this.

O Rama, such is this forest known as world appearance: he who cuts its very root with the axe of investigation (inquiry) is freed from it. Some arrive at this understanding soon, others after a very long time.

O Rama, I shall now describe to you the divisions of beings into the best, the worst and the middling, as it happened in the beginning of this cycle of creation.

The first and foremost among the creatures are born of noble practices. They are naturally good and devoted to good deeds. They reach liberation in a few lifetimes. They are full of the quality of purity and light (satva).

The middling type are the ones who are full of the quality of dynamism and desire (rajas). When such people are close enough to liberation that on their departure from this world they reach it, they have a mixture of rajas and satva.

They who even after a thousand births are still in darkness, unawakened, are known as beings of darkness (tamas). They may take a long time to reach liberation. By the will of the infinite Brahman all these beings seem to arise and then dissolve in it.

When the cosmic mind manifested itself in the absolute Brahman, at that very instant the natural tendencies of diverse beings and their behavior were born, and the embodied beings came to be regarded as jiva. There is no division between mind and action. Before it is projected as action it arises in the mind, with the mind itself as its ’body'. Hence, action is nothing but the movement of energy in consciousness, and it inevitably bears its own fruit. When such action comes to an end, mind comes to an end, too: and when the mind ceases to be, there is no action. This applies only to the liberated sage, not to others.

Mind is the only perception, and perception is movement in consciousness. The expression of this movement is action, and fruition follows this. Whatever the mind thinks of, the organs of action strive to materialize hence, again, mind is action. However, mind, intellect, egotism, individualized consciousness, action, fancy, birth and death, latent tendencies, knowledge, effort, memory, the senses, nature, Maya or illusion, activity and such other words are but words without corresponding reality: the sole reality is the infinite consciousness in which these concepts are conceived to exist. All these concepts have arisen when, by accidental coincidence (the crow dislodging the coconut), infinite consciousness in a moment of self-forgetfulness viewed itself as the object of perception.

When thus veiled by nescience, the same consciousness views diversity in an agitated state and identifies objects as such, it is known as mind. When it is firmly established in the conviction of a certain perception it is known as intellect (or intelligence). When it ignorantly and foolishly identifies itself as an existent separate individual, it is known as egotism. When it abandons consistent inquiry, allowing itself to play with countless thoughts coming and going, it is known as individualized consciousness (or mind-stuff).

Whereas pure movement in consciousness is karma or action without an independent doer, when it pursues the fruition of such action it is known as karma (action). When it entertains the notion ’I have seen this before’ in relation to something either seen or unseen, it is known as memory. When the effects of past enjoyments continue to remain in the field of consciousness though the effects themselves are unseen, it is known as latent tendency (or potentiality). When it is conscious of the truth that the vision of division is the product of ignorance, it is known as knowledge. On the other hand, when it moves in the wrong direction towards greater self-forgetfulness and deeper involvement in false fancies, it is known as impurity. When it entertains the indweller with sensations, it is known as the senses (indriya). When it remains unmanifest in the cosmic being it is known as nature. When it creates confusion between reality and appearance, it is known as Maya (illusion). When it dissolves in the infinite, there is liberation. When it thinks ’I am bound’, there is bondage; when it thinks 'I am free’, there is freedom.

Rama, space is threefold—the infinite space of undivided consciousness, the finite space of divided consciousness and the physical space in which the material worlds exist.

The infinite space of undivided consciousness (cidakasa) is that which exists in all, inside and outside, as the pure witness of that which is real and of that which appears to be. The finite space of divided consciousness (cittaakasa) is that which creates the divisions of time, which pervades all beings, and which is interested in the welfare of all beings. The physical space is that in which the other elements (air, etc.) exist. The latter two are not independent of the first. In fact, the others do not exist.

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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To Vallalar’s compassion we have devoted one full section already.
Vallalar’s path of Suddha Sanmargam could be described as a “path of infinite
compassion, knowledge and felicity”.’ He made it the essential and the single step in
soul making and God-becoming, His views have never been heard before.

"I wish for the great man who is filled with grace who shall all. I shall serve them so they can become the embodiment of Grace Light themselves.
I wish that man whose essence is mercy,
Who sees all life as his own, let him be lighted into the truth and I will
keep him into my soul as God’s children’s.
Whenever I ate appetizing food ,my mind trembled with fear
Wondering what suffering will come out of this joy,
And, therefore often remained with an empty gnawing stomach.
Oh my father I receive whatever loving friends offer me out of love and
“Alas, Oh God, do not let me suffer by these”,
I ate the things with fear in my mind with the awaiting consequences."

Why Vallalar was eating less?
As your vibration and spiritual evolution grow more in
the divine grace, divine amrita or nectar flow in your body and come feeding everyone of your cell. As a consequence if you force yourself to eat food just by desire this will create an incompatibility inside your physical body. These are bringing suffering to the physical body due to the difference of vibration between solid food and ambrosia.

Also every time we eat our food organs have to work. Because of the over use of the inner organs we get older faster and death comes quicker.

Also it is not necessary to eat a lot. If the food is purified hundred of times then a small quantity of food should be good enough.

When our thought ceases and when there is no resistance for the descent of Grace into the diverse bodies the need of solid food will diminish and will be replaced by Divine Amrita, Divine Prana or Divine Grace Light.

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 30

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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He was transparently sincere, transparently humble, transparently saintly and
full of grace. The last infirmity of noble minds—the seeking of fame—also was not his.
Living in God, was self-sufficient:

"As I realized the Divine form revealed to me, I’m enjoying more and
more to integrate it within my system. I would like to be unnoticed by
the world up to when I transform myself completely into a Gnana
Deham body. But the Divine wish and will has revealed mew here I
stand now in the beginning itself. For this my mind is perturbed to
see that I’m not perfect yet."

The last achievement of man the complete conquest of mind was his. He
banished mind from him.
He emerged above the earthly plane to one of different dimensions where
we, ordinary humans, may not follow him.

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 30

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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He slept very little. He advised, in his instructions to his disciples, that one
should sleep only between midnight and three o’clock in the morning. In his
discourses at Mettukkuppam, he advised them to sleep only one hour a day. It is
stated that in his youth he slept three hours a day, then two hours, and then one hour,
and finally, his disciples reported that in the end he did not sleep at all. He addresses
God as ‘You who banished sleep for me’. He says he is apprehensive of sleeping:

"Supreme Light, that shines before and beyond Time,
Have you made me Yours?
I lough to the sleep that comes night or day.
It troubles me that it comes.
Unwilling I sleep; and when
I awake, I call on you and pray,
‘Lord’ when will the sleep be abolished ?"

He banishes sleep:

"Sleep, you silly Idiot, beware!
If, within half an instant of this warning,
You do not leave me, with your brood,
for good, you shall be accursed.
I’ve transcended sorrow. I’ve gained
creative will, and I rejoice, I’m not for you,
Get away and be quick! I’ve behind me
the Lord of the Golden wisdom sphere"

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 29

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Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar

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He always dressed in white. His dress consisted of two pieces of long cloth.
No other dress, no other color. The four great Tamil prophets of Saivism of old
were also ascetics in white. Vallalar, in one of his discourses, said:

"Ochre robe represent a struggling aspirant
man who has to fight against his own nature,
One who has subdued his nature has gained
compassion, for him white robe is fitting as a winner aspirant.."

He refers to his white dress in a verse, which describes also certain other
features :

"Shy of swinging arms,
I walked with folded hands;
Averse to be bare,
I covered body and head with white cloth ;
I cast no glance
where smartness sauntered
lest the sight offend me."

This walking picture of Vallalar brings out the quintessential man.


"High-placed seats unsettled me
Sitting cross-legged seems a pose
I dare not sleep on soft bed.
When sitting on a dais, I hardly dare
to stretch down my legs.
Loud talking harrows me—
Spare me these, my mother.
Then, when I ate twice a day,
and slept a long time—you made the sleep
and food serve me for you...
And then, when I ate but once, my father,
People around, puzzled, would question me."

He declared:

"In the flood-tide
of ever-repeated and ever-relished food,
all gains of restraint and penance turn to emptiness
like tamarind thrown in running river."

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 28

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